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Bruseth reviewed on 14 Apr 2014
Not only doesn’t this work, for quite some time, but it will time and time again mess up/destroy your bookmarks. Backup and be ready to restore if you are fooled into thinking this garbage works. You may be in for a nasty surprise ;-(
[Version 2.0.12]

Bruseth rated on 27 Dec 2011
[Version 4.7]


Bruseth reviewed on 18 Sep 2011
FinderPop is nothing but GREAT! My fav add-on to my Mac. I so very much appreciate all the hard work Turly has done for all these many years. I think Turly's name will go down in Mac history as a true legend. The man's brilliant!
[Version 2.4]

Bruseth rated on 18 Aug 2011
[Version 1.9.1]


Bruseth reviewed on 12 Aug 2011
Works great on Safari 5.1 on Lion. Thanks so much for this. And for free? Very generous! Thanks again.
[Version 1.4]


Bruseth reviewed on 27 Jul 2010
Great app. Works just fine. And it's for free ('till December)? That's terrific! I don't know how it could get any better. I very much appreciate the time and effort the developer has put into this app. Keep up the good work! Thanks so very much.
[Version 1.300]


Bruseth reviewed on 17 Apr 2010
Just great. Does everything. There are similar apps, but they do bits and pieces of what this app does - this app does it all.
Easy to use, no crashes or other problems.
Thank you, developers. Keep up the good work!
[Version 1.2.1]


Bruseth reviewed on 11 Apr 2010
Today's Daily Change… Ok, I know I'm going to receive a lot of flak about this comment/review, but, PLEASE, why does this app need changes/updates every freakin' day? I am so tired of starting this app up, and getting the notice that ‘it's been updated and would you like to download the latest version?‘ I know, I don't have to go after every update - I also know that it's a good thing for developers to stay on top of things. But PLEASE, why to you need to update this app nearly every day? Are you ever going to be ready for ‘prime time,' or is this a never ending process that's going to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on, forever? You see how sick and tired you were reading my ‘on and on' stuff? That's how tired I am of these endless updates. Please be done with it, once and for all. Maybe for at least a week? Does this never-ending updates thing sell more licenses for you? It keeps you ‘in the news?' It's ridiculous! I've never seen something so silly. Is this app so flawed that you have to make daily changes?
Nice app, works well (notice my stars before you start defending this thing), but enough with the daily updates. Get the heck out of my face.
Thanks for the nice, well-performing app. And thanks for keeping it updated (notice the irony here). But try going a week, maybe even a few days without an update. Get the darn thing right, this time, today!
Let the flames begin ;-)
[Version 3.1.1]

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Bruseth replied on 12 Apr 2010
@ MrChips and Detlevski - Thanks for the nice, helpful, polite, measured responses. I appreciate your attempts to help me out. I was already aware of the ability to schedule when the app checks for updates (thanks again though for the tip), but I'm always slightly concerned that I may actually miss something worthwhile, or truly significant. But that's my paranoia, my fault, and it should not be cause to reflect bad on the developer(s). I would feel bad if the developer is thinking along the lines of, ‘Dang I can't do anything right! I try hard to make the app the best I can, and I still get complaints.' I probably shouldn't have posted at all. Just felt that maybe it's too much of a good thing …

@ Girlfriend - Thanks so much for the heads up on that iPad thingy. Wasn't aware at all ;-)) But now that you‘ve let me know, I did a little checking and found that out of the total 142 updates/revisions of this app (yes, at least 142 different versions since it first came out - and amazingly, they were for everyone, not just for/about me!), 140 of them were •before• the iPad came out. Only 1.4 percent of the total updates came after the iPad. Just thought I'd let you know, dearest. Don't trust me, do some research - knock •yourself• out.

Thanks again, everyone, for the attempts to help. And thanks to the developer of this app. I really must admit that if I had the choice between an app that was hardly ever updated, and just withered and became outdated, and one that (maybe) had an ‘over-abundance' of updates, I would most certainly choose the latter, and be grateful for the effort put forth.

Bruseth reviewed on 05 Apr 2010
Very nice app. And for free (till September)? That's Great! One thing though. The ‘Applications' folder, the ‘User' folder, and other folders show up as UNIX executable •files• rather than folders. You can't explore, or look through these files of course, and you should be able to. Am I doing something wrong? Oh well, still a very nice app. Thanks very much.
[Version 1.003]


Bruseth reviewed on 03 Apr 2010
Thanks for this. Works just fine for me. And for free? Very nice of you. Thanks again.

bruseth had trouble on 18 Nov 2008
Even though I have the latest version of Safari -> V.3.2(5525.26.12), and the latest version of Saft ->V.10.5.5, I still get an error message saying -> The current version of Safari (v5525.26.12) is not supported, so Saft is not loaded!
When I run Saft to ‘update,' it tells me that I have (and indeed I do) the latest version.
Anybody know what I'm doing wrong? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I miss having this fine program running on my computer.
[Version 10.5.5]

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