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Backpacker reviewed on 16 Nov 2011
This version let me convert some 'non-editable' nib files editable xib files in MacOSX 10.6.8.
[Version 0.1.1]

Backpacker commented on 06 Jul 2011
v1.8.3 let me zip files/folders with a default setting (Best compression, unencrypted).

v2.x.x makes me set that option each time, even after having set the Prefs-Presets-Save to my preferred default setting.
[Version 2.0.2]

Backpacker commented on 29 Apr 2011
Really miss the On-Screen Time and Font Size adjustability found on version 1.5.0 .

The font size with version is way too large and can't be adjusted smaller.

Backpacker commented on 19 Oct 2010
On Leopard PPC, TTS 2.5 chokes on launch at the 'Application Languages' module; it doesn't crash, it just doesn't go any further than attempting to start App Languages.

On Snow Leopard, v2.5 behaves normally.
[Version 2.5]

Backpacker commented on 04 Jun 2010
Without offending fans of ProSoft, one hopes that DG will one day rival the software from Coriolis or Alsoft; it would be healthy competition.

Meanwhile, quite some bulk can be removed from this download:

Drive Genius 3 Users Guide (6.5MB) is also found within the app as DriveGeniusHelpFile, so I deleted the former and used a PDF compressor to reduce the latter to 3MB without noticeable loss in quality.

Another file inside the app named 'RS Search' is just a 6MB 1min39sec QuickTime looping clip depicting a magnifying-glass running over 1s and 0s. You can use QT Pro to delete over a minute of looping to save it as a 616Kb movie file; 9sec of looping works just as well as 1min39sec as far as I can see.

The pared down app zips into a 10.9MB compressed file, compared to the 27.7MB of the ProSoft download.

Never have trusted bulked-up sofware, never will.
[Version 3.0.1]


Backpacker reviewed on 21 Dec 2009
Toast allowing saving of movie conversions to disk-images (for burning later) is nice.

However, Toast 10.0.5 crashes in latest Leopard PPC if one even tries to add/drag a movie file for conversion/burning; 10.0.4 works fine.

Also, Toast needs the option of automatically sleeping/shutting-down the computer on completion of tasks, just like VisualHub.
[Version 10.0.5]


backpacker reviewed on 03 Apr 2009
Over the years I've had a few volume directory issues that couldn't be fixed by any of the utilities mentioned here, so it's surprising that DiskWarrior is referred to like the magic bullet.

When DW does straight-forward rebuilds, ie green notifications and no red words (when the new directory will differ significantly from the old one), then it's easy. However, when the red words warn you to manually compare the old directory against the new one, and you've a gazillion files, it isn't so easy.

As for FileSalvage, it very slowly coughs up files that bare little resemblance to your original ones; you get files identified by type (thank you) and lots of digits that you don't recognize, and you have to open each one to ID them again.

So, it's still down to regular backups, and also leaving enough free space on your drive/s to avoid serious disk/directory problems. For things like trash-recovery, TTP5 works fast and well.

TTP5's dials might be something the user can switch on or off in future versions, but as graphical diversion they are tame compared to Drive Genius' (which I've found to be more flashy than effective).

However, those dials ARE something when TTP5 is working on a G3 500MHz PPC with 0.5Gig RAM and ATI-Rage 8MB-VRAM video-card that has no core-image or quart-extreme support.
[Version 5.0.4]


backpacker reviewed on 05 Feb 2009
Checking the website here:

memTools Pro is now US$5.27 !

C'mon, make it a prefpane which keeps user-settings, and earn more stars.
[Version 1.1a]

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backpacker replied on 07 Feb 2009
It's $10.27 as of today.

Why isn't more time being spent improving the app than twiddling with its price ?
backpacker commented on 03 Feb 2009
From the article mentioned below:
"As RAM optimizers force the available-memory counter up, they force other processes' data and code out of memory. Say that you're running Word, for example. As the optimizer forces the available-memory counter up, the text of open documents and the program code that was part of Word's working set before the optimization (and was therefore present in physical memory) must be reread from disk as you continue to edit your document. The performance degradation can be severe on servers because the file data that's cached in the standby list and in the System working set (as well as the code and data used by active server applications) might be discarded."

That's what iFreemem does since it only does manually activated 'deep' memory recycling.

From memTools' Help :
"Note try to avoid going too deep as it just causes potentially useful cache to be discarded and the MAC then has to re-cache various program caches. Try to use the least to do the job, and you will usually get incredible free memory performance."

I'm typing this from a 500MHz G3 iMac with 512MB of RAM memory and using memTools' Recycle By Time option (set closer to 'fast' for 300 sec. intervals). Firefox is noticeably smoother like this.

If only memTools was a preference-pane and remembered its user-settings, then maybe call it 'Pro' ;)
[Version 1.1a]

backpacker commented on 02 Feb 2009
My initial impressions of v5.0.1 :

TTP5.0.1 does auto-directory-backup faster than v4.6.2 (it actually stopped working in the old version and could not be resumed).

Using the SMART test, TTP5 quickly and graphically produces a list of about 30 criteria on the hard-drive state.

Those venting here, about improvements over v4.6.2 for example, should maybe look at the Micromat forum, where serious discussion is found.
[Version 5.0.1]

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