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Bushwhack reviewed on 22 Oct 2012
I used BusyCal 1.x and loved it. It's main features of use to me were recurring to-dos and publishing calendars to both iCloud and Google Calendars. That was great because I have people who use both services and it's not ideal to force one to use the other or vice versa.

I initially thought, "OH GOOD A NEW VERSION I WILL BUY" then realized, they dropped a crap ton of features, like iCloud/GCal syncing and charged $30. Say what? Dropping features and charging more? No deal.

Now I am forced to either post the same event to two separate calendars or force everyone to move over to one service or the other. I doubt my Google friends will create an iCloud account to see my events, since I use iCloud heavily and it's a much more polished service.

Heck, even ML has repeating to-dos from the reminders app. So there's another feature that isn't a sell for me on Busycal.

It's a shame, but once Busycal 1.x stops dual syncing I am back to Calendars since it's about as feature rich now as Busycal 2.0.

((I have no need to put silly pictures on my calendars. That's really the only difference between the two))

If it had included native Facebook event integration I would have jumped on it other than a subscribed calendar but I feel even Apple will beat them to the punch on this.
[Version 2.0.0]

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Bushwhack replied on 22 Oct 2012
IMHO you did not even bother to read my post.
I stated things like Google syncing/publishing iCloud calendars was no longer supported and therefore it was useless. I saw this on their site and is listed on that same page under "Google Calendar limitations" that I read before I posted this initial review. They say it outright themselves.

Calendars published to Google are even deleted on upgrading.

Everything I initially bought BusyCal for is now done on Apple Calendars and reminders and quite honestly done better.

If I can't cross publish one calendar to multiple locations there's no advantage of Busycal over the free built-in version. It doesn't even have Exchange support.

Worth the $30 if you want to put pretty/silly pictures in your calendar.
Bushwhack commented on 03 Apr 2012
I switched to this from Sophos and I am looking forward to some of the added features. However I am having an issue installing the Chrome Extension with the latest beta of this software.

Is this a known issue or am I the only one?
[Version 7.0]


Bushwhack reviewed on 13 Feb 2012
Was looking for something to help me tag my library of Handbrake ripped TV Shows and Movies. This worked wonderfully in tagging my movies, a few times though it would randomly stop searching for stuff requiring a reboot or something.

I started to tag TV shows and midway through tagging a season, the search feature just stopped working and did not return search results anymore.

Guess I can't complain because it's free, but having a functional search feature would be nice. I was using the same search term as before so I am not sure as to why it would just randomly stop showing the same results.

Off to give Vidalin a shot.
[Version 1.0a9]

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Bushwhack replied on 13 Feb 2012
Nah. Vidalin was worse. Won't allow a queue to tag multiple files at once. Switched back to this, and the search feature randomly works again. Seems intermittent/unreliable.

I look forward to seeing this program evolve though as it has a lot of potential.
Bushwhack commented on 21 Nov 2011
I'm guessing the free version magically disappeared...

Was looking to give this a try after WeatherDock died but if there's no free version ...that's a shame... could at least put a "LITE" version in the store or something...

On to other alternatives...
[Version 4.1.1]

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Bushwhack replied on 21 Nov 2011
You actually are right. I mistook this app for another one.
I remember I had emailed you I think a few months ago and was quite happy with the correspondance that we had about the app when you were still using free sources.

I bought this app from the app store and I am quite happy with it so far.

Would recommend it to others. ^_^
Bushwhack commented on 02 Oct 2011
I was mildly excited to see Firefox's CLAIM of "ZOMG less memory usage" since I had left Firefox due to high memory usage for Safari.

I was excited to get some of my extensions back and move back to Firefox, but after mild usage on the browser and around only 5 tabs open, managed to bloat itself up to 1.3 GB.

I closed it and proceeded to switch to Google Chrome which not only has lower memory usage but has actually been able to update their browser to fully work with Lion.
[Version 8.0]

Bushwhack commented on 14 Sep 2011
BetterTouchTool is a decent application and I used it a lot before Apple added more gestures to the trackpad/mouse by default in Lion.

The developer asked for donations awhile back, and I gladly donated to help him out because the software was good. Since Lion though I don't use this tool as much but I love the window snapping features it had and went to download BetterSnapTool only to find out its only available from the AppStore.

He states on his page that if we have donated, to contact him and he'll get you a free copy of BetterSnapTool. I'll wait a few more days for him to reply and see what happens. (his website says he'll be away until sometime this week...) I donated more than the cost of the SnapTool in the AppStore so I'm hoping my copy isn't too far out.
[Version 0.7178]

Bushwhack commented on 02 Sep 2011
Not sure this app is fully compatible with Lion.

With the release of Lion, the ability to show and hide specific calendars in the dock preview cannot be changed from the System Preferences. All calendars are displayed by default and I cannot choose which calendars to show.

Emailed the Dev a few days ago and did not get a response back yet. Resetting to defaults in the application itself does not resolve the issue either.

Think I may just disable it in the mean time until this issue is fixed, right now its just wasting resources.
[Version 1.1.3]

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Bushwhack replied on 05 Oct 2011
Yep... best as I can tell... the developer has given up support for this program. I emailed him back in August asking a question about calendars displaying correctly in Lion and still have never gotten a reply back. It's a shame, this was a decent program.

Bushwhack replied on 30 Dec 2011

Thank you!! I don't know when you updated the program to be compatible with Lion so the windows work again (specifically for BusyCal) but it was greatly appreciated.

Program looks like a charm again!!

Apparently when it stopped working I went in and completely disabled the program which also stops it from checking for future updates as well. (I was using it for window snapping and window previews and disabled completely to save system resources).

Once I turned it off, I unfortunately never really checked it again and kinda learned to live without it. I went to redownload it a few minutes ago and remembered it was still in my system preferences!!

Are there any plans to add tab previews beyond Safari, say for Chrome or Firefox?? (I specifically use Chrome now because Safari was a memory hog using over 1GB after being idle for a few hours and Firefox was just as bad)

Or maybe a feature that allows you to see the most recent unread emails in kinda like the iCal/BusyCal preview option??

Just some thoughts...
Bushwhack commented on 21 Jul 2011
can we get a 2.0 link uploaded somewhere so that i can download this?? this is essential to my work flow and apparently the site is suspended...
[Version 2.0]

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Bushwhack replied on 21 Jul 2011
thanks for the update!! i guess i will try to remember to check back later when it's back up!!

Bushwhack reviewed on 29 Apr 2011
Cannot recommend this to ANYONE. Used it to "FIX" my iTunes library and add missing artwork and incorrect information.

It HIGH JACKED a lot of albums from some smaller bands, renamed them to stupid incorrect titles and Japanese in some cases and scattered them across multiple folders.

Now I have to spend hours if not days and weeks trying to find old albums, artists and songs from the smaller bands I do work for in random places throughout my itunes folder.

There was NO REASON why it should take those complete folders and rename them. I deselected them from the list and it stole them anyhow.

Now I'll have to go and manually find that album art again as well. It looks like this did more harm then good, and sadly I did not notice this until recently so restoring from Time Machine or whatever and going back several weeks is NOT ideal.

If you like your data, STAY AWAY
[Version 2.0.0]


Bushwhack reviewed on 14 Apr 2011
Got the software to use for text expanding and shorthand capabilities.

Software fails miserably at doing so.

I spent an hour or two implementing different shortcuts and text and web addresses. Upon rebooting the machine, ALL OF MY SHORTCUTS WERE DELETED.

Do not use unless you want to reset your commands everytime you reboot. Was never told preferences do not save or anything like that and I do not have time to go back and reimport settings upon reboots.

Look for alternatives. Time is money and reimporting shortcuts I entrusted to this program cost me serious money now. Not ready for mainstream serious use.

[Version 3.2.4]

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Bushwhack replied on 14 Apr 2011
There were no back-ups ever made by the program, no syncs no nothing. The "Auto Save Recovery" folder is empty as well. So much for that folder serving its purpose.

Bushwhack replied on 14 Apr 2011
Program appears to have just reset to defaults in general. Going to the statistics tab shows ZEROS across the board, almost like the program was never used before at all, even though I've been using it for a few weeks now. Awesome.

I'm pretty sure all my shortcuts are gone.

Bushwhack replied on 20 Apr 2011
You are exactly right. I purposely deleted ALL OF MY snippets because I have nothing better to do with my time other than to bitch about them being deleted on MacUpdate before I spend 3 hours trying to remember every single one I had in there beforehand.

And I would have gotten away with it too if it hadn't been for you measly kids and that pesky dog...


Bushwhack replied on 26 Aug 2011
I've returned to using this software on occasion to save myself the hassle of typing long strands of repetitive text and obscure HTML addresses and such that I would normally have to look up.

I have it sync with Dropbox and I have it back up to to the Backup folder.

I have to restore my backed up snippets every few weeks when the software decides to reset it self to default settings. Kinda inconvenient, but I just back its preferences up to multiple places as I had done after it erased them the first few times so when it does it again, I have a backup to restore from.

Luckily I've been using back up solutions for years now. Normally I don't need them, but I guess I'm glad I have a way to prove my back up solution works.

Don't get me wrong, TextExpander is nice when it's working and is a great time saver.

As a matter of fact, heh... I have to go restore them again. Go figure.

Maybe I'll contact the developer and find out why this program likes to get amnesia every few days and delete all my stuff.
Bushwhack had trouble on 29 Sep 2011
Well here's an interesting question...
Does DefaultFolderX work with Chrome in Lion or is this a known issue?? I have tried searching and have not found a response.

Safari and Firefox work fine, but I tried to download a picture for the first time today using Chrome and did not get the DefaultFolder dialog to pop up when saving a file.
[Version 4.4.5]

Bushwhack had trouble on 22 Aug 2011
Is it just me or is my ability to choose what calendars to display from the dock from the preferences panel missing in Lion?

I have all these calendars I have hidden in BusyCal/iCal that I also want hidden from my dock, and now they all just appear!! I used to be able to turn them off.
[Version 1.1.3]

Bushwhack had trouble on 29 Mar 2011
I am having issues with your program, which I supported early on and now I am running into issues recently.
I recently switched my calendars from my Mac to MobileMe. Hyperdock basically does not show the events on the dock nor in the settings in System Preferences. At some points the events are randomly shifted around or do no even show up in the preview at all. This makes the program unreliable and is one of the major reasons I bought the program to begin with. I use BusyCal mainly but iCal also shows the same issue. Is there a way to make these calendars discovered again? Currently only calendars I am subscribed to are showing in the settings but even now they do not show in the pop-up either.

Any help you could provide would be appreciated.
[Version 1.0.3]

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Bushwhack replied on 30 Mar 2011
Emailed the Developer the above problem and in less that 12 hours had a reply. Excellent response time!

I think though I figured out what the problem was. My troubleshooting steps were below.

Alright, apparently I am going to say that it wasn't even a HyperDock bug at all. From what I've been able to tell, iCal and BusySync both read from the same database obviously. BusySync though is apparently dependent on iCal when in relation to the HyperDock calendars showing in the System Preferences.

When the calendars disappeared, I went into BusyCal and under Help chose Reset. In there I hit the Overwrite Sync Services, incase sync services had some syncing conflicts or something. This is what had initially reset the calendars to begin with. Upon opening BusyCal and the calendars reloading, HyperDock cleared all the calendars from the preview window. However in the System Preferences my calendar subscriptions were still visible even though they were not showing up. When I randomly decided to open iCal today it for some reason reloaded the calendars and fixed the issue.

HyperDock had had the issue properly identifying the calendars before when I first migrated them from On My Mac to MobileMe due to a sync issue as well which was resolved by exporting all my calendars, deleting them all from iCal and then manually reimporting them all over again.

From what I've been able to see, it's either a BusyCal/iCal issue (I only use BusyCal anymore) and/or a Sync Services issue that then does not allow not allow HyperDock to access the calendar database as a result. This probably doesn't really make any sense, because it doesn't make any sense to me either but as it stands the issues is resolved somehow through my troubleshooting so I won't complain.
Bushwhack had trouble on 12 Jan 2011
Anyone else having this issue??

Finder (with TotalFinder installed) is showing up as two seperate windows instead of one.... is this a HyperDock bug or a TotalFinder bug?

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Bushwhack replied on 01 Feb 2011
this issue has been fixed.
Bushwhack had trouble on 21 Nov 2010
Tried this program out a while back, thought it was a nice idea, and for some reason deleted it. I think price was probably one of those factors for why I passed it up the first time. The only reason why I gave it a shot was because I LOVE Default Folder....

I have one significant issue with this app that is making me want to just turn it off and/or uninstall it... when App Tamer stops programs like Firefox or Illustrator, clicking on them in the Dock DOES NOT take me to their window NOR does it resume the program. I have to manually navigate to the app's window and click on the app to get it to resume. Otherwise it just shows up as "not responding".

I am hoping there is something to resolve this, because if it is disabling navigating to applications in my Dock, it will have to go. I am thinking maybe it could be related to HyperDock since I saw something about that earlier, but I am looking for confirmation and an ETA to when this would be resolved if it is a conflict between the two applications...
[Version 1.0.2]

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Bushwhack replied on 22 Nov 2010
After contacting the developer through his site regarding this issue, we found out that a simple reboot solves the issue. Who knows why it did it to begin with, but the issue has been fixed.

Great program from a great developer!!
Bushwhack had trouble on 10 Nov 2010
Does not work with 10.6.5.

I am awaiting an update to this great piece of software.
[Version 1.2.1]

Bushwhack had trouble on 17 Oct 2010
I wrote the developer this weekend and I am hoping to get a reply soon, I was just wondering if anyone else was having these issues too.

First with Finder I cannot get DockView to preview Finder's windows with TotalFinder installed. I know an update was released, but I still can't get the windows to show. If I am copying a file, the copy dialog is the only thing that previews in the dock with TotalFinder.

Also Adium does not show in the preview for DockView either. No contact list, no chat windows, nothing. HyperDock also shows these windows so I wasn't sure if it was a DockView bug or not.

HyperDock handles both of these applications really well and I was just wondering if I was the only person to have this issue and if there were plans to fix this in the future or not.

I like DockView but these two bugs are show stoppers for me right now but I really want to buy this app and can't until it works right.
[Version 1.50]

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Bushwhack commented on 18 Oct 2010
Thanks for the quick reply man. I tried toying with the filters and had no success. Adium was set for all levels of filters and none of them gave me a preview. I'm running the 1.4b19 version which shows fine on HyperDock.

Finder filters did not work either. I noticed that Finder filters did have a "TotalFinder" setting in them, but selecting that only gave me a Finder window with nothing inside it. Basically a gray square. That doesn't do me any good either.

Bushwhack commented on 18 Oct 2010
My sincerest apologies, Gmail flagged your support email as spam and never delivered your response to my Apple Mail program. I have marked you as "Not Spam" so hopefully that does not happen again.

That being said, Thank you for the quick response!!

I can shoot you an email and hopefully we can go further from there and get this figured out!
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