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Basementjack reviewed on 21 Feb 2013
Worked for me!
Great Program!
[Version 3.2.1]


Basementjack reviewed on 17 Jan 2013
I've used both Screenflow 4 and Camtasia 2.3

Both are good programs.

I feel like Camtasia 2.3 is a better program for the novice or very occasional user, while Screenflow 4 is a little better for the professional.

To compare them a bit,
Camtasia lets you record a region, Screenflow does not.

Camtasia has a very friendly Mouse centric UI by mouse centric, Screenflow has a more cumbersome UI, but they make up for it with lots of keyboard commands. (Camtasia lacks many keyboard commands useful during editing, so you'll be using the mouse to drag effects from an effects browser to your timeline, in Screenflow, you can hit a key combo.For this reason, I think editing is more streamlined in screenflow (once you know what you are doing)

A few other things I've noticed...
Screenflow handles transparent overlays from Apple Motion - Camtasia currently does not (It may be a bug that will be fixed in a future release)

Camtasia does a better job with chapter markers - you can attach them to media in the timeline so they stay with the media if you move the media around, also Camtaisias "Export for web" preserves the chapter marks, and creates a menu with thumbnails.

Screenflow chapter marks are more limited - they are only added to the timeline which means if you delete scene and slide things over, your marker is in the wrong place. Also, screenflow will export the chapters in a video file, but they are only readable by quicktime. The screenflow web export does not preserve or use chapter markers.

Neither program allows you to export the markers as text so dont really have an option of putting in markers and then using them externally somehow.

Screenflow has an effect that lets you zoom in a part of the screen while leaving the rest at nornal size which is a pretty neat effect for tutorials -Camtasia will only let you zoom the whole screen, not just part - so in screenflow you can really make a dialog box "stand out" which is awesome -I wish Camtasia had that.

Export options are a little different - Camtasia supports youtube, and Screencast.com, Screenflow supports youtube and vimeo.

Camtasia uses less CPU when recording (but it may well be recording at a lower frame rate)

In summary both are great programs, but as you can see, both have a few shortcomings, neither is perfect.

I do however, believe that both of these programs are probably much better than the $30 screen capture choices out there.
[Version 4.0.2]

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Basementjack replied on 25 Sep 2013
Markus, thats a good point, Neither program limits you in how you zoom in after the fact, I hope I didn't convey that.

There are some times when it's beneficial to do a partial screen capture which is why I mentioned it.

Basementjack reviewed on 09 Aug 2012
I've been using this since it was Superflexible version 4 several years ago - I tried out 4 or 5 different programs to do the same thing and this was by far the best.

Here are some things that syncovery does really well:

If you need to log on to a windows server and provide credentials, Syncovery does that - the drive does not need to be mounted first, Syncovery will do it all

Syncovery also has a nice zip/encrypt option where it can backup each file to an individual zipped and encrypted file - I use this feature to copy important files on my drive to my drop box folder - this way the copy thats stored on dropbox is encrypted and password protected. This was recently proven valuable as dropbox was recently compromised.

Overall I'm very happy with Syncovery, the program is still under active development and has received regular updates. It was a great purchase for me several years ago and is a great purchase today.
[Version 6.04]


Basementjack reviewed on 27 May 2012
In Short: Flux 4 is a one of a kind program that easily belongs on any web developers Mac.

Flux 4 has the best interactive CSS editing system of any I've ever seen.

As a web developer - I don't think there are any tools out there that do everything well enough that I only need one tool (Sorry Coda)
So I'll explain how I work so you can read this in context.

Like lots of web developers, I have multiple tools and use "the right tool for the job" For me, Flux fits into my tool set as the
To be fair, flux also does a bunch of the usual stuff - it's got a built in FTP client, a decent code editor, etc, but the real value in Flux, the reason to have it in your toolkit, is its the best interactive CSS editor out there.
[Version 4.0.31]


Basementjack reviewed on 01 Jan 2012
Airfoil is great!
I purchased Airfoil to stream Spotify to my stereo and it has worked flawlessly - the developer was great about keeping it updated - and it's now 100% lion compatible.

As other reviewers noted, it's very solid - It's never crashed and always seems to "just work"

Well worth it!
[Version 4.6.2]


Basementjack reviewed on 03 Dec 2011
I've been a trainz user for years, there is simply nothing else like it, especially on the mac platform.

Although it's "version 1" for the mac, don't let that stop you, it's actually based off the same code the PC version is, which has had about 10 years of updates.

Speaking of Updates, If you take the extra step of setting up a profile on the vendor's site (there's a button to help you do this when you run the game) the game will give you to pull content updates. Trainz has always been a community game - meaning that thousands of enthusiasts from around the world have made things like buildings, trees, trains etc. Much of this content is included in the game, and even more is available online on the "download station".

So again, although it's a "Version 1" product, there are in fact updates to the content and this is a mature and stable platform.

Easily worth the money for something so unique.

That said, Trainz can be easy or hard - it depends on how much you want to get into it.

Do you want to control a train on a few different layouts? that's easy.

Do you want to create a layout, that'll take some effort, and some understanding of a few things. it's not impossible, but you will have to think and use your head.

Do you want to download new layouts, cars and buildings from the internet - that's easy, but not well documented at this point.

So my review reflects that in its ease of use score...
[Version 1.0]

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Basementjack replied on 01 Jan 2012
Frankns -

I ran into this too. On windows there seems to be better integration between the download website and the app.

On the mac, when you launch the app, choose "Manage Content" (under Start Trainz)
That will launch an app they wrote to be used with the mac for downloading content.
From there, Pick "Custom" from the drop down, and then set Category to "rolling stock" and you'll see everything available for download. Right click to download and it will download and install everything needed.

it's really pretty easy once you do it a few times.

You can also use custom and enter a KUID -
This would be useful if you found something on the download station and wanted to download it - just copy and paste the KUID.
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