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Beeble42 commented on 27 Mar 2012
"These aren't your grandma's notecards, we guarantee they're marginally better."

$4.99 for an app that the dev says is only marginally better than my Grandma's notecards? Huh? Her notecards must have been absolutely awesome to be worth marginally less than $5.
[Version 1.0]


Beeble42 reviewed on 05 Mar 2012
So this is the third attempt at the third attempt at getting Lion usable. What happened to Apple? All the QA people up and leave? Does anyone actually use Lion in Cupertino?

Comparing Lion/Mountain Lion to Leopard/Snow Leopard does a tremendous disservice to Leopard. It had it's flaws and was a little slow, but it was stable and had it's critical bugs addressed by 10.5.2 within a few months of release.

Lion/Mountain Lion is more like 10.0/10.1/10.2. Lots of issues and the majority staying with the previous version waiting for them to be addressed. Mountain Lion looks like it'll still be a downgrade from Snow Leopard in usability but nowhere near as bad as this steaming pile.

This is the only version of Mac OS since System 6 that will not be used on any of my regular machines. I keep testing these updates and hoping but always end up disappointed.
[Version 10.7.3]

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Beeble42 replied on 05 Mar 2012
My post wasn't whining about Lion. It was whining about the fact that it's taken then three attempts to get this update right. That was very clear and specific in my first sentence. Perhaps you didn't read it but reacted to the stars. The issues with Lion are so numerous and well documented across the web that they hardly need going into further here.

I've posted numerous times in numerous places with a great deal of specificity about the issues I've experienced with both Lion client and server from UI glitches, poor design, broken security implementations, etc, etc. I've filled bug reports and spoken to several Apple Engineers all of whom have nothing positive to say about Lion. They don't say anything negative because they aren't allowed to, they change the subject to something they can talk honestly about.

Now to be absolutely clear as to the point of this post. THREE attempts at getting a software update right for an operating system demonstrates no QA process is being followed at Apple. Not three separate software updates, three shots at getting just the one update right. First one had UI glitches, second one fixed that, this one fixes the ability to RESTORE a backup. My company has already had one customer fall victim to this issue and be unable to restore a system. That is an absolutely critical issue.

At least when you can't backup, you know to find an alternative backup solution. But when backups continue fine as it they have for years but something has changed that prevents a restore, that's a massive, massive fail on Apple's part. I cannot honestly be described any other way.

No QA process. Specific enough for you?

Beeble42 replied on 05 Mar 2012
Yes all software has bugs.

QA process should involve running the operating system long enough to see the dialog boxes with very glaring problems. And it should involve ensuring that a backup can be restored. Neither of those things was done. Two very high level, basic, simple things. Issues that were introduced in this "fix". Issues that show a lack of testing at a very elementary level.

I don't think QA means what you think it means.

I wonder what the next update to 10.7.3 will address.

Beeble42 replied on 05 Mar 2012
No Mikaelf. As was quite clear in my reply, the customer was unable to restore a backup due to the issue this update addresses. An issue that by any measure should not have been there in the first place.

The issue, as described by Apple, is that you can't restore a Time Machine backup. Time Machine is a product made by Apple and is included with Mac OS X. The company I work for is not a software development company.

I'm not sure how you leapt to the conclusion you did but I hope this clears it up for you.

Beeble42 reviewed on 02 Feb 2012
We're getting closer to RC1. But I've stopped selling Mac servers now because of the MASSIVE problems with Lion server. This version fixes only some of the problems, but the horse has bolted. You can get much better capability, performance and reliability for less dollars elsewhere.

Only consider Lion server if you want easy netboot capability. Reposado is a better update server. Everything is a better web server. Everything is a better wiki. Profile manager solves a problem I can't find on mobile devices but is good for macs (if you are big enough to make use of mdm then profile manager is too small for you - if you are small enough to use profile manager, iphone config util will give you the same control without the poor documentation and massive headaches as you'll be extremely unlikely to need to update your profiles ota).

More features, better performance, more compatibility and longevity in just about every direction. It doesn't so much matter which direction you move in, so long as you're moving away from Lion server you're making an improvement.

I've never felt negative about previous OS upgrades. There were always issue to overcome but the new features and improvements far outweighed them. This one is even worse than being the exact opposite. So sad.
[Version 10.7.3]


Beeble42 reviewed on 14 Dec 2011
It's a great selection of fonts but the free font management app they talk about has fewer features than font book. Can't see the point it bothering to develop it.

In my download there were two fonts that conflicted with each other also. Seems that one of named incorrectly inside the file itself which conflicts with another font of the same name. I've contacted support multiple times and have been waiting for 2 weeks so far without any kind of response. So there's one less font than they claim.

Speaking of claims, the 6,200 fonts they talk about is a little misleading. There's about 850 styles and you get up to 6,200 actual oft files when you add up all the variations (bold, condensed, etc). Even so, at the current price of $50 it's great outstanding value.
[Version 1.0]

Beeble42 commented on 01 Sep 2011
The description is misleading. It still does not support encrypting a Mac boot volume.
This page lists various versions of Windows only.

When a software vendor can't get the basics of what their software can and can't do, be very wary about using it. Doubly so if the software in question has anything to do with security.
[Version 7.1]

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