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Aryu-Gaetu commented on 16 May 2012
I have a...
Model Name: Mac mini
Model Identifier: Macmini2,1
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 1.83 GHz
Number of Processors: 1
Total Number of Cores: 2
L2 Cache: 2 MB
Memory: 2 GB
OSX: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 (11E53)

Sorry, but I couldn't get TrailRunner 1.6v240 to work at all. From the very start, the spinning "busy" wheel icon in the middle of the map wouldn't stop spinning. I could only change the map's location and zoom. I could not make any kind of route or changes. I waited several minutes for it to stop. It never did.

Maybe I should have waited an hour or two for it to initialize. I don't have the time to wrestle with apps. Even if they are free, my time isn't.

I gave it 1/2 star for being free, 1/2 star for loading, but removed 1/2 star for wasting my time by not working at all.

Obviously it works for other people. Congratulations. But, it eludes me.
[Version 3.7.677]


Aryu-Gaetu reviewed on 13 Mar 2012
I have an older Macmini with Lion with the latest updates on a dog-slow AT&T DSL.
Safari v5.1.4 is considerably faster - serious! - not just "snappier", page loads take about half of the time!!
App Store shows a marked increase in speed, too - I have no clue why that should be affected.
Google Earth view in Google Maps works as it should.
Apple must have fixed something causing inadvertent delays.
[Version 5.1.4]


Aryu-Gaetu reviewed on 01 Mar 2012
I can no longer trust anything with the word "Google" on it.

Nothing is free. Everything has a price. The difference is they are stealing your most personal information and your ability to make rational decisions, all cloaked under 10,000-word legal disclaimers and convincing you "it's a good thing."

The most tragic moment in human history was when you could legally "sign" something by tapping a "Return" key. All identity, money and your basic human rights forfeited in a microsecond.
[Version 18.0.1025.45]


Aryu-Gaetu reviewed on 16 Feb 2012
I downloaded 1Password to help organize my existing passwords. I couldn't find a way to import my passwords from Keychain.

It's taken me awhile to create unique passwords to maintain maximum security. Keychain saved them all automatically. I think it would be great if the simplicity of 1Password could manage them, but I don't see any menu items (open, import, etc.) for this. Am I missing something?

My older parents need something like this, but I can't recommend it to them. If I can't figure it out, there's no way I'd give it to them.

This would have been great if I had a new computer and I was new to the internet (how many people can say that?), but the idea is too daunting to consider visiting all of the sites in my history and entering all of the various passwords. Mac already does it without asking. Sorry... unless someone has an answer.
[Version 3.8.17]

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Aryu-Gaetu replied on 16 Feb 2012
After uninstalling, I very rarely download an app again, but I thought on an outside chance I was going crazy (a possibility in my world), so on Jimblue's advice, I reloaded the app and went to "File" >"Import". I am looking at the list given to me by the Import Assistant and there is nothing resembling Mac OS X. The closest is "Safari". 19 items listed, Safari is 17. The only other 2 I recognize are Google Chrome and Firefox, the others apps I've never seen before. That's it. Having used Macs since System 7, I think I have a fairly decent grasp on the use of menus. There is nothing wonky with my Mac or its set up on 10.7.3. I'll leave it installed for a day or two if there are any other suggestions.

Aryu-Gaetu replied on 17 Feb 2012
You are absolutely correct, this area not for troubleshooting. So, to summarize my reason for the 2 stars, after clicking on "Safari" in the Import Assistant, it reads...

"Importing Safari Passwords - It is not possible to import Safari passwords directly within 1Password or the Safari extension. For most users we recommend you simply use 1Password within Safari and allow it to Autosave your logins for you. - If you are technically inclined, you can manually export the Safari passwords..."

My comment stands. I could "import" them manually (a contradiction in terms) but it's not user-friendly, possibly daunting, for the average user.

1Password deleted. I had to use AppZapper to clean it out completely; the app, 7 other associated files and a folder.

5 stars if you're a geek.
2 stars if you're not.
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