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Bud_simrin reviewed on 13 Jan 2014
Growly Notes ver 1 was the best note-taking app I had found, and I tried many of them. Growly Notes ver 2 is no longer free but is actually much better. The developer clearly put a lot of thought into every aspect of this.

For me there was a learning curve to understand all the capabilities that can be accessed via the tabbed sidebar. The ways of handling formats (e.g., bullet lists, fonts, highlights, special symbols, indentation, ruler, styles) has changed from ver 1. Mostly this meant reading several sections of the extremely well-written docs as opposed to either scanning or ignoring them which is what I usually am able to do.

If there were a freeware app that came close to doing all this app does, I would not have upgraded. But, I have looked hard in the past and I really like this app. I consider it well worth the price.

Incidentally, though this is my primary notes app, I DO use other note-taking apps as well for special purposes. I use Evernote because it can automatically sync with File-This-Fetch for managing financial records. I use Sidenote for hot short-term items (it is opened by mousing over to the side of the screen), and TextWrangler for coding. But I find Growly Notes the most capable for general purpose notes because it is easy to apply formats and one can drag and drop both text and objects with ease.
[Version 2.0]


Bud_simrin reviewed on 22 Jan 2013
I have used Pacifist for many years. I use it only rarely, but when I do it is invaluable and unreplaceable. For example, TextEdit "suddenly quits" has been happening for a few weeks and I have searched the web for suggestions, finding several good ones that worked for bunches of people, none of them easy. But none worked for me. Today I got the ephiphany to use Pacifst to restore TextEdit. After launching Pacifist and telling it to load the latest Mountain Lion update it could find, I put TextEdit in the search box, then highlighted all the many instances found in the search box (which, in turn, highlighted the corresponding files). I then hit the Extract button. When it finished, I launched TextEdit with no problem!

Wonderful application.
[Version 3.0.10]


Bud_simrin reviewed on 18 Jan 2013
Nice little app. I keep it in my dock and when I need to see one of Apple's invisible directories I use it to quickly flip invisibles on. When I'm through viewing, I use it again to turn them off. Simple, efficient.
[Version 1.4]


Bud_simrin reviewed on 14 Nov 2012
I have been using pdfPen for years. It was always very good, and nice features have been regularly added. It is nice to use a program with a developer who stays with the app for so many years.

Unlike a commenter below, last week I had a situation where pdfPen wouldn't save my changes and I received excellent tech support. I notified the developer and got an immediate response with suggestions and a work-around. The next day I received a beta version to test, and the problem had been fixed. A few days later, ver 5.9.2 came out with a permanent fix.
[Version 5.9.2]


Bud_simrin reviewed on 06 Apr 2012
I have used this for years except one year I tried a leading alternative and was VERY disappointed. As another evaluator pointed out, the app just gets better and better. I used to have to manually and painfully enter each stock I sold along with its purchase and sold dates, purchase and sold amounts, etc., etc. - an incredible amount of work since I averaged 20 to 30 of these and had to find the individual pieces of data. Now I just download all this from my brokerage firm and TurboTax automatically enters it all, without errors. Lots of other great features as well. Easily a 5 star application.

As to complaints from others about not getting manual code upgrades, that is nonsense. Intuit needs to maintain quality and configuration control. As it is, they regularly release fixes as problems are pointed out to them by users throughout the tax season. As an experienced programmer myself, I know that releasing them piece-meal for "manual" downloading would create more errors than would be fixed. It is amazing that Intuit makes so few errors considering the complexity of the tax codes and the annual changes. I couldn't ask for anything more.
[Version 2011.r15.011]

Bud_simrin commented on 09 Jan 2012
Nice idea. Any chance of an option to restore the wider scrollbars of Snow Leopard and earlier? I hate these narrow scrollbars and I have lots of desktop space.
[Version 0.2.1]


Bud_simrin reviewed on 20 Nov 2011
I've been using moveAddict for quite a long time. It is an integral part of my Mac daily experience, extremely well-integrated.

The only problem I experience is that the Paste icon rarely works and I end us using the move
Addict keyboard cmd-V as a work-around.

I wanted to request that author consider adding a copy/paste alias capability. That would be a natural extension and a real convenience. However, I was not successful at using the author's web site to send him a message.
[Version 2.25]


Bud_simrin reviewed on 19 Jun 2011
This is my favorite Note pad app, and I have reviewed many of them over the years. Simple to use, very strong search function, allows categories and subscategories, allows color fonts and highlights, can insert pics, has standard formatting menu and rulers, excellent documentation. I believe there is even an iPhone app although I haven't used it.
[Version 2.7.1]


Bud_simrin reviewed on 30 Aug 2010
Very helpful app. I used it several times a week to quickly find phone numbers or addresses without the bother of having to both open and later close the address book. Every now and then I use it to quickly open the address book to a specified name when I need more detailed information not shown by ABMenu.

I only wish the app would give me a choice to open my Entourage address book but alas it doesn't support Entourage at this time.
[Version 3.0b4]

Bud_simrin had trouble on 12 Jan 2013
As soon as I install Bark, I get the dialog box "usernoted unexpectedly quit". If I dismiss the dialog box, it pops back up immediately, over and over. Since usernoted is Apple's Notification Center process, I hesitate to delete it (difficult to do at any rate) so I had to uninstall Bark. I tried this twice, weeks apart with same result.

To uninstall Bark is not straight-forward. Run Growl, click on Displays, and then highlight Bark. Click uninstall. Bark then runs its uninstaller which, contradictorily tells you that is has "successfully installed Bark", but it is actually gone, sort of. It still appears in the Bark Preferces under Displays, but it no longer works and, best of all, one can dismiss that pesky dialog box once and for all.

I wish Bark would work for me because my Growl notifications do not appear in Mountain Lion's Notifications. I'm going to try Hiss now though its reviews are not as good as Bark's.
[Version 1.1]

Bud_simrin had trouble on 24 Apr 2012
Crashed upon launch. Seems to be primarily a Windows company because the support request I sent from the web site says 7-9 days for a response!

Bud_simrin had trouble on 08 Mar 2012
I purchased iTrash 3 days ago and have yet to receive a serial number. I have written 2 emails to info@osxbytes.com but have received no reply. Does anyone have any suggestions? (Note: I use no email filters so I did not miss a reply.)
[Version 1.7.1]

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Bud_simrin replied on 09 Mar 2012
I thank Osxbytes. I never received his emails but I did receive this message and also the one he sent via PayPal. I appreciate his help.
Bud_simrin had trouble on 10 Dec 2011
Destroyed my autofill altogether.

On the Test Page I get nothing at all. I followed the hint to delete other autofills, but still nothing. When I went to Safari autofill prefs and selected to edit my Address Book card, it sent me to Outlook, which is my primary set of contacts. I have Outlook set up to sync with Address Book. To confuse matters, I also have a duplicate set of contacts in my Address Book that I use to sync with iCloud. (I keep the 2 sets up-to-date manually for now. I wish I could sync Outlook directly to iCloud, but I can’t.)

When I select autofill this page from the Safari menu, I get the message “AutoFill completes webpage forms using information from your Address Book card or from web forms you completed previously. The information required by this form does not match any of the information available to AutoFill.”
Help. At this point I’ll accept the old autofill back.
[Version 2.0.1]

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Bud_simrin replied on 13 Dec 2011
Thanks, That seems right. I just download today's version and it behaves like you say. Good job by the way.
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