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Bruce_y commented on 15 Dec 2012
Yes, the program is good for cache cleaning. And the documentation of what it does during the cleaning is good.
(He added more details on its operation ages ago, apparently in response to request I submitted.)
(I also have Cocktail and Onyx and seem to use all of them from time to time.)

The one thing I am not so happy about is the licensing arrangement of Northern Softworks - I have now bought/paid for several registrations of the software, since he brings out a new version for each OS release. But you have to buy the program all over again with each OS.

I wish his upgrade policy was more user friendly.
(Well, I checked today, and I see there is an upgrade policy now, 30% off. But in past I did not ever find any... so am not rushing to pay yet again.)
[Version 7.0.5]


Bruce_y reviewed on 15 Dec 2012
They removed from iTunes 11 one of the features I used a lot in all previous versions of iTunes: The ability to open Playlists in their own separate window.
That way I could see what was in the playlist and compare (and manage) the tracks easily.
ITunes 11 has gone back to 'Modal' (Yuk!) and insists on having only one list window.
How stupid to remove a feature which was helpful to users, and has been in the app forever.
I have submitted an Apple iTunes Feedback, so maybe they will bring it back...
If only Walt Mossberg had complained about this missing feature in his review column, it would have been brought back in the 11.0.1 update!
[Version 11.0.1]

Bruce_y commented on 08 Oct 2012
MacUpdate, when you decide to announce and post/host a Beta release version, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE provide a LINK to the last STABLE release.

(I've been a registered user of Default Folder for years, but don't have as much beta testing time as I used to ... )
[Version 4.5b8]

Bruce_y rated on 14 Jul 2011
[Version 1.1]

Bruce_y commented on 27 Feb 2011
A comment on the Gutmann method which many erase programs, and users, seem to think is necessary.

The Gutmann method of 35 passes was designed primarily for hard drives of a type which has not been manufactured for over ten years (MFM). Peter Gutmann himself has written that it is really not needed on modern hard drives and that a few passes with random data is sufficient. Especially given that it would take serious drive disassembly and custom minute examination to even attempt recovery of overwritten drives.

'course, its your drive and if you want to spend the time for 35 passes over, guess its your choice. And it does take rather a while on large files.
But for me, I now use tools and methods that are much less time-consuming because they require only a few passes of overwriting.
[Version 3.6.7]

Bruce_y commented on 17 Jan 2011
Just an FYI if you are looking for this version (Audio Hijack 226, not Pro version).
The MacUpdate link no longer works.

It is available from Rogue Ameoba on their 'Legacy' page:

Rogue Amoeba lists it as compatible with 10.4 Tiger, 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard.
[Version 2.2.6]

Bruce_y commented on 12 Apr 2010
It seems the list of What's New is the same list from original 10.6.3 fix list. (or am I misremembering?)

Can someone post what the true difference/new of v1.1 over the original 10.6.3 is?

Of course, Apple's page doesn't show the difference between 10.6.3 and 10.6.3v1.1. (my link to original page returns a "No results found.") Sigh.

(Shades of the old Apple OS 7, 8 days when there were several of the quick follow-up patch releases with various v1.x and even a "dot" [opt-8] named releases.)
[Version 10.6.3 v1.1]

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Bruce_y replied on 12 Apr 2010
just a P.S. note -- I am glad they release the follow-up fix quickly. I am just wanting more complete change/fix history details. That's all.

(well, maybe a stopping of their 'erase and rewrite history' policy too ;) )
Bruce_Y commented on 19 Oct 2008
Cute! (and sad turn of Mac event which inspired it...)

Maybe next ver of FireWire Saver could have it send a message to Steve-Oh periodically requesting reinstatement of FireWire. (just kidding! ;-)

Or maybe an unobtrusive display on some part of the screen a suggested reminder to the user to send an email to them, or to post a feedback to hopefully reinstate Firewire.

And last tongue-in-cheek: have a special version which displays "I really love Firewire and will bring it back" installed onto Apple designers/developers/mgrs Macs...
[Version 1.0]


Bruce_Y reviewed on 17 Sep 2008
Just gave this a whirl - Wow! Cool add-on for QuickLook! Great work Robert Rezabek.
Fabulously handy to see quickly what files are inside the zip (etc) without having to actually decompress the whole archive.

Apple should license this from developer! (with appropriate compensation)
. (Now if only Apple would provide similar quicklook into pkg files...)
One suggestion for BZQLG (minor): allow column width adjustment, if possible.

I had already been a registered user of BetterZip, but had been on Tiger/PPC so never had a chance till recently to even check this out.
IMO it's a must-have for any who work with lots of downloads or archiving data in zip format. Well, at least for major-geek-types (like moi) ;-)
[Version 1.1]

Bruce_Y commented on 15 Sep 2008
Seems to play vids well.
But they broke/removed one feature I used a lot in 08.x:
No longer able to stretch window wide and have a black border around the unused screen area.
Now the display resizing works exactly like QuickTIme (not a good thing to emulate in this case), in that you can only drag corner to resize window to exactly proportional size.
Guess I will report it to them when they re-open the forums... and till then, will have to get one of the desktop/background hide apps to lower distraction. (I know, there is a 'full screen' mode, but sometimes I wish to play at specific view size and hide some desktop distraction as well... picky picky me ;-)
[Version 0.9.2]

Bruce_Y had trouble on 22 Dec 2005
Installed new Toast 7.0.2 onto my iMac G5 (10.4.2). It works fine with internal Super drive.
BUT, now writing to my external Buslink GCE-8320B (LG), I get an error at end of disk writing. (I did not get any errors in the days preceding, with Toast version 7.0.1)

Error is "sense key = medium error" "sense code = 0x72, 0x02" "session fixation error writing lead-out"

I will be forwarding to Roxio, but I have not been able to get much response out of them in the past on a support issue.

Anyone else have an older external CD RW start giving errors with the 7.0.2 update?
[Version 7.0.2]

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