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Ben-Marko reviewed on 04 Mar 2014
Huge improvement to this app with SpamSieve, Dropbox, and Evernote integration. Macworld gave it only 3 stars, I think that is really unfair. Airmail has come a long way since it started, and the developer has been very responsive to requests. It is a superior alternative to Apple Mail.
[Version 1.3.2]


Ben-Marko reviewed on 27 Feb 2014
Except for some very, very minor quirks, this does exactly what it advertises. Definite recommend.
[Version 1.4.8]


Ben-Marko reviewed on 31 May 2013
Pretty poor customer support. Tried multiple times to get this to work since upgrading to Mountain Lion. Doesn't seem to want to work at all. Cannot recommend, for despite repeated attempts to reach Epson support, they do not respond. Go with another brand.
[Version 3.8.0]


Ben-Marko reviewed on 09 May 2013
I've used this in the past, and it is a very good way to remotely access your Mac. But I've switched to using Spotdox, I only need folder access myself, the screen view isn't really necessary.
[Version 6.1.5]


Ben-Marko reviewed on 02 May 2013
This is an awesome application for the money. For only 3 dollars and a free Dropbox account, you get what other applications cost five or six times as much to provide (or more, as some are subscription-based).

Some features that would be nice is better security and an iOS version. Dropbox is protected by a sole password, not the best security at all. If Spotdox offered encryption for files being transferred it would be better. And being able to access files through my iPad would be great as well.
[Version 1.0.6]

Ben-Marko commented on 18 Apr 2013
$40 seems a bit pricey for something you'll probably only use every once in a while. If it was $20 I'd spring for it.
[Version 2.0.2]

Ben-Marko commented on 11 Apr 2013
Nice! This will compliment BBEdit for me nicely.
[Version 1.3.1]


Ben-Marko reviewed on 31 Mar 2013
With the new version, it still is a very stable and powerful application. Why more developers don't try to create an all-in-one Internet application is beyond me.

And rather than open a new window for viewing Mail & Newsgroups separately, how about allowing to open different functions like that in a tab? Just one window for all features, with separate tabs.

But still to this day, you cannot get blocking abilities incorporated completely. Just AdBlock, really. It would be nice to get DoNotTrackMe to work with it, or even GlimmerBlocker. But no, so I won't use it.
[Version 2.17]


Ben-Marko reviewed on 19 Mar 2013
Overall a solid application, but previous comment had a good point. This costs money, and the free Calibre also converts other formats - such as .chm files! A huge boon to me, since I work in IT and I frequently convert .chm files to .pdf for outside-app viewing on other operating systems.

This has a distinct advatnage over Calibre, however - it is much easier to use. Calibre has a bit of a learning curve, since it is very easy to screw up formatting unless you know how to properly tweak the settings.


Ben-Marko reviewed on 23 Feb 2013
Good solid app - but it would be awesome if it had more skins.
[Version 2.1.5]

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Ben-Marko replied on 31 Mar 2013
Opinion changed! I'll give it one star now, after WeatherSnoop stopped working two weeks ago. It no longer talks to my Ambient Weather 1090, and I have tried repeatedly to reach them, with no response. I can't even get their help forum to allow me to sign in, that seems to no longer work (as well as the password reset feature).
Ben-Marko had trouble on 12 Mar 2014
TotalFinder seems to be running slower and slower each time it starts up. I clocked it at 3 minutes, 17 seconds after the Finder itself had completed loading, as well as all associated menubar items. Not sure why, I hope future updates fix this.
[Version 1.5.22]

Ben-Marko had trouble on 16 Mar 2013
Will newly-aquired Mailbox incorporate iCloud e-mail support? Right now it says it will only support Gmail. With Dropbox's acquisition of Mailbox, it would be nice to have an all-inclusive mail app that you could display all mail accounts in.

There doesn't seem to be a link on Dropbox's site for submitting these questions. Not even a help line e-mail...
[Version 2.0.0]

Ben-Marko had trouble on 09 Mar 2013
The help dialog box says to just drag a template out to your Finder. But when I try this, I get a circle with a line through it (it can't complete the action). Help!
[Version 1.0]

Ben-Marko had trouble on 21 Jul 2012
Now seems to be broken. Mail gives an incompatible plug-in error on launch and disables it.
[Version 0.24b9]

Ben-Marko had trouble on 03 Jan 2012
I just downloaded and installed version 1.5.0b4, it is still broken.

Can the developer tell us what they would like to see as far as feedback to help fix bugs? Or are there any log files or the like we can send to help speed development?
[Version 1.4.16]

Ben-Marko had trouble on 27 Dec 2011
The 1Password Safari plugin has stopped working completely for me. I have been in contact with the developer, but they haven't been much help. Their e-mails have pretty much stopped.

I'm off to another app that can manage my passwords. What a waste of 50 bucks.
[Version 3.8.12]

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Ben-Marko replied on 02 Jul 2012
The problem is that even though I have a separate licnese on my MBP, the problem replicates itself there as well. Have there been any other issues like this reported?
Ben-Marko had trouble on 23 Dec 2011
Yes, my Glimmer Blocker seems to be broken completely. When I check the preference pane, it tells me it is activated, but it doesn't block anything anymore - pretty disappointing since when it did work, it was hands-down the best ad blocker out there.

Please fix it!
[Version 1.4.16]

Ben-Marko had trouble on 23 Jan 2011
Still having trouble...GlimmerBlocker now is not working at all. I reinstalled (using the uninstaller), then restarted my MBP. Nothing seems to work, I hope that this is fixed soon. Was awesome while it did work.
[Version 1.4.9]

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Ben-Marko replied on 26 Jan 2011
Wish there was a way to contact the developer!!!!
Ben-Marko had trouble on 14 Nov 2010
Have done my best to work through current (major) problem - GB will not block ads. First noticed this on NY Times website...and then saw it on numerous other sites. Dev will not respond to e-mails, hence my comment here. Program has worked flawlessly in the past, what has broken here?
[Version 1.4.9]

Ben-Marko had trouble on 07 Mar 2010
Recently I was in Afghanistan and switched my date and time manually (my Internet connection was coming via satellite and would not auto-sync the correct local time). iStat Menus would not reflect the correct time as it was shown in the Date & Time preference pane. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the pane and the problem persists. Not sure what to do, it won't even show 24 hour time as!
[Version 2.0]

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