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Bezierboy commented on 05 Feb 2013
January 20th 2013 - qBittorrent v3.0.8 release
[Version 2.9.10]

Bezierboy commented on 31 Jan 2013
What's New in Version 1.1.2

After the epic Battle of Hoth, the Rebel Birds have barely escaped the ice planet with the Pigtroopers in close pursuit! There's an asteroid field close by that could provide some cover... but watch out, there's more to it than meets the eye!

Make your way through 20 nail-biting levels!

Discover 2 new bonus levels!

Watch out for mynock pigs in the belly of the asteroid!

Make a daring escape in an epic moving boss fight!
[Version 1.1.0]


Bezierboy reviewed on 24 Jan 2013
This is the 1993 SimCity 2000, running as a DOS program in an emulator, as a lot of GOG programs do. I was expecting a rewritten Mac OS X version of it (I used to run it in Mac OS 7.5 I believe), but it runs fine. The graphics are a bit crude-looking, but that's how it looked in DOS (it seemed to look better under the Mac OS.)

Note: this is now $5.99, not $2.99 as I expected. I paid anyway as SimCity 4 won't run under 10.8 (or probably 10.7 for that matter.)
[Version 1.0]

Bezierboy commented on 22 Dec 2012
Version 0.9.1 is out. Available at
[Version 0.7.5]

Bezierboy commented on 22 Dec 2012
You can still run this on an Intel Mac in Mountain Lion. However, it's pretty old and a lot of websites don't work or look skewed (YouTube, I was trying to get nostalgia, but the interface is pretty Mac OS X. I think I'll find a way to run OS 9 under SheepSaver or get an old Mac to run.


Bezierboy reviewed on 12 Dec 2012
Wow. Version 0.8 is huge, with installments like story mode and many, many addons like new/add-on characters, and a huge number of add-on races and arenas.

They aren't lying, the AI is better and the cars handle better. This is one really good game for totally free. Reminds me of something on a console system, a good one.
[Version 0.8]


Bezierboy reviewed on 11 Nov 2012
I prefer this to Gruml (locks up after running a while—still in beta) and any other RSS reader. Smooth interface, nice text, feels like a 10.7/10.8 program like something that could run on iOS.
[Version 2.02]

Bezierboy commented on 17 Oct 2012
Not compatible with 10.7 Lion or 10.8 Mountain Lion as it's not Universal. No update seems to be coming. There is, however, an iOS version. Makes me wish I had an iPad or at least an iPhone—have to buy an iPhone soon to upgrade my cellphone!
[Version 2.2.1]

Bezierboy commented on 06 Sep 2012
Blocks sites in Safari. Does not block anything in Firefox.
[Version 1.0]

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Bezierboy replied on 06 Sep 2012
Oops. From their website:

Attention: when using Firefox, please use "Block websites by title" option only - blocking by URLs is not currently possible with Firefox.

Bezierboy reviewed on 28 Jun 2012
Once again this recovers from a problem with TV Rage going offline providing information to it for a few days. This time it fixed itself. Annoying, but gratifying to fix itself without a new version.

I like it a lot and can list all the shows I watch in order with list times for new episodes. That's all I'm looking for, not more information about the shows. You can get that by clicking on the show and going through to TV Rage.

I'm sure this is very popular on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. I give it four stars on Mac. Hey, it's free and works 99.9% of the time.
[Version 2.4.3]

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Bezierboy replied on 02 Aug 2012
Update: not running under 10.8 Mountain Lion. The author is aware of this problem and presumably will come out with a fixed version fairly soon.

Bezierboy replied on 22 Jan 2013
No fix, now abandonware, see above comments.
Bezierboy had trouble on 03 Sep 2012
I like Gruml a lot, but it seems to lock up when left running for more than an hour or so at a time. I know it's a beta, but this is a pain.

I am on Mountain Lion 8.0.1 on a MacBook Pro.
[Version 1.2]

Bezierboy had trouble on 02 Aug 2012
Not running under 10.8 Mountain Lion. The author is aware of this problem and presumably will come out with a fixed version fairly soon.
[Version 2.4.3]

Bezierboy had trouble on 21 May 2011
If you are having trouble with version 2.06 being crashy, try the nightly builds of 2.10 at

Note: I don't recommend the use of nightlies (i.e. Alpha) software unless you HAVE to. Sure wish 2.10 would hit Beta soon though. I keep upgrading the nightlies: some fix bugs, some crash on launch.
[Version 2.0.6]

Bezierboy had trouble on 16 Nov 2010
Download site overwhelmed? Try

This is from that "other" Mac software update site, not the developer at

Someone else needs to mirror this.
[Version 0.69]

Bezierboy had trouble on 14 Jan 2010
I just upgraded from 10.5.8 Leopard to 10.6.2 Snow Leopard. FrostWire 4.18.6 crashes with some sort of Java error on 10.5.8 but runs on 10.6.2 fine. Obviously, these folks aren't testing their software on 10.5 Leopard systems any more.
[Version 4.18.6]

Bezierboy had trouble on 08 Nov 2009
Will not run on my 10.5.8 MacBook. Deleted prefs, ran in 32 bit mode, put in Applications folder, still locks up on launch.

Anyone else? Any reports from 10.6 users?
[Version 4.18.4]

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Bezierboy commented on 09 Nov 2009
Working now. Just redownload fixed version. Thanks to developer for quick fix.
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