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Bnax commented on 23 Dec 2013
I write for one reason: to impress upon the dev that word of mouth matters. I arrived at this page, looking for a LittleSnapper replacement, with credit card in hand. Your price doesn't phase me, but your tactics do. End result: based on what I've read here, I won't even bother with a trial. It's the gift you gave yourself.

Folks, thanks so much for your detailed commentary. MUCH appreciated!!
[Version 1.20.5]

Bnax commented on 23 Dec 2013
Well, I'm grateful that the trial version allowed me to export my LittleSnapper library. I'm also grateful that RealMac has shown me exactly what kind of company it is. Got my money once, but I don't duplicate my mistakes. BTW, that $50 price tag, given the competition, is laughably optimistic.

5 stars for LittleSnapper
0 stars for the company
? Stars re Ember: don't know anything beyond the quick export feature, and plan to keep it that way
[Version 1.2.1]

Bnax commented on 02 Apr 2011
Lemme see now... A more expensive competing app offers a trial, which I used. This one offers no demo. The other app has proven it's worth the $$$, so I'm off with AmEx card in hand to purchase.

Look around folks. You too may *stumble* upon a worthy purchase in this specific app genre.
[Version 1.2]

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Bnax replied on 17 Apr 2011
Let me be blunt: I was wrong. The main competing app is, to be charitable, disappointing. The problems do not become apparent until you've used it for an extended period of time, AND take considerable time to check and recheck (& check yet again day by day) the cookies list. By contrast, this app works smoothly, consistently and reliably. There are no unpleasant oddities: no additions are quietly made to your wanted/keep list, unchecked items remain unchecked, and there is no aggravation per constant "updates" that may or may not be taking place. I still despise the fact that the existence of the Mac App Store is used as an excuse not to provide a trial. If you have a website, the trial goes with the territory. Nonetheless, having made my prior comments, I felt compelled to set the record straight. I did buy the competing app, which is punishment enough. At least, with that monetary waste behind me, I can better appreciate this particular app.
Bnax commented on 30 Mar 2011
Rats! Pop up during installation, warning of conflicts with HyperDock and NuKit. I applaud the dev's candor. Since those two apps are crucial for me on a daily basis, I had to pass on this one. Fortunately, all I want is middle-click, which freebie MagicPrefs handles nicely (MacBook Air 11, 2d gen, Fall 2010).
[Version 0.649]

Bnax commented on 27 Mar 2011
I want to express my deep & sincere appreciation to all the folks who took time to post here. I was about to buy at the Mac App Store, but was spooked by the lack of reviews. Decided to check here. The dev's comment below that some posts are more relevant to troubleshooting, as opposed to a review, are off base. Every post I've studied here proved material to my purchasing decision -- in this case, NOT to buy. It's good to know that version 1.5 has been promised for years, with little to no genuine feedback from the dev. I'm posting simply to assure the dev: all commentary counts, and you've lost potential sales as a direct result. Your statements, in particular, Dev, confirm the wisdom of avoiding all your apps.
[Version 1.4.9]


Bnax reviewed on 11 Mar 2011
I had 2 after-business-hours questions: does the license follow the user or the machine (user); App Store plans (unsure). A responsive email arrived immediately. Then I realized I forgot to ask a 3rd Q: is there some sort of automatic update mechanism in place (Sparkle). Once again, the response came within 2-3 minutes. That's the sort of thing that makes me WANT to support a dev with my $$. I couldn't get back to the website fast enough to place my order.

As for the app itself, its inherent quality (genuinely set it and forget it) is dwarfed only by the attention this dev lavishes on his customers, paid or prospective.

(Don't know the dev, just his handiwork.)
[Version 1.0.2]


Bnax reviewed on 23 Feb 2011
Talk about a heart breaker! Thank goodness for trial versions... this looked like an absolute go, until I attempted a few searches. The search terms are highlighted in context-- but in grey, which makes it way too easy to miss them. i found myself constantly playing a game of hide-and-go-seek. Went to the forums to investigate, figuring I was just too dense to locate the option to change from grey to, say, yellow. Turns out, this request has been on the boards since 2009. One I saw that, I knew it was hopeless. So, I uninstalled and moved on.

I don't get it. The whole point of these apps is to assist in FINDing stuff later down the line. All that eye candy, yet I consistently caught heck actually trying to pinpoint what I wanted/needed to see. Oh well, the hunt continues.
[Version 2.4.1]


Bnax reviewed on 10 Jan 2011
A 5-star idea with a 3-star implementation.

Too cumbersome to add items to the exclude list:
- Memorize the file/directory path and type it in, hoping you don't make a mistake while tapping it all into the exclusion list.
----- OR ------
- go to Finder/PathFinder
- right-click to "copy path"
- back to Blast exclusion list to "paste"
- if it's a directory, learn the hard way to include a trailing slash
That gets old fast when you find yourself doing it multiple times per day.

There is also no way to make the fonts in the listing smaller if desired.

In short, I'd expect this sort of consistent irritation with a Win app. It would be much more Mac-like if a simple checkbox appeared before each logged item, allowing one to easily eliminate items which would then immediately disappear from view. Ditto the ability to dictate font size.

I thank the dev for making a trial available which, regrettably, has now been uninstalled. I'll check back later to see if a more sophisticated version appears via update.
[Version 1.6.5]

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