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BrentB commented on 31 Jan 2011
Incensed when I discovered this app had absolutely nothing to do with Donny and Marie.
[Version 1.1.7]

BrentB tipped on 10 Nov 2010
All of today's updates have now been posted to the downloads page of Apple's support section.
[Version 10.6.5]

BrentB commented on 29 May 2009
New version out that fixes the crashing after updating to 10.5.7.
[Version 3.0b4.156957]


BrentB reviewed on 13 Feb 2009
Because the ratings were reset with this new release, I'm re-posting my five-star rating. This app does everything I want in a timer, and more. I still think there are other free options that are good. This one is great.
[Version 2.3]

BrentB commented on 13 Feb 2009
It was only a couple of days ago that I reviewed this app, giving it five stars for how it did everything I needed it to do, and all for the extravagant price of $0. I mentioned that the only thing useful to me that it didn't do was that it didn't offer an option to have a ticking sound, so that I could hear the seconds tick by as I did my physical therapy exercises for my low back. If I heard the ticking, I wouldn't have to be actually looking at the timer to see the time I had left (or that had elapsed). But I said that such an option was admittedly minor, and might not be of value to others. It didn't detract from my five-star rating.

Well guess what shows up in the very next release--a ticking option. That kind of remarkably fast responsiveness to user requests (even small ones!) is rare. I'll be making a donation later today.
[Version 2.3]


BrentB reviewed on 10 Feb 2009
I agree. This is easily the best app of its kind. Does almost* everything timer-related that I need. It's easy to use, and the looks are simple and clean. And it's FREE--amazing.

*The only option that I would like added is admittedly very minor: the option to turn on a ticking sound that's separate from the alarm. It would be very useful to me when I do my exercises and stretches; there are many times that it would be helpful to hear a "tick... tick... tick..." so I can count off how many seconds have gone by without having to look at the timer.
[Version 2.2]

BrentB commented on 28 Jul 2008
With all due respect to everyone, let's all take a step back, and take a deep breath. While I can understand people's unhappiness, I think that this discussion has gone from civil to uncivil in far too short of a time. Because of that, instead of having a dialogue, the developer didn't have a chance to start out with anything but defensiveness--which I can understand.

I really appreciate developers who offer software for free. I'm also a capitalist, who understands the desire to make a fair profit from a desired commodity.

Learning how young the developer is has given me even more respect for his aptitude for writing software. I'm more than twice his age, and I wish I could write my own applications like this. It's also the reason that I think we should extend and some grace over the way things transpired.

Which leads me to offer my /suggestion/ as to how this could have turned out. IMHO, software listed as "free" at the time of download should remain free indefinitely. But now that the developer realizes he has a good product on his hands, what's the best way to transition? I think the developer could have first notified the user base of his intentions, and offered discounts for people already using the software. The discount could be something like, "the list price on the next version will be $30, but if you purchase a license now, you'll only have to pay $10. $15 will get you a license for the next two versions. After that, everyone will pay the list price." I think that giving your user base advance notice, along with a discount opportunity, can go a long way.

As users, we want to encourage developers to continue writing great software for the Mac. In this case, and even though I'm in agreement with the other users who spoke up, I think that this went from us dialoguing with the developer to us versus the developer too quickly.

Just one man's $.02.
[Version 2.6]

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BrentB replied on 28 Jul 2008

I'm sorry that you couldn't follow the argument. Let me try to flesh it out a little more for you. What I said above was a response to how the developer was treated personally. My response did not address any question related to the developer's software--including its security (or lack thereof). And as you surely know, omission does not equal agreement or endorsement.

If you'll look back, you'll see that neither my mention of the developers age, nor my comment about his desire to make money, were related to the /function/ of his software. The age comment was followed by, and referred to, the way in which he was /responded/ to. Again: him, not the software. Of course you wouldn't want to use any security software that calls home or that has backdoors.

We agree that the software needed changes. My claim was that the developer was treated too harshly. I infer that you believed (correct me if I'm wrong) I was saying that users shouldn't make such a big deal about security software that isn't secure, as evidenced by your second paragraph. If so, I'm sorry I didn't make that easy enough to see. :-)

If anyone else thought that, I'll just say: I believe that a developer's age or desire for profit should NOT lower the bar for the assessment of quality and the proper functioning of his/her software. With apologies to billifer. :-)

BrentB replied on 28 Jul 2008

This is what I'm talking about. "Legal steps?" Come on. Can you prove reliance? I.e. can you prove that you suffered damages directly due to your use of iVPN? If not, then don't bother wasting money on court fees.

BrentB replied on 28 Jul 2008
@billifer: Thanks. I appreciate it. Sorry again for the ambiguity.
BrentB commented on 29 Dec 2007
It's disappointing to me; I used this software for years. That is, up until I paid for Bookit yesterday. Updates and information used to come out regularly, but then one day it's as if everything related to URLMP just froze. Is Alco OK? (I ask that without sarcasm.) I agree with the previous posts that just a quick update would go a long way. It might have kept me from switching.

While I might be using other software (for now), I don't want to see URLMP abandoned, but instead revived and improved.
[Version 3.4.4]

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BrentB replied on 01 Jan 2008
You're welcome; I appreciate reviews that are more than just your typical "great software!" or "beware! This crashed my computer!"

I'm glad to hear Alco is OK, and that he's got updates for URLMP in the works. Thanks for the update!
BrentB commented on 19 Apr 2007
This software might work wonderfully, but I'm not going to use it. I'm disgusted that it's called "freeware" when it is NOT free. A better label might be "informationware." If I want to use it, it'll cost me my e-mail address and my MAC address. Why? And what about later on, once they have my e-mail address? Will it also cost me the time of deleting more ads and spam? Thanks but no thanks, frauds.
[Version 1.5.1]

BrentB had trouble on 18 Sep 2010
Was great when it worked, but really needs to be updated. The list it displays is jumbled at the top, as shown in this pic:
[Version 1.1]

BrentB had trouble on 02 Aug 2007
Great app, but stopped working for me today. Can't sync with my eBay, or add auctions manually.
[Version 1.0.1]

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