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Benr reviewed on 02 Mar 2011
Willing to hand over ten dollars to see where the developer can take this. Beautiful work so far. (Would like to see larger image canvas options, seems limited to 1920x1080 currently.)
[Version 1.0]

Benr commented on 18 Nov 2010
$39 for what, exactly? Click through to the developer site for the real costs and then stay away.

I purchased Boomerang a few years ago for the flat price of $179. It did a reasonable job on the recovery I needed, and I was happy enough with the purchase.

They subsequently moved to a "per-use" policy, and de-activated, or "banned" my serial number without warning or explanation. My $179 purchase is now useless unless I buy more "quota" from them.

They also have a regular habit of signing up as new users and posting 5-star reviews on this and other software review sites (many of which the MacUpdate staff took down upon notification). Look closer at the real user reviews and you'll find they are universally 1-star and "stay away".

In short: stay away.
[Version 2.1.11]

Benr commented on 25 Sep 2009
The company proudly tweeted a few weeks ago, "We now have more applications in active development than you can shake a stick at, including *3* iPhone apps".

It shows.

They should really consider whether they want more mediocre apps "than you can shake a stick at", or fewer polished, bug-free, best-in-class apps.

I own several Mariner programs, and I'm increasingly disappointed in their attitude.
[Version 1.0.1]

benr commented on 29 Jul 2009
Is this release directly from the transcoder-redux project at Github, or is it a fork of that project? Is the source of this version available?
[Version 1.2]


benr reviewed on 19 Jan 2009
Further to my earlier complaint about the developer's shift from conventional sales to per-use fee, they recently sent me an email claiming that they had, "detected that you are using Boomerang for commercial use". I was doing no such thing - I'm a perfectly regular user.

When I logged into the user area of their site, I found that they had BANNED my license code.

I paid $179 for THAT?

I'd like to know (quite seriously) if anyone has any suggestions of how to go about seeking a refund - I can't believe there's a legal precedent for the way they're behaving. I paid (handsomely) for the software, and now I can't use it AT ALL unless I pay more.

Truly shocking.
[Version 2.1.1]

benr commented on 12 Nov 2008
At the time of our original purchase, this was an expensive ($179.95), but worthwhile investment. We needed to recover a failing 500GB drive, and did so. So, thanks Boomerang.

Now they have moved to an annual ("Pro") or per GB ("Home") pricing scheme. Recovering that same drive today would cost us $279, and still require us to pay again next time.

I don't care what the developer says about "being around in 10 years", this is extortion, pure and simple. People who need data recovery are naturally upset and panicked, and likely to pay the absurd price without proper consideration.

A tool like Boomerang should provide individual-users a fair level of service for a fair one-off investment (price). Upgrade pricing is of course fair, and I understand a "pro" pricing scheme for for-profit users, but charging home users for recovery "quota" is offensive - particularly given the size of contemporary hard-drives.

I'll be looking to other tools in the future.
[Version 2.1.1]


benr reviewed on 07 Oct 2008
I think this has to be a joke. Automatic update checking and - stop the press! - a preferences window as key features! Twenty bucks for someone's first half-day experiment with Xcode. Good grief.
[Version 1.0]


benr reviewed on 20 Sep 2008
I wish it could replace Speed Download, but so far it just can't. My specific irritation is the lack of a bandwidth throttle. SD lets me keep browsing while downloading by reducing its download speed, Leech just sucks it all up!
[Version 1.1.4]

benr tipped on 29 May 2008
Photoshop users be warned. With 10.5.3 installed, saving files over the network WILL corrupt them unrecoverably.

Adobe has long warned that opening and opening and saving files on network volumes (as opposed to drag-copying, editing locally, and drag-copying back) is unsupported and not recommended. With 10.5.3, file corruption is guaranteed. BE WARNED!
[Version 10.5.3]

benr commented on 14 Jan 2008
So here we are, a year on, and nothing. The developer's site still claims: "There are some amazing things in the works for Disco". When? 2009? The twenty-teens?

Disco was billed as the future of disk burning on OS X, and I was happy to see Toast get some featherweight competition. Sadly, it seems the developers were happy to take the money and run.

Call me naive, but when I buy a 1.0 app with this much hype around it, it's for what it implicitly promises to do in the future as much as what it does now.

Can we ever expect to see this app updated, or is it just going to wither and die?
[Version 1.0.2]

benr had trouble on 04 Nov 2007
10.0.1 (on Leopard, installed as Input Manager) breaks Safari's Downloads window. Tested on a G5 dual and a PowerBook 12". Anyone else seeing this?
[Version 10.0.1]

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