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BigJohnson commented on 17 Apr 2014

On 4/5/14 Koingo said "Future versions will import settings from 3.x.

According to the version changes above, this VERY IMPORTANT issue has NOT been fixed in this "future version."


It's VERY likely you will lose data, especially if you are upgrading from v3.x.
[Version 4.1.2]


BigJohnson reviewed on 14 Apr 2014
Does NOT do what it says, at least not on Images or Shopping pages.

If I run a search for any item then click the Images or Shopping links, the links are obfuscated.

I searched for sunglases, then clicked Images. Instead of the first image directing me to, I get this mess:

Same in the Shopping tab: The link for becomes

Safari 6.1.2 & 6.1.3
OS X 10.7.5
[Version 1.0.4]

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BigJohnson replied on 14 Apr 2014
Crap - I pasted the same link twice. My ⌘ key doesn't always work unless I press it hard, so I didn't copy the 2nd link.

Sure would be nice if MU would allow previewing and editing of reviews!

THIS is what I get for the link:,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.64764171,d.aWc,pv.xjs.s.en_US.PQkb9ew9HrM.O&biw=1916&bih=1068&tch=1&ech=1&psi=jZVMU83-JoXayAG_7oHgDg.1397527950959.3&prds=paur:ClkAsKraX5hBkXbVn-D1VjZGFROYRZhKcK756Xa7rwb5QZaxWyKVQXQXb0H0lBHkdBqE4IGdPeAGbPAl51TKi32VBjHWiMHuAN5v9HJOasBs9UaMwM-szRNoIBIZAFPVH72thiHjD5NYiq-WiDfULSrxz1YlBQ&sa=X&ei=lpVMU-TyII6qyQGcq4GQBw&ved=0CJkBEMATMAA

BigJohnson reviewed on 14 Apr 2014
First of all, there is a Pro version that you can buy, and they want to make sure you don't miss your chance. There is a "Pro Upgrade" button right next to a "More Apps" button at the top of the main stock-watching window.

Note that this is NOT a tool for trading - it is only to keep track of your stocks' gains or losses. There is no info for bid/ask/, opening price etc.

Right off the bat I hit a bug:
When you open the app, you get to a Preferences window. There are 2 checkboxes on top, then another below for enabling Cloud Sync. And there are email and password boxes to fill in if you do enable syncing. That's it - no more options.

I do not want to sync, so I left the box unchecked and hit the Save button. IT DOESN"T SAVE!
Another tiny box pops up that says "Ok," and there's an "OK" button. When I click the button, the small window disappears, but I'm right back at the first window. I tried checking/unchecking the boxes and hitting Save, but it didn't work.

I quit the app and re-opened, and the window didn't appear. But I needed to re-check the 2 top boxes, so I opened the preferences and the same thing happened again!
I discovered that clicking the red "close" button makes it go away, and your prefs are saved anyway.

The stock selection window sucks.
I entered a symbol in the search box and 6 stocks were found. The first time you click one, it turns grey instead of the normal highlight color. Click it again and it is highlighted. Double-click it and the text appears to enter edit mode, but you can't edit it - as soon as you type a character or hit Delete, the text becomes uneditable again. WTF?
Why can't I simply highlight which stock I want, and hit Enter? Or at least double-click it to add it to my list of stocks.

When I want to add another, I hit the "Add Stock" button. Instead of presenting me with a blank search field, the last entry is still there, and the related stocks are still listed below. I've already added that stock to my list, there is absolutely no reason for it to still be in the search window!

I was not allowed to add the Dow Jones Index to my list! It appeared in the search window when I entered "DJI," but when I select it the "Add Stock" button disappears. I can add any of the other 9 entries in the window, just not the Dow. WTF?
I was able to add the NASDAQ no problem.

I should also be able to change the font, because I do not like the one that's there.

I appreciate that this is free, but it seems to be a buggy beta version. It certainly ain't ready for prime time.

OS X 10.7.5
[Version 1.3.1]

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BigJohnson replied on 14 Apr 2014
I should note that the developer's motto is "We Do Apps."

It's not "We Do Apps WELL."

BigJohnson reviewed on 14 Apr 2014
My tabs were constantly jumbled - they kept moving around, never staying where I put them. This happened in both open windows. It was really pissing me off, then I remembered I had installed this extension. I disabled it and it never happened again.
[Version 3.1.2]

BigJohnson commented on 05 Apr 2014
The current screenshot is unrelated to this app.
[Version 0.1.2]

BigJohnson commented on 02 Apr 2014
Could you make me an extension that blocks everything EXCEPT adult content?

All these useless websites are interfering with my uh, um, browsing!
[Version 1.0.0]


BigJohnson reviewed on 31 Mar 2014
Support is appalling!

Took more than a year to get an appropriate answer to my support request. I had run into some FLAC files that Switch could not convert.

The first reply (2-6-13) said "Could you please install the necessary codecs please go to this link download:"

As if I'm supposed to rely on another developer's software to make Switch do its job!

Throughout the next year there were MANY emails sent to Nch.

On 1-22-14 I got this incorrect reply from them:
"WMA codification is proprietary of Microsoft Windows and Switch is not able to convert this type of files, even after installing the respective codecs to have he system be able to reproduce the files Switch wont be able to work with WMA files."

Really? The website says it DOES convert wma!

I emaild replied back for veification and received this answer:
"Yes, WMV and WMA are video and audio (respectively) that are proprietary of Microsoft Windows. Any other unprotected sound format is supported by Switch."

I sent them an angry email, and received this response:
"I apologize, I think my fellow agent might have made an assumption here that isn't true. Switch Mac does indeed support .WMA files as long as they are not copy protected. I've tested this with a number of files from the internet and it worked fine.

As for your file, it does not appear to be copy protected either, so it's not that. It looks like just a bug in the application, there must be some setting or encoding unique to that set of .wma files that is breaking us right now, and I apologize for that. I have opened a bug using your sample file, and if you'd like, I can add you to a watch-list so you can be emailed when a build fixing this is released. At that time if you return to this support ticket and ask for Rob, I'd be happy to give you a free upgrade to that newest version."

Stupid support staff doesn't even know which file types their apps support! This issue wasted a lot of my time, and caused a lot of aggravation.

And to date, they STILL haven't released a bug-fix!
Obviously they aren't too concerned about their software's failings.

FWIW, XLD was also unable to convert those same files. I was able to successfully convert them using iSonics, but it doesn't offer a compression setting, so I don't know which FLAC level it used.
[Version 4.57]

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BigJohnson replied on 04 Apr 2014
I received a reply today from Sonjoy, NCH Customer Service Team.

It says
"This is a known bug at this stage and you are on our watch list so you would be kept informed when we have a fix. Unfortunately there is no ETA on the release with this fix as yet but you would find an email on the release date."

No need to hurry Sonjoy, it's only been about FIFTEEN MONTHS since I first made Nch aware of the issue - who could possibly be expected to fix anything in such a brief period? Obviously not the software wizards in your company.

I am well aware that Nch considers this issue insignificant, my time unimportant and that my continued support is unwanted.

Rest assured I'll never again purchase any Nch crap!

BigJohnson reviewed on 29 Mar 2014
These fools are STILL out to lunch:

The message on the support page now reads "We're currently training new staff! Thanks for your inquiry. We're currently training a new set of support staff and may take some additional time to get back to you."
First they were "on vacation," now they're "training new staff."

I still haven't received replies to my support issues submitted more than two months ago.

And today I sent 2 support requests about the new HORRIBLE interface in v4.1, which looks NOTHING like the previous versions. They sent me an automated email reply for each request asking me to verify my email address. When I click the links, all I get is a page that says "No account was specified to verify."


Today I ran v4.1 for the first time and it wiped out Safari, deleting my sessions and history.
I have the Session Restore extension, but those sessions were wiped too. Obviously v4 doesn't respect the preferences I set in v3, because I had that version set to NOT delete the history or sessions.

It also deleted everything in Transmission's Torrents folder, even though that was not checked in v3. There is no box for Transmissions folder that you can uncheck, so it's impossible to not cleanse it. Now ALL MY TORRENTS ARE GONE! MORONS!
I did manage to get them restarted using the files in the Resume folder.

The new interface SUCKS! It's confusing and difficult to find what you're looking for.

In the advanced cleanse options panel, it says "MacCleanse can clean a number of additional areas on this computer that the QuickScan does not normally cover. Enable them below for a more comprehensive system analysis."

But not only are the advanced items there, ALL the available items are there. And the boxes were ALREADY CHECKED to clean Safari's last session and web history. Under Web Cookies, Safari isn't even listed, so it seems you couldn't cleanse those even if you wanted too. Lots of other browsers are listed, but not Safari.

I used to have all logs checked to cleanse in v3, but they are unchecked in v4 so I had to check 29 boxes.

There's a Miscellaneous section, but there's nothing in it.

Luckily I have a backup from 2 days ago, so I'm able to restore almost everything.
[Version 4.1.1]

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BigJohnson replied on 04 Apr 2014
It was ALREADY "custom configured" in v3 to NOT remove those things! How was I to know I needed to change my prefs after updating? Where do your instructions say that?

Even in the Standard Scan>Quick Scan pane, items that were previously unchecked are now checked. EVERYTHING IS CHECKED, EVERY BOX, including Safari & Firefox web history, Safari last session and Transmission active torrents.


Version 4 Advanced Scan also wiped out my user/downloads folder, which was UNchecked in v3. It contained about 7 GBs, and I recovered most from a backup. Had I been warned that v4 would create an all-new prefs file, I could have diligently gone through the checkboxes. But since I wasn't, I assumed all my prior settings would be honored.

BigJohnson replied on 05 Apr 2014
You call it an "oversight," I call it a major f*ckp, that caused me to lose files and wasted a LOT of my time.

Looks to me like you were too busy concentrating on your fancy new interface, and not on functionality.


And I've now discovered that every time I start the app and run Standard Scan, EVERYTHING is checked again!

Way to go, Koingo!

BigJohnson reviewed on 13 Mar 2014
I like the look of the menu bar graph, but the download total is WAY OFF!
Just in the past week I've downloaded several times what the total shows.

Right now I'm downloading over 500 KB/s, and the graph is fluctuating between 2.7 and 3.4 KB/s. NOT EVEN CLOSE!
[Version 2.1.4]

BigJohnson commented on 08 Feb 2014
Needs improvement, especially more options.

There is no option to set the compression level for FLAC, and that's a huge problem for me, since I always choose level 8 for smallest file size.

I also don't like the selections for choosing the file output location and format: When I set it to "convert to same folder as source," it does not do this properly - it SHOULD place the output files in the source folder, but instead it creates a new folder with the artist's name in the source folder, then a subfolder with the album name, and then finally the output files are placed in that folder.

It's impossible to name tracks as I usually do with other apps: I want the track number followed by a period and a space, then the track name, like this:
1. Name

The closest I can get is one of these formats:
1 - Name

This means I must waste time renaming every track after conversion.

Tracks cannot be added via the context menu. With other apps, I can select some tracks, then right click and choose to open with the app. But nothing happens when I choose to open with iSonics.
Therefore I'm forced to either drag files into iSonics, or use the Add button.

On a positive note, I have a bunch of wma files that XLD and Switch were both unable to convert (Switch's support confirmed there is a bug), but iSonics was able to successfully convert, although not without problems: After successfully converting one or two wma files, I'd delete them from iSonics and drag one or both into iSonics again to test another conversion, but several times I received an error message:
"An exception of class NilObjectException was not handled. The application must shut down."
After re-opening iSonics, I was able to add the files and covert, but then it happened again shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately, I don't know what level of FLAC they were converted to.

There is also no help file or tooltips, and those would be very helpful because this app has options I haven't seen before, such as FLAC options "LPC algorithm" and "search method."
Although there's no explanation for how the Merge feature is supposed to work, it was easy to figure out, and worked flawlessly on the two wma files I merged to one FLAC file as a test.
[Version 1.5.3]

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