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Yes, I was on the original Mac team and have worked for Apple three different times under five different leaderships. I was there when Steve left and I was there when he came back. I was even there a little in between. I am not there now.

My first Mac had a 5.25" floppy drive. (Pre-release) The OS was on 1 side and MacPaint or MacWrite was on the other.

I personally built 3 Lisa's out of spare parts - which became MacXL's once the Mac had its own development system, MPW (Macintosh Programmer's Workshop). (Until then, you needed a Lisa to write software for it.)

When my boss told me to "get this d@mn thing out of my office," referring to his Apple II, I took it home.

My Apple IIgs was personally signed by Woz.

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Bdfu commented on 29 Oct 2013
In 1984 (or 1985) Apple sent developers a Declaration of Interdependence signed by everyone on the Mac Development Team. (I still have mine!) It is sad to see Apple not continuing to take an active role either supporting these developers or at least providing an API so they can support themselves. Dockstar is one the most useful plugins. I'm going to miss it. (I'm actually surprised they haven't 'stolen' it and built-in the functionality themselves.)
[Version 2.1.17]

Bdfu commented on 09 Oct 2013
MacUpdate Desktop never ever works to install this plugin. Don't bother with that option. It will take a very long time to download and extract only to present a neverending candy cane progress bar - that will never complete.


Bdfu reviewed on 17 Apr 2013
Will not install. Keeps telling me to quit Safari. Safari isn't running!!! I have even quit Safari and rebooted. Safari isn't running!!! Download takes FOREVER, gets to 50% and tells me to quit Safari. Doesn't matter how many times I click retry, same result. Epic fail. Don't know why I even try. I don't like Flash. Isn't it supposed to dead?
[Version 11.7.700.182]

Bdfu commented on 03 Jan 2013
Uses far too much space. Here's a tip: Use small circular analog clocks. The cities can be displayed in tooltips as you rollover them.
[Version 1.0]


Bdfu reviewed on 10 Dec 2012
Still crashes on launch.
[Version 2.1]

Bdfu commented on 14 Sep 2012
Isn't this built-in to Mountain Lion?

Look under your Edit menu - ANY Edit menu! The command-key is fn fn (press function key twice).

The recognition is spot-on! What am I gaining for $200?
[Version 3.0]


Bdfu reviewed on 01 Aug 2012
I continue to be frustrated and disappointed with Coda 2. I constantly have to revert to Coda v.1 to get things done. V.2 has a lot of problems with SVN and the loss of the graphical CSS editor is the worst decision any product manager has ever made.

I currently have both Coda v.1 and Coda v.2 open in order to complete a project. I "want" to like Coda v.2, but it doesn't mark files for svn version control and they get skipped! I have to jump over to v.1 in order to have them them synced. EPIC FAIL!

Sorry guys. Panic makes really good software. Coda v.1 was awesome. I keep waiting for them to correct their mistakes in v.2 before someone else comes along and steals the business away from them. Loyalty doesn't count when my own job is on the line.
[Version 2.0.2]


Bdfu reviewed on 31 May 2012
Simple well executed idea. One of my favorites!
[Version 1.0.2]

Bdfu commented on 08 Jul 2011
D.O.A. under Lion. Unresponsive. Must force-quit.

2.2 didn't display the menu item under Lion, but at least it worked. This one does not work at all.
[Version 2.3]

Bdfu commented on 12 Mar 2011
I usually want things to leave an inch or two space so I can see and drag things onto/off of my desktop. Add a little configuration please.
[Version 1.0]

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