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Big77 commented on 13 Nov 2013
MacUpdate, by basing your "not recommend" rating on your personal feelings rather than on software functionality you are not hurting Koingo as much as you are hurting your customers and your own reputation. Now that MacUpdate admits to altering reviews how can you be trusted?
[Version 4.0.7]

Big77 commented on 28 Oct 2013
Agreed, the ads are a really bad idea. Please just let us pay a few bucks for the damn thing and stop the silliness with amazon referrals and ads.
[Version 1.0.41]


Big77 reviewed on 12 Jun 2013
If you just want basic font management and don't need the new features promised in version 4 then sticking with version 3 is probably not a mistake V3 still works fine. Version 4 does add some nice things though, like some web font previewing. Release notes claim easy web preview which sounds great but I haven't figured it out yet -- sorry, perhaps it's not all that easy or I'm not that smart or both, but clearly I need to explore a bit more and there's a lot to explore.

Note the new pricing: it's only a $39 upgrade from V2 or 3 and only $89 for a first-time license.
[Version 4.0]


Big77 reviewed on 24 Mar 2013
Don't get too excited about the PDF to Word conversion. When you convert your data is uploaded to which converts in the cloud. You're then asked to save the result. If you really want to do this, you can do it now for free via the NuancePDF reader app. But you might not want to bother -- in my limited testing the conversion was quite poor.

The UI changed quite a bit in PDFpen 6. I found that quite confusing but I suppose I'll get used to it.

So far I see no compelling reason to upgrade though the price is good while on special in case you want to stay current. Also note you'll have to buy the Mac Apple Store version if you want to save documents via iCloud (due to Apple restrictions).
[Version 6.0]


Big77 reviewed on 09 Feb 2013
Generally works well -- their servers are decent. Some sites block them but that's the case with most proxy/VPN servers. Biggest bug is that sometimes the VPN connection drops but NetShade gives no indication that's happened so you blindly continue thinking you are protected when you are not. You need to monitor the system console and/or your IP address to be sure it doesn't happen to you.

Also note VPN for iOS does not work yet even though they're website claims "late 2011 or early 2012." That, and the fact the mac program hasn't been updated in quite some time worries me.
[Version 5.2]


Big77 reviewed on 01 Dec 2012
Very nice, easy to use, low-overhead drawing program with a good bunch of features. Notably it continues to be updated and improved.

It does some pretty neat stuff for an app this inexpensive, like applying crazy styles to text. Handles layers just fine and has the typical vector object manipulation tools. I really like this app and I'm watching its progress with interest.
[Version 1.7]


Big77 reviewed on 17 Jul 2012
I know this probably won't be a popular opinion, but Organizer has been working pretty well for me lately. I've given it some rather poor reviews in the past and I still say it's not quite "there" yet, but it does sync well now, allows easy use of many different accounts, is reasonably fast and certainly has a better interface than Lion's address book. The "Check for duplicates" function is great and saved the day many times when Apple's syncing screwed up.

I still have problems with sizes of blocks in contact cards and with funky font display there too. Trashing preferences helped once though that's a pain to do.

Anyhow, no harm in giving it a try since there is a free trial. It's expensive, so that's the least they can do.
[Version 9.2.8]


Big77 reviewed on 12 May 2012
Used to love the app, but when I upgraded from vers 1.5 to 2 (and 2.10) it crashes upon launch on 10.6.8. Tried running in 32 bit mode, tried deleting old database and prefs, still crashes so early on launch new prefs aren't even created. No sure how to let the author know there might be a problem since he is from the Ukraine, the site is not in English and I don't speak Ukrainian, but apparently he reads these reviews.

Anyhow, not to complain about a useful free app, but suggest backing up your old version before upgrading if you're running a configuration similar to mine -- just in case!
[Version 2.1.0]


Big77 reviewed on 07 Apr 2012
A few people commented about the long time it takes to update the 2011 version. While that's true, it's really a GOOD thing for people with slow connections. The updates themselves are tiny now -- MUCH smaller than previous downloads. In spite of misleading progress messages most of the time now is spent applying the updates. In other words, these are delta updates which when have to be woven in to the existing code, which takes a while.

I agree with many others -- I think the program gets better every year. Yeah, there are annoyances such as occasionally having to answer stuff you've already answered and the early versions (i.e December and January) have some unforgivable bugs but I think these are outweighed by the thoroughness of the program. I just wish they add the full feature set of the windows versions to the mac versions.
[Version 2011.r15.011]

Big77 commented on 14 Nov 2011
Price is 99 cents -- not free as mentioned here.
[Version 1.0]

Big77 had trouble on 08 Oct 2013
I'm running version 1.0. A check for updates says 1.0 is the latest release. Meanwhile I just downloaded and installed 1.02. Moral: don't trust the "Check for updates" function!
[Version 1.0.2]

Big77 had trouble on 06 Oct 2013
MU download link incorrect. Current download (Oct 2013) is
[Version 3.3.1]

Big77 had trouble on 31 Jul 2011
iWOW 3.2 is out. You can download it here:

itunes 10.4 initially broke iWOW. 3.2 works fine on iTunes 10.4 on Snow Leopard. Haven't tried it on Lion.
[Version 3.1.1]

Big77 had trouble on 22 Feb 2011
Note about updates: Checking for updates is broken. It will tell you there are no updates when there really are. The only way I know to get the updates is to download the free trial, which is the full program. It will ask for a name and e-mail address but they are not verified -- I just give as my e-mail address :-)

And don't believe their release notes either -- there are lots of versions and changes not listed there.

Also, if you are getting an error on your console about an invalid iWow plugin in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL then delete the iWow.plugin that's there, then run the latest iWow installer.

Yes, they are sloppy, sloppy sloppy. But the program does work. Eventually.
[Version 3.1.1]

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