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I've been an Apple user since the Apple ][ and have gone through an Apple //e, //gs, Mac SE/30, Performa, iMac DV SE, and my current PowerMac G5 dual processor machine.

As a registered architect specializing in sustainable design and historic issues, I use my Mac for a number of different tasks - 3D modeling with SketchUp (with TurboSketch plugin) and LiveInterior, graphics work with Canvas, word processing with Mariner's Write and StoryMill (and Calc for spreadsheet work), and a host of other applications for assorted other tasks.

I try to balance the time behind the screen with other interests - gardening, woodworking and metalcrafting, riding my motorcycle, and tinkering with old automobiles and equipment.

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Biker4mac commented on 13 Aug 2011
Seems to only be available through the Mac App store. Only problem is that means no ability to demo before buying. Ok, it is only $3. But I'd be much more inclined to give it a try if I could do so without paying for it.

Used to use Marketplace, but the author no longer supports it.
[Version 1.0.1]

Biker4mac rated on 16 Jun 2011
[Version 1.5.4f6423]

Biker4mac commented on 23 Aug 2010
This has been my favorite browser since switching to OSX many years ago. However, after it became a free program support for it has been dwindling and I've been having to use Safari or other browsers for certain sites. A shame, because OmniWeb still does a number of things I value that no other browser can compare to. Perhaps I'll have to check out more of the plugins for Safari and FireFox to see if I can make one of them behave like OmniWeb enough to switch.
[Version 5.10.1]

Biker4mac commented on 23 Aug 2010
I've been very pleased with Marketplace (see full review below) and continue to use it. But recently craigslist seems to have changed something and I no longer get prices in the results listings - I have to click on a result and then see the price in the listing itself. I haven't received a response from the developer regarding the problem as I have in the past. Not sure if he is no longer supporting this software.

Still better than using the CL website directly, but a shame to see support stopped for this great app.
[Version 1.2.6]


Biker4Mac reviewed on 17 Sep 2009
Some would wonder why they'd want to pay for an application to access a free online service... Generally, for the added value that it provides and the time that it saves.

I used to save my craigslist searches as bookmarks and then open items that I found interesting in new tabs in my browser so that I didn't have to keep bouncing back and forth from the list and the items. Then I'd save items that I was interested in as additional bookmarks. All of this worked to a point, but ended up with a somewhat confusing jumble of bookmarks and the possibility of sometimes missing new items.

Marketplace allows you to save your searches and save items that you are interested in as favorites in a separate list. Three panels across your display show your saved searches and favorites in the first, the list of items in the currently selected search in the second, and a currently selected item in the third. No more jumping back and forth.

Further, after creating a search you can filter those results at any time. There are three different craigslist areas close to me that I search through and a combination of searches for specific words and general category searches that I use. But at any time I can use the "filter" to add specific constraints to my search. This can be especially helpful if I saw something a couple days ago and didn't add it to my favorites at the time but further thought has made me want to check it out again.

Finally, Josh is an incredibly responsive developer. If you e-mail him with a question, possible improvement, or comment he is most often going to reply within 48 hours and usually within 12 hours. When I first started using Marketplace I was impressed, but sent him an e-mail with some ideas of what would make it "perfect" for my use. Within months all of the suggestions that I made were implemented! I have no idea how many other people may have suggested similar improvements to mine, but it shows that Josh responds to his user base.

A clean, simple program that definitely delivers!
[Version 1.1.6]

Biker4Mac commented on 05 Jun 2009
Despite listing the requirements as OS 10.0 and above and universal binary, I cannot get this to work on my dual 2.0Ghz G5 running OSX.5.
[Version 1.0]


Biker4Mac reviewed on 28 Apr 2009
For the simple act this program performs, not only does it perform it well without a clutter of "extra" and unneeded features, but one doesn't realize how useful this simple act can be until they start using Caffeine.

I use my computer off and on throughout the day. So things are set so that if I'm away for more than a few minutes the screensaver clicks on. If I'm away for fifteen to twenty minutes the computer goes to sleep. Based on my work habits, that works well for me.

But getting into the system preferences to deactivate the screen saver and sleep mode if I'm doing something without input for awhile gets to be a pain. And although iTunes deactivates these settings if you're watching a video, watching something online with a browser doesn't have that benefit. South Park online is a guilty pleasure, I must admit.

So Caffeine's little coffee cup sits in my menubar and is very easy to click on when I need it. If only it were that easy to keep myself awake and alert for those late night pushes for a deadline!
[Version 1.0.4]


Biker4Mac reviewed on 17 Mar 2008
I first saw SketchUp at MacWorld NY in 2002 and was immediately taken by it. This was what I wanted 3D to be since first starting to work with integrating architecture and computers! There are more robust programs for CAD and for 3D modeling, but I find nothing easier to use in the design phase - it is like a combination of napkin sketching and clay models. I can very quickly put an idea together and then play with it until I have my thoughts together. I rarely pick up paper and marker anymore to design. Clients also respond very favorably to SketchUp - the ability to quickly see their ideas take shape and look at various possibilities - should this be taller, what if this is smaller...? No, you're not likely to do a full set of construction documents with it, but I have done some small projects that way. And with the TurboSketch plugin you can do some pretty realistic rendering as well.
[Version 6.4.120]


Biker4Mac reviewed on 17 Mar 2008
I've been using OmniWeb ever since I first started with OSX.2 many years ago. Not only does it have the features that I want, but the folks at Omni are very quick to respond to any issues or suggestions. I've watched a couple of my suggestions (granted, probably suggested by hundreds or thousands of others as well) get incorporated into OmniWeb through the years. Glad to see another major update come out with even new features to try out.
[Version 5.7 beta 1]

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