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Babyfett reviewed on 23 Oct 2010
Just discovered CloudApp. Makes my sharing life so much easier. Though I'd prefer a bit more link security, but hey, we're at 1.0.3, I'm sure it's coming.
[Version 1.0.3]

Babyfett commented on 31 Dec 2009
I can't for the life of me figure out how to comment on the developers page. Apparently you need to join wordpress? Anyway, I'm wondering if you can somehow switch the windows so that the list is on the right and the email you're reading is on the left. My eyes want to go to the middle of the screen, not the far right. It's better than regular mail, but not by much for me right now.
[Version 2.0pr1]


Babyfett reviewed on 22 Dec 2009
I've been using Final Draft since version 1 or 2 and have always found the actual screenwriting aspect of the program great and easy to use. FD6 was much better than 7. 7 was very buggy until the end and its text was very unclear and there were artifacts virtually every time I scrolled down. FD8 is far less buggy and the text is now crystal clear. Though there are a few school down artifacts, but I'm used to that by now and I've found them to exist in other screenwriting programs. One of the best Mac improvements is that the menu bar is now back attached to the script document. It floated in 7 and I'd lose the top of my document underneath it. But that's all fixed now.

I'm a meticulous outliner and used to outline everything in Word. I've never been into the index card thing. But moving scenes is a bit of a pain in Word so I started to use Scrivener to outline my scripts. Much better, but not perfect. The text in outline mode is a little small, but I loved the notes features and the importing of html snippets and pictures and whatnot, but I didn't enjoy writing screenplays on it and to have to switch between Scrivener and Final Draft while writing was a bit of a pain so I'd ultimately end up just exporting it back to Word. Well now Final Draft claims to have built an ideal outlining program into their program. They claim they took note of other programs like Scrivener and Save the Cat and others. Playing around with the demo I was excited, but when I upgraded for $80 I was very disappointed. I "imported" the outline I was already working on and by imported I mean I cut and pasted each individual story beat and then continued using FD8. Not an easy taste. In the outliner/scene view you cannot enter your summary, you have to switch to index card view. So I figured I would write just fill out the outline in index card view, but alas you cannot enter scene titles in index card view so I figured I would try using just the summary cards, but there you cannot enter the scene headings! This was crazy to me. You need to be able to do all three in each view.

So I finally got my outline entered into Final Draft 8 and as I start writing my information in my outline changes as I go. This was also crazy to me. I need a locked outline so I can go back and refer to it, but when I contacted Final Draft they said there was no way to unlink the two. This is counter productive to me. But the program is designed so that whatever you write in your outlining phase is accurately reflected in the script. Personally I need to separate things to write a good script. If my outline changes it's no longer an outline, it's merely an extension of the script and not an outline. There's an option not to have your summaries show up on the script view, but you still see all your scene headings on the page view and this is very very distracting. I want a blank page when I write. Not 8 pages of scene headings to look at and intimidate me.

Bottom line, if Final Draft can unlock the outline from the script I think this would be a great product again, but right now the big improvements they are touting aren't quite ready for primetime yet. So until it's changed it's back to Scrivener and Word for me. Though I might try Storyist which looks like it has lots of promise for what I'm currently looking for.
[Version 8.0.1]


babyfett reviewed on 10 Apr 2009
Just plain awesome. I recently got an old iBook to do some work around the house as opposed to always being chained to my iMac downstairs and I love how seamlessly it works. I love starting a document downstairs and coming upstairs to finish it without having to think about emailing it to myself. I also find it perfect for new 1Password logins that I have one one machine and need to import into another. I just export them right into my dropbox.

My only complaint is that I would love to have the option to have files copy into the dropbox as opposed to move into it. I know I can easily option drag it in, but I would like to not even have to think about it and just have that be my default in the preferences.
[Version 0.6.507]

babyfett commented on 24 Mar 2009
This program looks very interesting, but how do we know that other, more sensitive, information isn't being broadcast to the cloud?
[Version 0.9.4]

babyfett commented on 03 Jul 2008
I too tested both Scrivener and Story Mill and while both had features I wished the other had, I ended up with Scrivener because there were certain limitations to Story Mill that were just too detrimental to the process. I couldn't change font size in the main window (I don't always want to write in full screen mode.) Anyway, Scrivener won my money.
[Version 3.1]


babyfett reviewed on 26 May 2008
Tested it out for a day and bought it. Everyone knows Quicken for Mac sucks and this was the answer...for me. Doesn't have some of the features of Quicken, but it's real close. If you want an extremely simple to use program to manage your checkbook, savings accounts, investments and credit cards, this is the program for you. It allows for online banking and the switch from Quicken is pretty flawless. I love that I can download statements directly into the program as opposed to downloading a QIF or a QFX and then opening them and importing them. Also, they have extensions/plugins you can download to sync stock prices with your portfolio. I'm really liking this program and I hesitate to mention any of my quibbles because each time I think the program is lacking something, someone in the forums explains what I'm doing wrong. Finally, some people have complained that the interface isn't very "Mac." And to those people I say, "Who cares?" It's refreshing to use a program that doesn't look like iTunes. Definitely try this program out. It's worth every penny and then some.
[Version 2008]


babyfett reviewed on 26 May 2008
All I can say is "wow" I posted my concerns with the program and in less than a week I've seen results. Thanks!
[Version 1.2]


babyfett reviewed on 22 May 2008
Fun potential, but still needs some work. I love the automatic export to html, but not everyone wants to post their lovable apps on the net and right now that's the only option you have other than printing it. Would be nice if you could automatically save as some kind of file like a PDF that you could distribute to friends. Every time I tried to print as a PDF the programmed crashed (gave up after four times.) I was able to export to html, drag the file into Safari and then save the page as a PDF and that worked fine and it included all the links, but it would be ideal to automate all those steps. Also, I don't like that the title of the printed list is the name of your hard drive. There seems to be no way to alter this than to change the name of your administrator name. That's a hassle no one needs. Also, I'd like to be able to change the name of the app. For example I wanted to add a plugin, but all I can access is the installer file and it includes the words "Chax Installer" for example. Would be great if I could edit the name and get rid of "installer." Anyway, right now I don't think the program is ready for primetime, but with a few tweaks I think it has potential to be a fun app that lets you share you favorite apps with the world.
[Version 1.1]


babyfett reviewed on 15 May 2008
Great little app, but the start on login doesn't work and it would be great if the "hide when inactive" didn't trigger with a screensaver or sleep. I love that it disappears when I'm using another app, but I'd love for it to remain in that mode when I leave my computer for a couple of hours, however when the screensaver or sleep kicks in, it hides the app. Be great if they could add a medium-hide type of feature. But overall a great lightweight to do program that syncs flawlessly with the mail and ical to dos.
[Version 1.0]

Babyfett had trouble on 29 Mar 2010
Compression not working for me. Remains at 0%. I bought this so I could simply rip DVDs to iPhone format and as a simple alternative to Handbrake and all its settings. But alas it's not working. :(
[Version 1.4]

babyfett had trouble on 29 Oct 2008
Same here. 1.1.2 doesn't work on the Leopard 10.5.5. When it doesn't crash it doesn't show any pictures and the info page is all gibberish. Had to reinstall 1.1.1.
[Version 1.1.2]

babyfett had trouble on 31 Aug 2008
Anyone know how to get the Project Manager to work? I want to buy the bundle for Contactizer alone, and while I love the UI and most of the features, the one that interests me the most is the Project Manager, but it seems very cumbersome and when you add a contact to a project it doesn't seem to show up in the contact's information (you can only see it through the project.) Am I missing something? Also, how do you attach notes to a project that's tied to the contact involved? I posted to the products forum and haven't got a single response. Any help would be appreciated.
[Version 3.6.7]

babyfett had trouble on 26 Jul 2008
Anyone know how to uninstall bitpim?

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babyfett replied on 29 Jul 2008
I did that, but as a precaution, as always, I did an Easy Find search and there's about a dozen "hidden" files and when I tried to trash them they're suddenly in a "hidden trash" folder and I can't get rid of them.
babyfett had trouble on 14 May 2008
My Word 2008 12.01 doesn't see an update when I check for updates. Anyone else having this problem?
[Version 12.1]

babyfett had trouble on 09 May 2008
After checking for update thought Inquisitor's preference pane it says I'm up-to-date with version 3.0. Any thoughts out there?
[Version 3.1v54]

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babyfett replied on 09 May 2008
I'm relatively new to Mac, do I simply download the new version over the old or do I need to first remove the last version of Inquisitor? Thanks!

babyfett replied on 09 May 2008
Once again, MacUpdate saves the day. Thanks!
babyfett had trouble on 23 Apr 2008
I would imagine a lot of people would want to use this with word processors, so they can concentrate, but while using Word I needed to access another window within Word and when I did, it automatically hid the first document and the only way I could get back to it was to turn off Isolator. Also, it gives you the option to Hide Dock, I assumed it meant that it would disable it while you were working so when you got to the bottom of the page it wouldn't pop back up, but there it was. If it just hides the Dock, you can set that up in your regular OS X preferences. I was really hoping this product would be for me. If I'm doing something wrong in Word, I'd love to give this bad boy another shot. Thanks!
[Version 3.0]

babyfett had trouble on 21 Mar 2008
Anyone know if this program will conflict with Chax?
[Version 1.9]

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