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Benbehr reviewed on 04 Dec 2013
I have been evaluating Pagico for two weeks now and ended up buying the software (single seat for now). I was willing to spend the money since I believe that the Pagico has great potential.

For now I feel that the software can facilitate your project planing but there are still many things that could be improved.

- The support was (in my case) rather fast. I got an answer to all my questions within 12 hours or less. (Abstract of the Q&A below)
- There is a great visualisation of your tasks ahead.
- You can view all tasks (that are located in the same database) at once. Giving you a good idea of free time slots.
- The Link future has great potential. I will use it with all my projects as it is a great tool to link subtasks to there parents.
- The Interface is nicely done. It is well structured and displays relevant information.

- Workspace: iOS App requieres use of "workspace" on Pagico servers. The information stored on these servers is accessible to Pagico (e.g. no encryption of data). This is a big drawback from my point of view as I can not use Pagico for sensible projects. Between desktop versions it is possible to sync databases between computers by alternative means (Cloud storage, self hosted server, etc). Even if this poses additional risks to the database integrity this option would be preferred by me as I could encrypt the transferred data.
- Interface (Modern UI): The interface is (at first glance) brilliant. Working with the interface can however be tedious.
> The clean interface hides nearly all buttons. While moving the mouse through a project the continuos appearance and disappearance of buttons is quite annoying.
> Hitting the right button is not always easy as they will only appear once you are close to there location. Necessary corrections using time.
> The interface is not always clear as to where you are editing information.
> When creating a new "List" it is only possible to give it a name after at least two tasks have been defined. I assume this is done since single tasks don't require a list title. I would however prefer that the list title is the first thing I enter and is turned into a single task if no list content (tasks) are defined. The way it is right now I always have to get back to the top of a list before I can continue to create the next.
- There are additional critics I still have but I would like to look into them a little bit longer before I continue here.

Q&A with support (abstract)
Q: Do you have access to my workspace?
A: We can see all the server-side sync logs for troubleshooting purposes. [...]

When you use the workspace service, a copy of your shared data will be stored on our server. But we have no intention to access it. If it’s necessary for a troubleshooting attempt, we’ll let you (workspace owner) know and obtain a written permission before we access your data (join your workspace).

Q: If you have access, what can you see?
A: [...] Technically speaking, your shared data stored on our server is accessible to us. This includes the content of your workspace and attached files. [...]

Q: Do I have to use your workspace if I want to use your iOS app?
A: The workspace sync functionality was designed and developed specifically for Pagico. It’s not just a file sharing service, and Pagico requires a lot more than a file sharing system to effectively sync data across your devices. This is why the Pagico Plus for iOS requires the workspace functionality to sync data.

We currently have no plan to support 3rd party sync services such as dropbox, because of the different needs / functionalities Pagico has. [...}
[Version 6.4.1522]

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Benbehr replied on 04 Dec 2013
I have just been made aware that the files stored in the pagico cloud are indeed encrypted. I will edit (if I can figure out how to) my original review to clarify this part asap.

Benbehr reviewed on 29 Oct 2013
In the past I have gotten to like ripit a lot. I have used it to great success to rip most of my old DVD (maybe 2% fails) but recently ripit seems to fail every time.

Since there haven't been any updates I am wondering if development of the software has been stopped all together.

As it is I can not suggest anyone to by this software anymore.
[Version 1.6.6]

Benbehr commented on 25 Mar 2013
I have bought Parallels Desktop 8 to run Windows 8 on it (as advertised). The installation however fails if I use a Win8 image I got through msdn.
The only thing I could find about this from parallels is this:

Well, for starters I don't even have the described option when I start parallels -> new.

Installing a system on VMWare just seams to be 99.9% simpler.
[Version 8.0.18354]

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Benbehr replied on 04 Apr 2013
I have been on vacation these last few days during eastern. Thanks for all the replies and I will look at them asap. But I have also got a new computer so it will take a bit.

Benbehr reviewed on 08 Dec 2012
On occasion I have been able to bypass the lockout simply with cmd + q. So in short the software is not doing what it is supposed to do. Hence only one star.
[Version 1.9]

Benbehr had trouble on 06 Nov 2013
Since I updated to the current version (2.6.6) I have the problem that TeXstudio keeps jumping back to the top of the document.

Is that a known issue?
Is there a quick fix for the problem?
[Version 2.6.6]

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Benbehr replied on 06 Nov 2013
I do not have this issue with version 2.6.4. - So using that helped for now.

Benbehr replied on 06 Nov 2013
Oh, and FYI I am using Mac OS 10.9 on a MacBook Air (Build 13A603)
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