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Not much to say; I'm a Mac user going all the way back to '86. Learned to resurrect FAT drives on my Mac when others said it couldn't be done. F***ed up my Mac OS 6 and 7 installs playing with ResEdit live in the Finder's inner'eds. I'm good within doing things the other way, breaking then trying to fix. :)

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BlackMacX reviewed on 15 Feb 2014
This is an update to a review I did when 1Password 4 came out and problems I had a the time. My issues from October have been addressed and resolved and as before and now after, 1Password is still a cornerstone for my Mac and keeping my Passwords and other sensitive information secure.

The applications only real shortcoming I find now, is the need for the 1Password mini needing to not only be running constantly to have it integrate into browsers; but that (in my case at least) it needs (randomly and sporadically) to be visible in the menubar to have it work. Unchecking it has 1Password's browser plugin (in Safari) complain and only after 2-3 attempts to have things work with the mini-app hidden, will it work. But this isn't always the case and can take more attempts.

That is though my only gripe now.
[Version 4.1.3]


BlackMacX reviewed on 04 Oct 2013
I noted that I would buy this version, as it's generally been great previously and it a good tool.

That said, there are major issues with the interoperability between 1Password 4 v4.0.1 and iOS 1Password v4.2.7:

1. WiFi exists on the Mac version; but reception on the iOS version is impossible as the option in Settings > Sync don't exist

2. iClould sync is non-functional as a sync; I had to delete my iOS version of 1Password completely and re-install to get the iCloud sync to work. This is really poor.

3. FileSharing via iTunes doesn't work at all; evening importing the agilekeychain file (as would happen via Dropbox, etc), doesn't work.

Sorry AgileBits, you didn't test this release well. I am pissed off enough that I am tempted to ask for my money back both for my Family Pack upgrade ($36.73 USD) and my iOS device installs.

An annoyed customer.
[Version 4.0.1]

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BlackMacX replied on 06 Oct 2013
Hi Dave,

Thank you. I have actually sent a separate email to AgileBits support about the issues I experienced and if you're the one who reads it, you'll likely see a similar flow in my writing style.

I would like to say here, I need 1Password and though I've tried other such apps, it's the one I come back too. As well, though I gripe about the cost visa ve the problems I've experienced with v4 of 1Password, I agree that AgileBits' overall history of upgrades, support and enhancements within a major version are worth every penny. Those who feel it's not cost justified, are not seeing the bigger picture (I feel).

That all being said, I feel that the work you've done is good; it was more the synchronization between the Mac version and iOS version that lead to my issues; I do understand the iOS version was pending and update; but then, the Mac version shouldn't really have offered the Wi-Fi option (or atleast noted it was not yet available for the iOS instance of 1Password and would be available soon; but that could be awkward to update the documentation for on the fly).

So, thank you for the new version, it is very useful as a stand-alone product; it's just frustrating that the sync between the Mac and iOS version didn't operate as smoothly as suggested it should and the iCloud issue is just annoying, I don't know why it happened; but it did).



BlackMacX reviewed on 03 Oct 2013
This is a comment to those who think 1Password is overly expensive and they upgrade the product too often, get a reality check! Sorry, but you have to think about the functionality 1Password offers you, secure password generation, document retention, et al. All in a nice package, that is not only accessible on your Mac, but online, in your browser, on your iPhone, Windows machine and such. Also there is upgrade pricing (see, that is very, very reasonable really.

So I am sorry, if you're going to whine about how expensive it is, remember back to when you used a spreadsheet or notepad to retain your passwords and how insecure that was and how poor your passwords were likely.

I agree, Agile isn't perfect when it comes to the functionality and such; but think of the alternatives. Free is great, to a point; OpenSource is wonderful and such, but if you want people to create good, solid code, pay them to do so. The cost for 1Password is a bargain in the end. Get over it and either open your wallet for good software, or live with the consequences of either poor software, roll-your-own or opensource that you have to be frustrated at because you have to rebuild it from source each time a new version comes out.

I will buy v4 for my family, at at $35 for that, it's a bargain.
[Version 4.0]

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BlackMacX replied on 03 Oct 2013
As an aside, I bought my first copy of 1Password in December 2008 and got a family license about 2 years later. I've think the give or take $100 spent over nearly 5 years sofar to be excellent value (~$20/year) and that's a bargain for such a necessary app in this day and age.

As for the fine detail about iCloud syncing, that's not an issue for me. I use MAS when appropriate; but here, I don't want a MAS version and I want (and got) my WiFi sync back! That's much better for me family setup. I have Dropbox as well setup.

BlackMacX reviewed on 18 Sep 2013
I installed iOS 7 on my iPhone 5 via the over-air update and it worked; but found a couple of issues:

1. FaceTime can't remove associated "contact you on" phone numbers after they've been setup. I have my own phone and my wife's both using my iTunes account; but except for during initial iOS setup, you can't remove one or the other from a phone. Even going into Settings > ... FaceTime or iCould or Mail, Contacts and Calendar doesn't help resolve this.

2. Facetime crashed unexpectedly on launch twice when attempting to call my wife to test it out. As well, audio doesn't work nor video seemingly with her iOS 6.1.4 iPhone 5.

The new simpler look is nice to see; the new interface (sorry, can't remember the actual function's name) whereby you can tilt you phone and the background moves in harmony, it more decoration then necessary and actually (I'd argue) is anacronistic to the simplistic interface redesign. I think it should be done away with.

I like the idea of the new iOS; but I find it too radically different to be a pleasant change (yet). I also find my iPhone is running hotter then previously under iOS 6.1.4. As such, I've decided to restore my iPhone 5 to iOS 7 factory default settings and see if setting up the phone from scratch resolves any of these issues.
[Version 7.0.1]


BlackMacX reviewed on 16 May 2013
With the 11.0.3 update, there's a bug, that being, if you have an application update noted (for iOS applications), check in the window where you would normally see "Get Update" or whatever it's called (beside the "Get More Apps" link); well, it was there 10 minutes ago, before I upgraded, now it's disappeared. :) Going to manually download it (instead of via Software Update and see if that solves it). Otherwise, there's a BUG!
[Version 11.0.3]

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BlackMacX replied on 16 May 2013
Quick update; it would appear that I was partially wrong. iTunes is showing an iOS app available for update in the sidebar; but there's no update available (confirmed with my iPhone) and therefore the button to update isn't there. But there still is something up because there is an apparent update available; but nothing in reality is.

BlackMacX reviewed on 25 Apr 2013
I just downloaded Maxthon and it's not bad. Now that said, I did a little quick test between it and Safari, having both open a page to and also, both rendered the page equally well (Maxthon seemed to load both pages moderately faster than Safari though).
Interesting Safari needed itself running and two content processes to render the pages (using a total of about 390MB of Real Memory (via Activity Monitor) and a total of 31 threads, Maxthon needed about 360MB of Real Memory, 7 processes and 95 threads to render the same pages. So it would seem the Maxthon is more process intensive but slightly lighter on memory usage.
Interestingly as well, installed, Safari takes up 15MB of space on my HDD, while Maxthon needs 10x that. Even adding in my extensions and all the files in my Safari folder in ~/Library/Safari, that only adds ~10MB to Safari's size; I have no extensions yet installed for Maxthon.
It looks like a decent browser and I might continue to play with it; but overall, I am happy with Safari and Chromium as my browsers of choice on my system.

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BlackMacX replied on 25 Apr 2013
I forgot to make a slightly deriding comment about the "features" hyperbole in the description by Maxthon above:
1. Stay Safe and Secure: Clear your browser’s history or surf in private-browsing mode. - this is available in any self-respecting modern browser, it's not a new function made by Maxthon
2. Amazing Speed: Enjoy the lightning-fast Web-surfing experience. - see the reply to #1 above.

BlackMacX reviewed on 28 Oct 2012
Not to critique this application, but looking at the website and also at it's security information, it's so light on real details that I would be very concerned about uploading any documents of a personal nature or containing any identifying information to a site that notes they are still working on things regarding their security.

I have not tried the application because of reading the website and their information about themselves, it's too weak and early in their apparent gestation to trust an cloud application with any documents. Sorry, I will stick to TrueCrypt and Dropbox, Evernote, et al., until more information is brought forward by the company.
[Version 0.10.6]

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BlackMacX replied on 29 Oct 2012
Review of doo v. 0.10.6

The application’s interface is very un-Mac-like, looks more like a Windows application; for one that purports to be a Mac application (as well as Windows 8), this is a small but apparent issue.

Cloud storage/transmission
This is where I brought my issues up earlier and stand by them. The online file sync to the Cloud is very unclear as to what security they use, are they TNO, what encryption do they use, is it encrypted at the point of origin before leaving my machine and through a SSL tunnel or is it sent in the clear? Doo’s security with regards to data on their service is that they can share (in exceptional circumstances) the information with authorities; to this suggests that they hold your encryption keys and not you. This model is very much like that of Dropbox, and so, I again stand by my security note earlier, that you shouldn’t upload any documentation that is of a personally identifying nature (or encrypt it first; but this does away with the purpose of doo).

Also, the data collected by doo about you is concerning as it tracks your internet usage pattern (regardless of why it is collected, they collect it Privacy Policy:

Collection and use of data Automated data collection When accessing the doo website, your internet browser automatically transmits data for technical reasons. The following pieces of data are stored separately from other data that you might transmit to doo: Access date and time Operating system used URL of the previously visited website Quantity of transmitted data This data is at any time stored exclusively for technical reasons and is not associated with a specific person

An regardless of whether is is anonimized, it is trackable back to you, as they time and date, along with your OS (and other information in your browser’s UserAgent string that helps to uniquely identify your machine), the URL(s) of previously visited website(s) and such.

Also, as per their policy, they reserve the right to provide anonymized User information, so that says they have it in an unanonymized form originally. Sorry, but the more one reads about this service (their online cloud functionality and their privacy policy), the more you should be concerned about your privacy and the data you upload into the Cloud.

The Privacy Policy is based on German requirements and laws, that is fine; but users need to be aware of those laws, it’s impact on them and that their privacy is potentially at risk.

So, yes, I put my initial thoughts and concerns above; others have said it was unfair; but do you understand the lack of security that this application's Cloud has regarding your data? It is very poor and though they are fairly clear about how open they can be with your data and who you are, it should still concern you that beta software is being offered in this manner.

That is my overall concern, that the application's Cloud is less then secure and less then private really. If you as a user want to upload private data and have it available to anyone that Doo provides information too (whether for investigative reasons, marketing, et al.), that is your choice; but be aware that they do track and retain data about you that should be really kept well guarded.

Now, that all said, the application is free (though there is a pricing model for usage of their Cloud service); it does do a lot of tagging, which at one point was handy for me; but I learned to use the built-in functions of the Mac to meet my needs better then I found applications like Doo and others (Punakea specifically) provided.

So, I hope it improves and that for users aware of what it is, what it is meant to do and also it's downfalls, that it succeeds. For me, I do not plan on using it anymore then I have to this point.

BlackMacX reviewed on 22 Sep 2012
This little gem has worked for years and has helped me easily change default applications for extensions, et al., quickly and painlessly. From OS X 10.2 to 10.7, it worked without issue. But with MacOSX ML, it seems to have broken, I suspect it's related to GateKeeper potentially (just a hunch). I would love if the application could be updated for continued use; but sofar, though it installs, I can't change default applications with anymore.

I have emailed the developer and asked if RCDefaultApp will be updated to work with ML; I hope; but understand if it isn't. A great application though nonetheless for anyone using OS X 10.2-10.7.
[Version 2.1]


BlackMacX reviewed on 19 Sep 2012
For years I've used iPhoto without significant issue; then this update comes along... I run my system in 64-bit mode and am having to re-install the OS (10.8-10.8.2) to see if that will address the fact that iPhoto 9.4 will not launch (iPhoto is stating it's only going to run in 32 bit mode now, and I ran it with the exact same setup earlier today without issue in v9.3.2). Many issues show up in Console, including Binary Images problems, LIbrary's no found, for example:

Dyld Error Message:
Library not loaded: /Library/Frameworks/NyxAudioAnalysis.framework/Versions/A/NyxAudioAnalysis
Referenced from: /Applications/
Reason: no suitable image found. Did find:
/Library/Frameworks/NyxAudioAnalysis.framework/Versions/A/NyxAudioAnalysis: mach-o, but wrong architecture
/Library/Frameworks/NyxAudioAnalysis.framework/Versions/A/NyxAudioAnalysis: mach-o, but wrong architecture

This issue has occurred on both my 2010 iMac (10,1 version) and my 2011 Mac mini.. The prior version if iPhoto worked fine.

So a suggestion, steer clear of 9.4 for the moment.
[Version 9.4]

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BlackMacX replied on 19 Sep 2012
Just a quick update, I had to re-install Mountain Lion from base, 10.8 and then apply the 10.8.2 update from today to get iPhoto to work. Can't say exactly why this had to be; but it was.

That said, iPhoto 9.4 now works.

BlackMacX reviewed on 03 Sep 2012
A good little app, only one feature I would like, being able to pause a recording instead of having to stop and start a new one.

I owned Audio Hijack for years and since it's no longer supported and I can't use it with my Mountain Lion install, I was looking for something (didn't need Audio Hijack Pro (well, I could use it; but for me, the price isn't worth the extra features (most of which I don't need))) of equal audio quality and simple usability. I bought Piezo on a quick review and it's great, except for the lack of a "Pause" button.

Beyond that, I like it a lot and have had no issues with it's output quality, setup or use. For $10, you're getting a great product!
[Version 1.2.1]

BlackMacX had trouble on 28 Oct 2013
This is just a quick comment that others might have experienced as well; I had v4.0.2 installed and when I saw this new version was available (v4.0.5) I tried to update via the internal 1Password update feature. Well, it came back saying that v4.0.2 was the newest version and there wasn't anything newer, though i could see on MU that v4.0.5 was here.

So just a note to users, you may want to (as I did) download the updated version manually and install overtop of your prior version instead of trusting the update feature to do so.
[Version 4.0.5]

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