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Barry Coony commented on 18 Aug 2009
I have also did some tests with the version 1.3.7 and 2.0 and there is a HUGH different in speed. (will post them later)
Converting the same 50Mb video mpeg file to H264 was almost halved in converting time using version 2.0
Did you enabled 'Multi core support'?

The most important difference is the optimised FFMPEG file. It is not the GUI of iVideo Converter doing the converting!

Converning the OS X 10.6 readiness. The develop says it is the GUI is more geared at OS X 10.6. Not the core code.

Apple dropped PPC not the developer of iVideo Converter so shoot Apple instead. :-)
[Version 2.0]

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Barry Coony replied on 18 Aug 2009
Promised some tests - thrown in some VisualHUB times too

File1 = MP4 file 113MB
File2 = MKV file 384MB
File3 = MPEG file 75MB
Converting to H264 to the same resolution and bitrate.

iVideo Converter 1.37:
File1 : 3Min 32sec
File2 : 12Min 03sec
File3 : 2Min 21sec

iVideo Converter 2.0:
File1 : 1Min 37sec
File2 : 8Min 40sec
File3 : 1Min 04sec

File1 : 2Min 26Sec
File2 : Didn't work
File3 : 1Min 58sec

There is definitely a speed improvement with the Intel optimized FFMPEG. Thumbs up for this

Barry Coony reviewed on 17 Aug 2009
Bad reviews already but I still wanted to download this and give it a swing.
A big download that is! +100MB
But that's ok if it is a good app.

First, I don't know what the developer was thinking about when creating the bottom half of the interface. A mess! Apple wouldn't be proud of this.
Dragging some small (about 5mb) video files into the window worked but the file was bounced back to the window? Strange effect.
The big QT logo in front of each folder/file name is unnecessary.
Choosing the MP4 format and press the (ugly - not OS X like) start button.
It says 'Preparing conversion..'. Some minutes - - - more minutes - - - go to the toilet - - - I am back - - - still doing some 'preparing' - - - got a coca cola - - - and hey presto I got a Applescript error:
cat: /private/var/folders/9F/9FbX280pGROa3uVhuhwsOE+++TI/TemporaryItems/videotmp3.txt: No such file or directory (1)

Deleted the file and tried the next video file with MPEG settings. It starts again with 'Preparing conversion ..'. After some seconds the progressbar vanished and it still saying it 'Preparing conversion..'.
Some minutes later it finally starts converting. But boy - - - this is S L O O O W. I mean, this file is 5mb in size and it already took so long to do actually preparing and a bit of converting.
After some more minutes it finished converting.
Playing the converted file on VLC worked but the quality wasn't very high and it was a bit disappointing seeing it took so long to convert. I was expecting a very high quality.
Tried a simple RSS feed but it gave me another error. Didn't go into this because I had seen enough.
Browsed some more features (what the hell is the 'Run as root (sudo)' option?) and I knew enough.

This converter is Bad with a capital B.
Even the worst free converter gives better quality and above all faster operating.

My opinion:
- It is still buggy
- Very slow converting even on my iMac 2.96 Duo Core
- Average quality
- Not user friendly interface

Not recommended !
[Version 2.1.2]


Barry Coony reviewed on 15 Aug 2009
It lacks some advance features like Scientific and Programmer mode. RPN mode should be nice too. The 'extra' mode is not enough imo.
Also strange you can change the PI value constant. This needs to be removed I think. :-)

Seeing OS X 10.6 will be HUD all over the place I like this Calculator version very much and using it right now.
[Version 4.0]

Barry Coony commented on 14 Aug 2009
Thanks for this neat tool.
[Version 2.0.5b4]


Barry Coony reviewed on 14 Aug 2009
Strange interface but in it does the works.

Although I had a problem with one NTSC movie. The result was a squashed aspect ratio.
Other movies are converted nicely.

Good app
[Version 1.51]

Barry Coony commented on 14 Aug 2009
Is there a zoom feature?

In general a good app !
[Version 0.5.7]

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