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Bm1 commented on 02 Sep 2010
LVDOC is completely correct. I happened to be one of those persons who paid good money for Synergy Advanced and got completely robbed. Synergy Advanced was a joke and a scam. I would never buy anything from this dev again.

Oh.. And if you're looking for something similar to Synergy you should check out BravoTunes. It's free. It's awesome. And the developers aren't crooks.

Get BravoTunes and save that 7 bucks for a couple cold beers.
[Version 4.4.4]

bm1 commented on 25 Jun 2008
You know... I have no idea what this app is... I just saw that an update had released and I really liked the name. But after checking out the "sample screen shot" I still have no idea what this app looks like. You might want to make the sample shot like... 10 times bigger.
[Version 5.0.2]

bm1 commented on 01 Mar 2008
Okay... Who's bright idea was it to add this application to the dock???? Now I have a useless dock icon that I cant get rid of! You seriously introduced this feature without putting an option to NOT have it in the dock in the prefs?? I want to revert back...
[Version 3.1.2]


bm1 reviewed on 17 May 2007
Ya... it looks clean but it seems to be limited to only the main colors in the prefs. If you try to use any of the "other" colors the bubbles come back.

So with that being said... I was thinking of uninstalling it but there isn't a uninstaller.

Hmm.... ?
[Version 0.2]


bm1 reviewed on 13 Jan 2006
I love all the new features in iLife'06 but it's very very unstable.

iMovie HD: This app wont even start up. I've deleted everything on my computer concerning iMovie and reinstalled several times. I've also repaired all my disk permissions as well. Still this app will not run. I loads 80 percent of the "new project" and then crashes. did the same thing on existing projects too.... I hope there is a update soon. Anyone else having this issue???

Garageband: This app runs fine until you push the media button on the right side of the window... Then smoke starts billowing out and the engine starts to sputter then.... BAM... CRASH!

iWeb: This is amazing. I have not had any issues with this application at all. I didn't read any instructions and built a new website in 20 min. Good Job Apple (1 out of 5 isn't bad).

iPhoto: I haven't had any issues. I am still disappointed in Apple though... STILL NO SUPPORT FOR SUB FOLDERS!!! YOU CAN MAKE SUBFOLDERS BUT IT WILL NOT IMPORT THE NICELY ORGANIZED PHOTO LIBRARY YOU HAVE. PFFT.... I KNOW I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO'S BEEN BEGGING FOR THIS. Oh well... Looks like they just want you to use Aperture....

I haven't used the other iApps but I started up DVD and all seemed fine.

I hope there is an update soon... Other than the issues that I've mentioned.. This is an awesome update.
[Version 06]

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bm1 replied on 13 Jan 2006
I found that the reason iMovie and Garageband were crashing is because there was a corrupt file in my iPhoto library. I had to rebuild my entire iPhoto Library because of this. I lost all my Albums... But at least the apps work now! :D

bm1 reviewed on 04 Jan 2006
This is an amazing application. By far the best out. A must have for any musician!

One note... No 12 string support?

Would be nice to see 12 string tuner support.
[Version 2.9.7]

bm1 commented on 31 Dec 2005
All these P2P apps are funny... You can use them all even though they are based on the same application... You still get different results.

Cabos is just another weapon to find stuff you're looking for... If you stick to one app then you're not going to be very successful. I'll have Acquisition, Aqlite and Xfactor running at the same time to find what I'm looking for. That seems to be the most successful way to do it.

I must say though... Cabos lacks lots of functions that Acquisition has... It's ok though...

Either way... the down load page for Cabos is broke.
[Version 0.5.9]


Bm1 reviewed on 14 Dec 2004
Nice app when it's not causing a Kernel Panic... I haven't had a Kernel Panic in like a year until I started trying to run this app. It panics every time I use it. The menu buttons are a little too gaudy for my taste but other than that.. Once the Kernel issues are fixed I would consider using this as my staple torrent application.
[Version 2.2]

Bm1 had trouble on 17 Oct 2005
I'm having trouble connecting to a Urban Terror server (URT is a Quake3 conversion mod). I know that they are running team speak but it gives me this error...

No Reply From Server error
Maybe the server is offline, or maybe teamspeak is not running on it.

Anyone else having this problem? Here is the IP of the server

[Version 1.0b1]

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Bm1 replied on 17 Oct 2005
Nevermind.. I'm we todd did. I thought you could just connect to the game server... you have to connect to a different IP. My Bad!

Works like a charm! THANKS!!!
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