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Bb553 commented on 28 Feb 2014
Download links for Aqua Extreme versions 1.x and 2.x appear to be broken...
[Version 1.0]

Bb553 commented on 16 Feb 2014
It's now listed as MusicReader Version 4.9 for $59.99

I see a MusicReader PDF 4 Knowledge Base at - but I don't see the current OS X Operating System requirements listed - It just says for Windows 7, Mac and iPad...
[Version 2.75]

Bb553 commented on 24 Oct 2013
Avoid; If you either try the Demo or buy this new version of Washing Machine and then decide you don't want it and remove it, the new will uninstall any and all of your older Intego utilities that actually work well.
[Version 10.8.0]

Bb553 commented on 20 Sep 2013
MacUpdate download link [ ] for iMkvExtract
iMkvExtract version 1.2 leads to

The older iMkvExtract

The much older iMkvExtract Version 1.0 appear to be at

but I can't find version 1.2 listed anywhere...
[Version 1.2]

Bb553 commented on 20 Jul 2013
On a related topic, I'm noting that users with older PowerPC machines (as users add new machines to their networks of older machines, and thus have mixed setups of older PowerPC CPU and newer Intel CPU machines running different generations of OS X side-by-side...) are inquiring about this very kind of utility for OS X 10.4.11 PPC and OS X 10.5.8 UB ?

It's not that all users expect massively better than SATA 2 speeds, but users are interested in finding out if the current Solid State drives would have a much lower failure rate than SATA drives (including via SATA being used currently via FirmTek PCI cards, where the computers didn't come with built-in SATA...).

Then there is the debate over whether TRIM - including if ever enabled via any third party utility under OS X 10.4.11 and/or OS X 10.5.8 on PowerPC or Intel machines, and/or on OS X 10.6.8 and above on Intel machines would be a good option for all SDD, as Other World Computing (OWC) is selling Solid State drives for PowerPC and Intel machines and has been saying since mid-2011 that it's not a good idea to enable TRIM on the currently available Other World Computing SSD solutions:

If you have an OWC SSD, though, you don't need TRIM. The SandForce controller in our SSDs takes care of this "garbage collection" as well as performs various other tasks that keep your drive running at optimal speed, without the drop-off that you see with other brands. Especially note page two of this performance testing expert's report [ ] where he feels so strongly about TRIM's inefficiency that he calls call it "half-baked"… and that's the kid friendly version of the phrase. In fact, enabling TRIM could actually hurt the performance and reliability of your OWC SSD, rather than help it.

On the other hand, perhaps things have improved in SDD to the point where things are different about TRIM issues than in 2010 through 2012?
[Version 0.9.4]


Bb553 reviewed on 10 Jul 2013
site is gone: - xiotios Resources and Information. This website is for sale
[Version 2.0]


Bb553 reviewed on 07 Jan 2013
Originally based on "Trinity Solitaire" by Bryan Horling and Kenneth Coste, Burning Monkey Solitaire v2.5.1 for Mac OS 8.6 - Mac OS 9.2.2/OS X 10.0 or higher (PPC), Burning Monkey Solitaire v3.0.1 (aka Burning Monkey Solitaire 2005) for Mac OS 9.0 - Mac OS 9.2.2/OS X 10.1 PPC and above, and Burning Monkey Solitaire v4.0.2 for OS X 10.3.9 PPC and above were the major releases.

Recalling children and adults alike for many years laughing their heads off at the "Monkey" humor parts of the games, while playing the quite functional card games, is certainly something I recall with a smile; Along with Eric's Ultimate Solitaire, Burning Monkey Solitaire is certainly what I most often see on Macs from the G3 CPU Mac OS 8.x machines on up through OS X 10.6.8 Intel CPU machines.

The "killing" of backwards software compatibility by Apple Corporate - by no longer including the QuickTransit "Rosetta" dynamic binary translator on OS X 10.7.0 "Lion" and above (and by not having a standalone "Rosetta" available that users could purchase), is what has caused so very many longtime applications to have issues or to stop running completely. The result is many companies dropping OS X and iOS Platforms.

Freeverse stated: "Some of our titles have not gotten the attention that we would have liked to provide them. Rather than leaving our customers with a sub-par experience running certain titles under OS X Lion, and in light of phasing out our GameSmith service, we've made the hard decision to discontinue the following titles. We will continue to provide support for these titles running on versions of OS X prior to 10.7 Lion."

Discontinued titles include: Airburst, Burning Monkey Casino, Burning Monkey Mahjong, Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab, Burning Monkey Solitaire, Enigma, Periscope, Squabble, ToySight, 3D Bridge, 3D Crazy 8s, Euchre Deluxe, Hearts Deluxe, Pitch-Setback, Spades Deluxe, CrossCards, and X-Words Deluxe...
[Version 4.0.2]


Bb553 reviewed on 25 Dec 2012
DAEMON Tools Lite for Mac appears to install files in directories in /usr

This may being done in part by (DAEMONToolsVirtualSCSIBus.kext may also be a factor) and this may also bepart of source of "Helper tool" errors that prevent DAEMON Tools Lite for Mac from working as promised.
[Version 1.0.4]

Bb553 commented on 22 Nov 2012
The now "unmaintained" Benoit HERVIER kTunes version 1.0 for OS X (PowerPC) appears to be archived at:
[Version 0.4]

Bb553 commented on 14 Nov 2012
If the developer wants to make this useful for OS X users to mount things, perhaps consider disc images files that users have to boot into Mac OS 9 to mount as read/write images - like the ShrinkWrap disc image file format originally created by Chad Magendanz...
[Version 1.0.4]

Bb553 had trouble on 22 Dec 2012
Now updated to DAEMON Tools Lite v11.12; Errors:

Unable to load driver.
Helper tool error.

may prevent update from working.
[Version 1.0.4]

Bb553 had trouble on 25 Aug 2012
Northern Softworks Mountain Lion Cache Cleaner unfortunately incorrectly sees my administrator account as not having a password, and gives "login incorrect" error.

This was a problem with some of the past versions (including Lion Cache Cleaner, Snow Leopard Cache Cleaner). I also just downloaded Northern Softworks Appriority v1.1.6 as a test, and it gives the same error.

All other applications by either Apple or by other OS X software makers (including OnyX, TinkerTool, Cocktail, etc.) that require entering my administrator password, have no problem what-so-ever, and to reiterate: I do not use a "blank" password - I've always had an actual administrator password.

It appears that this is an issue quite specific to more recent versions of Northern Softworks software products - as it is an issue that I didn't have happen with Panther Cache Cleaner, or Tiger Cache Cleaner; As I am rather fond of Northern Softworks softwares, it's too bad this has become an issue where admin WITH password is inaccurately detected as being admin without password by Northern Softworks software products, and the only apparent fix is to install another yet another OS X administrator account with password.

This appears to have become an issue back at the time when there were changes to the Northern Softworks software products registration process, when the use of the user's name (not at all to be confused with whatever the administrator name in the computer was chosen by a user to be...) was changed to using the Email address associated with registration payment, and something must have changed back then in how the various Northern Softworks softwares detected OS X administrator accounts and perhaps also how they accessed usr/bin/sudo, usr/bin/open and other directories.

Hopefully, whatever is causing this issue (whether it is inside the various applications' codes themselves, or if there is some OS X file, preference, or registry that the softwares alter when launched) can at some point be identified and corrected, so these softwares can be used, as many OS X users have used earlier versions of them going back to the OS X 10.3.9 PPC days, and would like to be able to use the newer versions.
[Version 7.0.2]

Bb553 had trouble on 21 Jul 2012
What is the direct download link for Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition 7.3.12 - including in case Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition 8.x.x has issues/problems under OS X 10.4.11 (8S165) PPC, and OS X 10.4.11 (8S2167) Intel, that version 7.3.12 didn't have?

I see the Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition 7.3.12 release notes at - but I don't see the 7.3.12 download link listed...
[Version 8.0.5]

Bb553 had trouble on 22 May 2012
Perian is now listed as discontinued in 2012, so is it known where users should go for an updated (i.e. newer than version 1.8.0) A52 Codec for OS X PPC and Intel?
[Version 1.7.6]

Bb553 had trouble on 07 Feb 2010
Download link is now at

instead of at
[Version 1.3.1]

bb553 had trouble on 28 Jun 2009
Impasse X 1.3 for OS X

text of OS X 10.4.11 (8S165) PPC error message:

Archive Utility

Unable to unarchive "impasse.dmg.gz" into "Desktop".
(Error 1 - Operation not permitted)
[Version 1.3]

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