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Braduro commented on 24 Jul 2012
Why are some listings in red?
[Version 2.1.4]

Braduro commented on 25 Jan 2012
Why you studyzing?

I studyz ta gets meez educashkin.

No reflection on the quality of the software itself, the name might act as a barrier to purchase. "I Study" (however you want to spell it) would be better word play, or "Study Ease" (however you want to spell it). But not both.
[Version 1.0.8]


Braduro reviewed on 01 Nov 2011
It's long overdue that I revise my initial statements now that AudioSpillage has accounted for my initial concerns. Mini IS a great go-to if you want to put a lot of care into your kick, which is practically a fetish production demand in the dance realm. The reason I like it is that they addressed my overhead issues, and you can strip away any filter or oscillator that you are not using.

There are some new license options for the sequel of mini, and by all means check out the big brother version, DrumSpillage if you want a full kit and don't want to embark on the race to hoard countless samples that would otherwise sop up the corners of your hard drive.
[Version 1.2.0]


Braduro reviewed on 02 Aug 2011
Although I enjoy this app, it would make a lot more sense as a file uploader to soundcloud.
[Version 1.3.0]


Braduro reviewed on 13 Jun 2011
I must concur. The reviews with higher ratings are not telling the whole story. This product would be greatly improved by a document on how the ideal user sets up their evernote account, and because Evernote does not dictate how each individual relates to their service, OnlyTasks will make little to no sense out of the box. More likely it will create disarray.

I'm giving it more than one star for innovation and stability, but after bringing all these issues up over a year ago while still not witnessing any communication to help set up or on the overall philosophy of the app, I had to chime in with a review.

Egrelist on the other hand, does not take for granted that people might be unfamilar with GTD or utilize some other task management program. Rather than correlate notes into tasks, which is what Onlytasks does (and again might be meaningless to most people who don't consider notes in Evernote to be synonymous with Tasks), Egrelist correlates Tasks with Tasks, and the syncing has become quite reliable. You then associate only those tags and notebooks that complement what you're trying to do with your tasks in Egrelist.
[Version 4.3]


Braduro reviewed on 06 Apr 2011
Three stars:
1 star for existing
1 star for being fast to download
1 star for permitting me to update purchased items in one place.

You want 5 stars?
If all the purchased and new software on my computer, irregardless of whether I purchased it on the app store could be updated in one repository, it'd get one more star. Thus far, even if the app store states that some software is up to date, it won't update when the time comes simply because the item was not purchased on the app store.
If uninstalling was just as easy, comprehensive and complete as installing, I'd give another star. When I do check my updates, the nagging free software that I've demoed and don't like gets listed as well. Furthermore, every new piece of software gets a space on the dock, which is really presumptuous as to how users are utilizing their dock space.
[Version 1.0.1]


Braduro reviewed on 05 Oct 2010
This admittedly is an impression based on incomplete information, as I didn't put my hands on the full version. Minispillage is a plug-in instrument audio unit or VSTi, that uses synthesized percussion and attacks. For anyone who does not want to enter the "sample race", buying and collecting libraries willy-nilly, synthesis offers you another strategy, keeping firm grip on the qualitative decisions you make as a musician/orchestrator.

This mini version leans more on the retro sound to begin with, and most likely will not replace your favorite kit. That's why it's a bit difficult for me to evaluate its final price tag should you wish to get the full version. It is meant to give you a sound check to the synthesis engine, and to discern whether you really want the full kit.

Another reason to go synth over sample is improved responsiveness and decreased CPU and RAM overhead of your sessions. If I recall, the native plugins, simpler and ableton's drum rack both placed less CPU burden, and subsequently less latency on my sessions than did mini-spillage. I'd really like to see mini-spillage re-released as a drum kick replacer, more robust in parameters, more stable, while dropping synthesis for wood block, snare etc. Then people could really put it through the ringer.
[Version 1.1.0]

Braduro commented on 10 Sep 2010
Completely agree with the price point: too high. Snow Leopard as an update was around the same price. This price covers only a few, albeit very helpful, features. It's a lot to ask of people to bend. Furthermore, a lot of people will factor in all the files that are already on their computers, not yet tagged as they were created, and feel the benefits of buying this software outright is marginalized. Mail Tagit and ActOn are at a similar price, and I did teeter in their favor, just very slowly. The developer might have a pleasant surprise if the supply/demand price point is played with a bit.
[Version 4.3.10]

Braduro tipped on 03 Jul 2010
Hi Juan,
My spanish is rusty, so take these experiences with a grain of salt:
Tried to contact you through your own site. It's not obvious where any contact or request form would be, and as a resort I'm making this critique for the general viewership to see.

I like the whole idea of this app greatly, with the big assumption that it does anything remotely resembling what I think it's supposed to do. What I had hoped it would do, based on its description, is to sync native tasks, say from iCal or some other GTD package, with evernote notes that contain checkboxes, and vs versa sync tasks to evernote checkboxes. Sort of like Egrelist for the iPhone, but with an additional synchronization to iCal. Your summary clearly states, "Onlytasks synchronizes tasks on your Mac using your Evernote account."

Even with the help menu, I can not for the life of me figure out what this app is supposed to do. And yes, I've synced it and pulled up the help screen visual. If anything, I strongly suspect that my tags in evernote are now completely scrambled because of it.

What are you calling "tasks?" I get a list of my notes in Onlytasks in no rational or obvious selection. Even if I have checkboxes in my notes, the are not obviously synced to the "tasks" list views in Onlytasks. In fact, everything in evernote is listed, even if it has no bearing on being a task. What am I to do with this stream of "tasks" after they are in Onlytasks? There are no checkboxes, no indication as to a where they should be moved or acted upon.

Does it sync my iCal tasks with evernote? If so, does it make checkboxes for them, does it put them in separate notes? Make lists based on calendars? Can you prioritize a particular notebook? How do the calendars translate to Evernote? How do priorities translate to evernote? If you were to implement a projects-based task list, how would that export back to iCal?

Is it true sync? Do my tasks in iCal update with additions to evernote? How does that correlate to my calendars? Do I need Onlytasks open after the sync is complete? Is it meant to be a client or simply a conduit to expedite the sync?
[Version 3.1]

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