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Bs0d reviewed on 20 Jun 2012
I like what the devs have done with this app.

However, there are some glitches in the interface.
Particularly the preference window which could be polished (animations are weird).

It is very user friendly and overall stable, no complaint there :)
[Version 3.4.11]


Bs0d reviewed on 20 Jun 2012
To start off nicely, I will say: I do not understand the concept behind this application.

1 - The interface is downright HIDEOUS. In 2012, under OS X Lion, there are countless possibilities to make a beautiful interface, especially with free frameworks (BWToolkit and the such), and wonderful tools like Xcode 4 which offer more possibilities than a plain old, ugly window. Even the preference window is shitty!
Hell, even the app icon itself is crappy, were you going for some sort of 1980 look or what?

2 - The app is NOT user-friendly. I still haven't figured out how to use it to be honest...
Having to look at an online documentation just to start using an app is a no-go for me, with that only you're scratched off my list of worth-the-money apps.

3 - $200, REALLY??? Who in the name of "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret" would ever spend this much money on such a gigantic piece of crap, especially when there are competitive apps out there that do a better job, are easier to use, and some are completely FREE?

Come on dev, be serious for one second. If you absolutely MUST sell this app, then $2,99 is the maximum you can expect to sell this at. And even then it wouldn't be worth the money spent -- I myself wouldn't keep using this if it was free!
[Version 2.0.0]


Bs0d reviewed on 23 May 2012
This is a no-go for me. First opening, first trial with one .rtf file, already an error: "Applescript Error Can’t make "sav" into type integer. (-1700)"

Sorry dev, but charging $14 for a compiled Applescript or Automator action is outrageous.
It is OK to include Applescripts in an app, it is OK charge for it, IF the application comes with other features that require actual coding and testing, an effort on the debugging and has innovative features, but that is not the case.

Also, there is NO ease of use with droplets. Droplets are only good enough for a home-made script to make a repetitive action simple. The work in this app is not worth the price you charge for it, because both Applescript and Automator are scripting systems that come free with the system.
[Version 2.4.0]


Bs0d reviewed on 02 Jun 2011
So far it has the advantage to be the only PO editor for Mac out there.

On the other hand, it is still very unstable, and it lacks a lot of practical options (search options, wildcards, batch replacement options, auto-correct options, etc).

Bs0d rated on 05 Dec 2010

Bs0d rated on 02 Dec 2010
[Version 1.2.5]


Bs0d reviewed on 06 May 2010
Really good application, easy to handle, and good workaround for the hegemony of PS and adobe products.
This is a bargain compared to its possibilities, I would say at my level of competence on photo software that this is a photoshop, but cheaper!
[Version 1.5.1]


Bs0d reviewed on 25 Feb 2010
Now here's what I like to see, I'm afraid I have to take back my last review!
First, this young developer is very available for questions and troubleshooting.
Also, this version corrects all the bugs present in v6.0, and even more. It now works for every single website I've tried, does the job without any complications.

Good job dev, and thank you for your time !
[Version 6.1]

Bs0d tipped on 23 Feb 2010
This is a really good application, but the search window should be a HUD.
It would be much more practical to see what's underneath the window when we type our search... just prettier all together. Devs should consider that ;)
[Version 4.1.6]


Bs0d reviewed on 20 Jan 2010
As much as I like the concept and enjoy a good, simple app, there are quite a few things that bother me a lot about this one.

First, there is no icon. Any reason for that ?
Secondly, on first opening, you get dutch language, not English -- this should be a standard. To have it in English, I had to go through the ressources and delete all languages but English.
Thirdly, this will download ads from dailymotion, not the actual videos.

It's not bad, it works fine for youtube, but there is quite a lot of work to do for other streaming websites...
[Version 6.0]

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Bs0d commented on 20 Jan 2010
Thanks for your concern, Misha.
I'm running the same OS as you (10.6.2), all up-to-date, with French as my default language.
I did redownload it (twice), ran OnyX to fix permissions and everything, but the problem's still the same here.
Bs0d had trouble on 11 Jun 2009
It seems that the app keeps me from using the search function on websites.
on MU for example, I get a blank page when I try a search.

Any advice?
[Version 10.5.3]

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Bs0d replied on 12 Jun 2009
Yep, and it doesn't work... blank page. Off the top of my head I cant give you any other examples but there are other sites whose search function doesnt work since I installed X5

Bs0d replied on 12 Jun 2009
oops, sorry just realized you wrote "HOW"!
Not sure what you mean though...
I just type my search in the box, and hit enter or click "Go", how else would you search?

Bs0d replied on 15 Jun 2009
JustinK, Misha and VictorB:

Thank you all for your concern. Misha, Victor, please don't worry.
JustinK, you just solved my problem. It seems like MU requires to see the last website I visited to let me search the site (too bad, because I prefer to hide my info and surfing info when I'm online, but oh well)!

So, problem fixed.
Thanks JustinK ;)

I have finally managed to configure NetBarrier the way I want it, and I'm starting to appreciate it more and more. And I'm also finding it less invasive.

Thanks again everyone :)
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