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Bousozoku reviewed on 01 Apr 2014
Since my review in mid-2013, this application has become very stable. There are still times when I get a beach ball for whatever reason and it makes no sense to me. I'm using it a 2.6 GHz i7 MacBook Pro with 16 GB of RAM and OWC's fastest internal SSD.

I haven't made the leap to catalogs but sessions are catalogs of a slightly different nature. This functionality has become stable, thankfully, as I was deleting broken sessions from time to time.

I stand by this as the finest raw development software, above Silkypix and above that which Adobe makes.

It's simple enough to use the automatic features or you can adjust almost anything on your own. They also include Styles, like Silkypix Tastes, which allow a packaged group of settings to be applied in one click.

Bousozoku commented on 07 Mar 2014
No, Google, I don't want to back up my photos to Google+.

I also don't want to download and install the same !@#$ software for each user account on my machines when it's already on the machine for the administrator account.

I would however, like to scroll upwards when grabbing a bunch of photos for export.

Please, stop worrying about tying my photos to Google+ and fix the software so that it works well.


Bousozoku reviewed on 05 Feb 2014
So much has changed. In 1995, I was barely browsing the internet and getting my e-mail through CompuServe. In just a few years, I was using Claris em@iler and then, Eudora. One of Eudora's many bugs re-arranged the mail I could see, and I switched to Thunderbird.

The one reason I use Thunderbird is history. While I delete the majority of e-mail, there are certain things I need to keep, so it's good to have an e-mail client that not only allows keeping e-mail, but to allow me to search it quickly--and never misplaces any of it.
[Version 24.3.0]


Bousozoku reviewed on 16 Dec 2013
Apparently, the latest release is about Google+ Auto Backup, similar to what Dropbox does. Google seems to be looking for every way to push people to use Google+, even passively.

Picasa itself doesn't seem to have changed. It still needs work, and even if it is a WINE-adapted application, it could go much further toward being an efficient design and work more like a native application on any platform. Still, it works.


Bousozoku reviewed on 06 Nov 2013
I've been using iTunes since before I bought my first iPod, before there was a store of any kind.

As much as I want to like the software, it's the bigger conglomeration of mis-matched modules on any platform--and that includes programming tools, which are rarely matched well.

Thankfully, they fixed the "Finishing sync" bug that they recently introduced. It might help if they actually tested before they released software.

It's better--things you rate in one place goes the opposite way to the computer or to the mobile device.

It's a mess when a download is messed up and customer service has to be involved. Why is it that downloading through iTunes is so much less substantial than the System downloads?
[Version 11.1.3]


Bousozoku reviewed on 26 Jun 2013
Since version 7 has a new processing engine, it's taken time to work out the bugs (I'm not saying that it's bad as an Adobe product), and there are still issues like odd delays--and I'm talking about processing on a machine with only an SSD and 16 GB of RAM.

That said, this has to be the finest raw development software--ever. It extracts maximum image quality from each image. It's not working miracles, but they really do analyse images quite thoroughly and have ways to straighten, minimise distortion, improve colour and clarity.

I know that Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture are cheaper, but they are cheaper in many ways. Capture One Pro is a better tool for those whose main goal is high image quality.
[Version 7.1.3]

Bousozoku commented on 12 Jun 2013
They've just updated to version 8.0.15C. Hopefully, that will stop the "Sophos Anti-Virus is not running." messages since I updated to (Mac) OS X 10.8.4.

As with some prior update, they should be ready by the time Apple releases the update, not waiting for something to go wrong, leaving a business client without anti-virus protection and the ability to spread Windows viruses.
[Version 8.0.10]


Bousozoku reviewed on 24 Oct 2012
I'm confused about "Open Chats in Multiple Windows: We hear your feedback! With this release we've added support to open chats in multiple windows." because the instant message/chat I've started is tied to the contact window, as usual.

Perhaps, they hear but they don't understand--as with my message about the Confirm message at quitting the application. They didn't need it when there were no chats, but they took it away entirely so you can close while chats are active.


Bousozoku reviewed on 19 Sep 2012
I've been content to ignore Adobe Flash unless I really need some video related to YouTube or Vimeo. Recent updates to the plug-in and player result in video freeze partway into it. Resetting the time to somewhat earlier (two or three times usually) will get the video going again, but generally the audio continues unabated, although that's frozen a few times as well.
[Version 11.4.402.265]

Bousozoku commented on 18 Jul 2012
I'm guessing that this one actually works with the 64-bit version of VLC, since it doesn't complain the way the previous version did after I updated VLC.
[Version 0.9.8]

Bousozoku had trouble on 14 Jun 2013
Since 10.8.4, I've been having trouble with the controller not being recognized. When I disconnect it, there is a kernel panic. This was happening with version 0.11, so I updated to 0.12, which works similarly. I've submitted the crash reports to Apple.
[Version 0.12]

Bousozoku had trouble on 20 Feb 2012
This latest release has a new problem for me.

Every time I open it, it wants to import from my phone, which is normally not connected.

I can cancel/close the tab but it's there on every launch. I have yet to find a solution.

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