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Big-Mac-XXL reviewed on 25 Jan 2014
Only one big complaint. Every time I change a font in my OSX's fonts folder Mplayer OSX Ext. blocks at launch with this dumb message: "Fontconfig needs to update its font cache. This can take up to a couple of minutes." This is massively annoying. No other program does this: VLC, MPlayerX, Movist, QuickTimePlayer, RealPlayer ...
[Version rev15]


Big-Mac-XXL reviewed on 30 Dec 2013
Yesterday someone accidentally deleted all my photos and videos on my camera SD card. Since some Canon cameras cannot used on a Mac as a drive or volume I bought a card reader, plugged it into my MacBook and started Deep Scan. It recovered all my films and pictures and even many I deleted months ago. The program did the job perfectly. I highly recommend Data Rescue!
[Version 3.2.2]


Big-Mac-XXL reviewed on 11 Dec 2013
Excellent tool. Version 2 was somewhat limited. Doing several steps on a file was only possible by crude hand coding. Version 3 allows simply several steps on a file with a nice GUI. v3 is muuuuch faster and much more reliable. Sometimes v2 did not convert all selected files for some odd reason (maybe a Finder bug?). But v3 runs perfectly. I love it! Especially the speed is light-years better. I don't know how they did this. The Finder is slow and clumsy when renaming files (and was with NM v2), but NM v3 now changes file names instantly no matter how many.

I'm running NM 3.2.1 on OSX 10.6.8. Macupdate says requirements for NM 3.3 is OSX 10.6, but the developer website says 10.7! Also the Macupdate screenshot shows the old NM v2 instead of the fundamentally changed GUI of NM v3.
[Version 3.3]


Big-Mac-XXL reviewed on 10 Dec 2013
I hope the VLC team will continue to support 10.6.8 for a while.
[Version 2.1.2]


Big-Mac-XXL reviewed on 09 Dec 2013
Sure, there is Sublime Text 2, which is a totally new generation of text editors. But since I'm on a Mac (that's 20 years) I have always used BBEdit and BBEdit Lite (what is now the free and mighty good TextWrangler). It would be a bad advice for Bare Bones to change BBEdit radically. I like the slow and steady evolution. And BBEdit is a cosmic constant in a software universe of a lot of meteors. Like the very nice TextMate: the author cashed in a lot of money for his program (no envy, just a fact), and now programmers are waiting since ages for TextMate 2.0.
[Version 10.5.6]

Big-Mac-XXL commented on 09 Oct 2013
I'm still working with an very old wysiwyg web development program which I'm ashamed to name here. I tried to like Coda since version 1, but it fails me every time. I looks nice, modern, has a nice set of tools. But there are two things I miss. That is a split-window view that shows me immediately the result in my web page when I change the code. I don't like to switch every time between two views. But the most annoying is that Coda 2 forgets all my open html pages after a restart and I can't immediately continue my work. It opens a useless small and grey page offering me to start a "site", but this site can only be on-line, not only a bunch of html files on my hard-drive which I want to manually change. Coda might be a good choice for people who change their files directly on a server. But for us old-schoolers, who work on the Mac and upload later, Coda still fails.
[Version 2.0.11]

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Big-Mac-XXL replied on 31 Oct 2013
Thanks for the hints! :)
Big-Mac-XXL commented on 26 Sep 2013
I would be very glad if the normal window resizing would come back. Small videos now get this fat black spaces left and right, because it is not possible to resize the width of the window anymore. Really bad. VLC 2.1.0 on OSX 10.6.8. I also got the impression of tiny video stalls every few seconds. And it seems VLC is using with this new version much more CPU power. VLC 2.0.8 (intel, 64 bit) had not this behavior. I have got enough RAM and I deleted all the VLC preferences of course.
[Version 2.1.0]

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Big-Mac-XXL replied on 26 Sep 2013
Could there not be the option to turn this media library within VLC completely off? Everytime I start a video it shows up for a short moment since 2.1.0. That is disturbing. And I think this media library is the cause for those big black spaces right and left of small videos, because in the back the media library is not going away.

Big-Mac-XXL reviewed on 12 Sep 2013
Thanks for all the efforts that went in coding this great planetarium software! I love it. No complaints. I'm using it with awe! The cosmos is such a beautiful creation!
[Version 0.12.2]


Big-Mac-XXL reviewed on 01 Sep 2013
LO 4.1.1 runs much faster and opens documents much faster than 4.0.4 on my 10.6.8 Intel. Some dialogs are now Mac-native (Look'n'Feel). Otherwise I only noticed the program is 40 MB bigger. Runs stable as a rock. No crashes here. I actually deleted MS Office 2004 and 2008 a while ago. LibreOffice replaced them and I miss nothing. I hope they sort out more bugs, annoyances and add a smoother and more logical user experience. It is still hard and complicated to use.

Big-Mac-XXL commented on 30 Jul 2013
Great software, but one big bug still bugs me. Set VLC to repeat one file, while it plays, rename the file. After the end of the file VLC will try to play the file again, doesn't find it and puts out an endless stream of error messages. It is impossible to quit VLC then. VLC needs to be shot down.
[Version 2.0.8]

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