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Bill Clinton reviewed on 04 Apr 2013
This is one of the most maddening non-Microsoft programs I have ever used. I don't know if they keep changing and removing features or what but for casual use one can easily waste 2-3 hours trying to do the most trivial things and then you mostly just give up. It is one of those programs that looks pretty on the surface but is plagued with bugs and weirdly hard-to-use interface concepts. Plus, I just downloaded a slightly new version and it forgot my log-in information!
[Version 2.7.7]

Bill Clinton commented on 01 Apr 2013
I haven't used this program--it might be wonderful, but I am puzzled by all of the otherwise high-quality plotting programs for the Mac that force you to put your data into ASCII files. This is a big nuisance for technical data which is usually available in binary form, thus requiring a wasteful and potentially error-prone step of conversion. Floating-point binary formats were standardized years ago. Making a program have an option to read binary files is trivial, even allowing the user to specify header bytes and row-column ordering. It just amazes me that this is not included in most plotting programs.
[Version 3.4.3]


Bill Clinton reviewed on 19 Mar 2013
I downloaded the demo from the developer's web site.

Would not open a simple, three-page PDF which opened normally in Skim, Preview, etc.

i opened a much longer PDF but the program pinwheeled a lot, and used 100% of CPU while doing noihing obvious other than consuming 160 MB of RAM.

Not able to test the Microsoft Word export in the demo version. This functionality requires an internet connection so presuambly it uploads the PDF and you download the Word file.

Trying to scroll the found-text list is mostly unresponsive (with a long list) and results in pinwheeling.

Making the program the front app takes about eight seconds before it receives focus, after which it uses 100% CPU for a while. After it does start accepting input, scrolling is sluggish and jerky. Similarly, after switching to another app, it hold focus for about 13 seconds.

It pinwheels when trying to highlight text. It did an unsolicited Save while I was experimenting on a document. This Save locked the program up for four minutes during which the app was unresponsive and expanded RAM to 303 MB and of course taking 100% CPU.

I tried to close the file and after four mintes of pinwheeling and 100% CPU use, I force quit the program.

I really can't comment on whatever it is that this program is supposed to do because it is effectively unusable.

I next did the only logical thing and put the program where it belongs, in the Trash.

I don't know what other disasters this program contains but I'm done wasting my time on it.
[Version 6.0]

Bill Clinton commented on 24 Jul 2012
Too bad it can't handle technical writing. Otherwise, I would be all over this thing.
[Version 2.3.1]


Bill Clinton reviewed on 04 Jun 2009
Opera 10b1 has a lot going for it and it mostly looks like a native Mac app considering the fakery involved. (If Apple changes the widgets, Opera will look wrong.) However, the one big new feature, thumbnail tabs (a feature that OmniWeb has had for many years) is poorly implemented, putting the thumbnails at the top (or bottom) of the scrollable window space. This is a horrible design because it forces the user to see less content and to scroll more. Vertical screen space is more valuable than horizontal screen space because content is made to be scrolled vertically, for pretty much the same reason that newspapers are printed in columns--it makes text easier to read. Opera has an option to put the tabs on the left or right sides of the window but then only the text of the site name is displayed--_no_ thumbnails!

There are lots of other little things that pop up with Opera 10b1 as you use it. But for OS X users, there will be some just for us--no Keychain integration, jerky scrolling, no Control-Command-D functionality, no spell checking in some text boxes (and it uses its own spell checker for what is checked, ignoring all of your customized spellings), and lost formatting of copied text. (All of these complaints and more apply equally to Firefox, BTW.)

All in all, Opera 10 is typical of past Opera browsers and, sadly, typical of cross-platform software generally. Just not up to Mac snuff in polish, and not integrated with the rest of the system.
[Version 10.0b1]

Bill Clinton commented on 20 May 2009
TabletDriver crashed during installation. I don't know if I have crap now or what.
[Version 5.1.1-1]


Bill Clinton reviewed on 07 May 2009
Holy crap--this is way better than it needs to be.
[Version 2.1]

Bill Clinton commented on 30 Apr 2009
Version 5 of LaunchBar is very slow on "only" a 1.5 GHz Powerbook. It takes several seconds for the thing to slide out and several more to recognize typing and then respond.
[Version 5.0rc1]


Bill Clinton reviewed on 29 Apr 2009
Wow. This thing is an unbelievable turd. On the first launch, the wizard screen opens _behind_ a Finder window. After working my way through the wizard, the program hangs and I have to force quit it. On the second launch, I type a half dozen words then try to insert an equation and immediately the program crashes--completely disappears. I can hardly wait to see what the next five minutes brings.

I'm on a one-week old MacBook Pro, so it's hard to believe there's anything wrong with my system.

Just awful.
[Version 3.0.1]

Bill Clinton commented on 08 Apr 2009
Warning! Cross-platform. Java.
[Version 3.4.1]

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