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Bob T reviewed on 06 Jan 2014
Today's download unzipped as "Pacifist 2"instead of Pacifist 3? Getinfo shows it as 3.4.
Is it really necessary to add 2 or 3 to label? Why not just Pacifist to simplify updating, and possibility of confusion?

This is a useful and excellent program. IMO.
[Version 3.2.4]

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Bob T replied on 04 Feb 2014
I just got notice of your reply today.
The "app"that I had to install was labelled "Pacifidt". The previously installed app was labelled "Pacifist". I had to change the label on the previous app to "Pacifist 3"to install the new version without having two copies on my computer.

Bob T reviewed on 05 Mar 2012
I just started using this app yesterday with OS X Lion,and, it seems to do what it is supposed yo do pn my iMac.

I can see the iPad 2 on my Mac. My setup included an Airport Express hooked up to my FIOS (Actiontech) router, and the iPad connects to the AX wirelessly.

Now, if I can get my new Sony HDTV to recognize this setup, I will be a happy puppy.

Good job for what it does.
[Version 1.00]

Bob T commented on 13 Oct 2010
I installed the most recent update to TC, and, it now can see my iPAD and it's contents.

I was able to backup to an external drive. Have not tried any transfers back to my iPAD.

Now, I would recommend TC to iPAD users!
[Version 9.77]

Bob T commented on 23 Aug 2010
This program was working fine with my iPod Touch, and iPad until the recent update of OS X Snow Leopard/iTunes and Touchcopy.

Now it works with my iPod. It knows my iPad is present, but, does not load any of it's data!

On their web site it says it works with any iPad.

I received an Email today from tech support. They have KB articles about TC and database problems- and, though not mentioned, in today's Email they say the recommendations are only for the PC. They know about this problem with Macs and are working on it. They offered me a refund! I do not want a refund.

I like the program, but, would not recommend it for Mac iPad users at until it works with my iPad!
[Version 9.76]

Bob T commented on 10 Apr 2010
I have signed up for the lifetime use of this software.

I currently do not use it.

The spam filter is confusing, and, not very good, IMO. Many potential users have asked for SPAMSIEVE to be an add-on or the in-program spam filter. The author of Spamsieve has offered (many moons ago!) to develop his spam filter for this program.

The Postbox folks have not really explained why they do not want this integration with Postbox, unless I missed something in their forum?
[Version 1.1.4]

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Bob T replied on 02 Aug 2010
Sherman- thanks for the reply dated about 3 months after my post.

I clearly see what your "priorities" are for this package. I would have the same priorities. Going after the" billions" rather then the "few" of us who are requesting Spamsieve makes good business sense, I guess?

What I also glean from your belated response is an attitude that Macintosh users are way lower on the "priority" list then the potential "billions" of Windows users.

However, as far as I can tell, the offer to design a Spamsieve edition for Postbox that was made many months ago probably would have taken more time on Spamsieves" side than yours. I do not see what you had to lose by taking him up on his offer?

Your program is basically nice, but, not that nice to write off the "small" segment of users who have asked for a better Spam catcher.

Good luck in your pursuit of the Email client market.

Bob T reviewed on 10 Feb 2010
I started using this program back in my Windows PC days. It was my favorite Solitjire game back then. Mr. Warfield made frequent updates to the game, and card backs and was very responsive to Emails from me.

Since then he has ported the game to the Mac, and, it is still the same great game it is on the PC. It is quite detailed, with many useful options, yet it is easy to use.

What surprises me is that the game has not been reviewed before. I have a couple of other Solitaire games on my Mac. I might as well uninstall them, because they are not used anymore.

The only "complaint" I have about this program, is that Klondike (my favorite game) is to easy! Some of the Apps on my iPod Touch are just the opposite.
[Version 2.11]


Bob T reviewed on 06 Aug 2009
Today, I switched from Mozy to Backblaze.

I have used Mozy for about 11 months.

I finally figured out that Mozy was causing extreme CPU usage and computer crashes.

Going through their outsourced tech support was a trying experience at best. I tried a beta of their latest release and it did not solve my problems. Their new release (to their credit) does not seem to be using near the memory of their prior product. However, it seemed to want to start all over with a new backup. I tried a restore of a single file from my account. Once I drilled down to the restore area, it seemed to take an extremely long time to download the data which would allow me to pick what I wanted to restore. It took more time for me to sign in to my account at Mozy prior to asking it to do a restore than it did for me to sign-in to my BB account and choose what I wanted to restore

In addition, this morning, after Mozy had about 12 hours to make a new backup, I had a message Mozy backup had failed!

I know it is not good to knock one product to justify going to another competitive product. I have no associations with BB of any sort.

What I liked, was that it quietly (CPU usage minimal) sat in the background to do it's thing on my Mac's HD. It allows you to backup your external drives if you find it necessary, and, it seems to be fast and efficient in responding to restore requests.

I am not associated in any way with BB. I advise anyone reading this to try both services (or even others) before deciding they will pop for one of these services.


Bob T reviewed on 03 Jun 2009
I purchased Amnesia 2 months ago through MUD Promo, so, it was reasonable in price.

The documentation is almost non-existent.

However, I can not get it to do it's thing on my iMac with Leopard 10.5.

I get a (-50) error saying there is a problem with authentication. The program fails to do an uninstall!

I redid all my "permissions". Made sure I was running as an Admin".

This makes me go back to good old AppZapper.

I have un/reinstalled Amnesia w/o any change.

My communications with Koingo support ledto a bunch of nonsense on the part of their techs. After 3 unanswered replies, I finally got this from them (by re-opening the case and requesting a reply):

The -50 error is on our list of rogue bugs. We're sorry for the inconvenience at this time - we're continuing to look for a solution to this problem. If you find a workaround in the meantime, please contact us."

They closed the case after this reply!!!

I certainly can not recommend Amnesia at this point.
[Version 1.0.6]

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Bob T replied on 05 Jun 2009
To their credit, the Koingo techs finally paid attention to my later posts which localizaed my problem for them, allowing it to be fixed.

I installed the latest update and it allowed me to delete an unwanted program with Amnesia!

I will award them another star at this point, hoping they fix the comments above about "unwanted programs".
Bob T commented on 17 Mar 2009
To update my post below about WebNoteHappy, Luis, author of WebNoteHappy, returned to his website in February and has already issued an update to his excellent Bookmark utility.

He now calls it WebNote. Like the poster below, I use this program frequently, and, am glad he is back and working on a new update (beyond 1.3.3).

Bob T
[Version 1.3.3]

Bob T commented on 10 Dec 2008
I have used WebnoteHappy for about a year.

Luis, the author of this program was very responsive until the last few months.

His last post on his Blog at his website was in July, 2008.

I was able to contact him in September for support. In November, he did not answer an Email.

Does anyone know what has happened to Luis? His program is very useful to me. I hope he has not gone on to better things?
[Version 1.3.2]

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