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BiTurbo27t commented on 19 Dec 2007
This is a fantastic program, but I too have to agree that the the price is way too steep. I like the idea of maybe a light version without Flash exporting as someone else mentioned to get the price down to maybe $15-20. I'd go for it at that price point.

When you can get iLife (6 fantastic programs) for only $15 more than this, you're left scratching your head. Tuff one to justify.
[Version 2.2.1]

BiTurbo27t commented on 04 Nov 2007
Thanks for adding multiple monitor support, as well as a few options. I'm enjoying seeing this saver "grow" and mature, and appreciate the developer's continual enhancements and improvements. Some color options next would be great!

I've not tried this yet on my 30" dual screen setup yet, so can't report on multiple monitor performance, but it's a beautiful saver!

Thank you and keep up the great work!
[Version 1.4]

BiTurbo27t commented on 22 Oct 2007
Great to see some more competition in this type of utility. Love the ability to visually show when mouse clicks are made. Would like some additional "effects" for this, as well as an option to automatically insert in the audio a mouse "click" sound. Price is a bit steep compared to other similar utilities, but I'd say this is a nice little screen capture app that I'll be keeping an eye on.
[Version 1.0]

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BiTurbo27t replied on 23 Oct 2007
Snapz Pro X (which I own) does twice as much ;)

BiTurbo27t replied on 24 Oct 2007
In particular, I was comparing to iShowU and Snapz Pro X. iShowU is 67% the cost of Screencast, and Snapz does screen captures as well as movies. In addition, both have been around for quite a while, and are mature and stable. It's just my opinion that a v1.0 product that provides little more functionality than say iShowU, doesn't justify a 33% premium. Again, I'm excited to see another app in this space, but don't see at this stage of the app, the value of it at that price. As it matures, I might change my mind. Not dissing the program at all, just the pricing. ;)
BiTurbo27t commented on 22 Oct 2007
I'm surprised to see that this has such a high rating when it doesn't include an option to indicate mouse clicks visually and audibly. Screencast looks intriguing and is on the right path though with some of this functionality. Good to have some competition in this type of utility which I feel is pretty scarce.
[Version 1.47]


BiTurbo27t reviewed on 19 Sep 2007
Great little program to quickly get the job done. Much faster and easier than iPhoto or others to make a few adjustments and save or email out.

Thank you!!
[Version 2.1]

BiTurbo27t tipped on 04 Sep 2007
I've got to agree with ANTONIONG. I bought this, because I LOVED it, but then started having problems with APE and disabled it. I'm hoping that the developer either figures out a different way to implement this, or Apple adds this functionality in Leopard.

I'm out $19, but no big deal. I may try it again later on my MB Pro which isn't my production Mac. But for me a stable machine is more important than some eye candy and neat tricks ;)
[Version 2.7.1]

BiTurbo27t commented on 20 Mar 2007
I agree with the other posts regarding pricing. I was excited to see this when it was in beta, but $65 for a full license? What are they smoking? That's half the price of a full OS!!!

IMHO this thing is worth $15...maybe.

Good luck guys. Someone else is going to come along and provide this functionality for a reasonable price and eat your lunch.
[Version 1.0.1]

BiTurbo27t commented on 26 Feb 2007
Here's how it goes:

Group of Mac guys develops a great little Mac app. Group sees App grow and continues to improve it. Program is pretty good.

Group decides to dip toes into Windows market. Boosts price. Sells out to MS.

Mac users flee to other better, more capable programs for similiar price.

MS kills Mac port. Group disbands and retires from sale of App to MS, or starts new project.

Wash, rinse, repeat.
[Version 3.1.3]


BiTurbo27t reviewed on 17 Feb 2007
I've used or tried nearly every backup program out there for the Mac. Used Retrospect for years until it started corrupting my drives causing major data loss and headache (and I still don't think it's a uiversal app. yet).

For lightweight backups, Deja Vu is very good, but for more complicated backups, Sync Pro X has been fantastic. There were some glitches with 5.0.5 that caused my license to fail, but the developer was very responsive in fixing my issue and even sent me a beta of 5.06 to use until the final version was released. For about 8 months of useage now, it's worked like a charm. Bootable clones are perfect. Backups over the network (even when users are not logged in) works perfect. Overall, it's been well worth the $100 to protect my data and keep my laptop and desktop synced up.

My only complaint is the interface, hence the 4 star rating. I dislike that each plan lives in it's own window. A consolidated interface like most of the other utilities out there would be very welcome. If developers would just take advantage of and implement more often the GUI guidelines and abilities OS X offers, users would have a much better experience. So while the guts of this program are solid, useability and intuiteveness could be much better. That's a minor gripe though for a program that has been rock solid and delivers what it promises day in and day out. Of course, if you've got to backup to tape, you're probably stuck with Retrospect :-P

Highly recommended!
[Version 5.0.6]

BiTurbo27t had trouble on 26 Oct 2007
Just downloaded v 5.1. Crashes immediately under OS 10.4. Reverting back to 5.0.7 works fine. I haven't loaded Leopard yet, but will try this version again when I do, even though the description says that 5.1 is still compatible with 10.3-10.4.

I'd recommend holding off on this one unless you're ready to do some troubleshooting.
[Version 5.1]

BiTurbo27t had trouble on 05 Feb 2007
I'd pass on v 5.0.5. Seems to be a problem with registration, at least on my machine. 5.0.4 (which I thankfully kept, still works fine. Though I have been plagued by the volumes not un mounting issue.

Also, weird display problems when the help/registration window is opened.

Best to pass on this one.
[Version 5.0.5]

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