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Appearance Tech reviewed on 29 Jan 2008
Useless Charts, Ineffective Support, Inadequate Features in v20

First of all, do not believe the long bogus review by MUSCLE333 listed below. It is obviously written by someone that is either clueless as to the actual usability of this software or a Acrocat employee as half of the praise is for items that have never worked in the Macintosh version. I made the mistake of taking it for face value and am now out the price of this useless software.

The first major problem in v20 is that the charts are completely useless as they only track the first set of each exercise. That means if you bench-press 100 pounds in rep 1, 200 pounds in rep 2, and 300 pounds in rep three, the charts will only recognize and track only the first rep. However in the world can Acrocat state this will track your progress when it only tracks your first warm up set? To make matters worse, this MAJOR shortcoming was pointed out to Acrobat two years ago and the company has failed to address this. Read that again…this company has left its customers waiting for a fix for two years!

The ineffective support by Acrocat is not only limited to the charts. The forums are full of customers complaining about usability bugs that have not been addressed for years. Why would the support team of Acrobat promise fixes and yet never actually address issues such as the charts if they cared about their customer?

Another major shortcoming of PDABS is they forgot to include the ability to use fractional weights (.25, .5., .75 ). If you used say a 2.5 pound plate, you have to either round it up or down. This is critical for grip exercises and those that micro-load exercises. Again, this was pointed out to Acrocat nearly two years ago and nothing was ever addressed.

PDABS is really nothing more than an attractive spreadsheet…save your money or use Open Fitness.
[Version 3.0]

Appearance Tech commented on 16 Jun 2007
Well, here it is now June 16 and MATTERFORM MEDIA is still CLOSED after about a total of four months.

MATTERFORM MEDIA has vanished, no support, nothing. Michael Herrick seems to have skipped town without providing his customers any service or recourse.

The paid filter subscription is still not working and Michael Herrick still has not provided any refunds. Instead, Herrick has decided to keep our money and not provided the paid service.

Michael Herrick and Matterform Media, GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK! Surly, you are not a low down, common thief that takes people's money without providing the paid service are you? Four months is long enough to wait.
[Version 2.30]

Appearance Tech commented on 17 May 2007

Well, as of May 17, 2007, Matterform Media still has not reopened.

Their website states:

Tech Support is CLOSED

Tech Support is currently closed because of personal matters requiring attention. We apologize for the inconvenience. Tech support will be available again April 16.

Their tech support has been closed for a total of over two months now with no recourse whatsoever for their customers.

The paid filter subscription server has been down for over three months, approaching four months. Michael Herrick has not offered any type of compensation for his customers but instead has only kept our money without providing the paid service. I have been forced to file a complaint with my credit card company for a refund.

[Version 2.30]


Appearance Tech reviewed on 02 May 2007
No SSL, Paid Filters Down Three Months, Support Closed For Months.

What has happened to Spamfire? Look at all of the others leaving this software program. Count this long time user as leaving too.

I have used this program since v1. I give up. Nothing works right.

There is no SSL support. It plain does not work with either POP or IMAP SSL.

The paid filter subscription service has been down for nearly three months. We paid for this service but this company has let us down. There has been no offers of refunds or extensions of service.

Support has been down for over a month now and never returns when stated. If you have a problem, you are on your own. I can understand health and personal issues but there has been no support for ages now. They need to provide alternatives. There is nowhere else to turn support forums, groups...nothing.

Good bye Spamfire. I hate to lose my $30 but your lousy support, lack of response on addressing your paid filter subscription outage and basically ripping us off for three months, and failure to fix your SSL support after many attempts has chased this once loyal supporter for good.
[Version 2.30]


Appearance Tech reviewed on 03 Apr 2007
WARNING: NO Support For Registered Users!

I am a long time PAYING registered user of DVDxDV.

Since paying for the DVDxDV prior version, 1.9, the product rarely worked properly and was bug ridden. For example, version 1.94 left you with an unusable QuickTime file (blank after the first minute or so). Each time an attempt was made to fix an issue, more seemed to crop up.

I am still using version 1.96. This was purchased to be used with a PowerMac and 10.4. I have no need for a Universal version and of course, one for 10.5 yet.

Version 1.96 is constantly crashing. When I inquired about tech support about my crashing problem, I was told to pay for the latest upgrade as "there may be a fix in the new version for this, hence that's why it doesn't crash."

I felt that I did not need a new version and only wanted help with getting the version that I paid for working properly. After all, I paid for a "permanent license key." They do not state that the tech support is limited.

I asked the DVDxDV Support Team if they are basically telling me that they are not providing support for registered users of their products?

Well, the DVDxDV Support Team replied that: "We can't maintain the product for free forever. At some point, we do have to charge for an upgrade to the next version."

I replied that I am not asking for any type of upgrade. I would expect to pay for an upgrade if I needed an Intel version or for 10.5. I do not need those upgrades at this time.

I was only wanting help to get what I purchased to work. It is that simple. It is supposed to work on 10.4 and it is not, it crashes. v1.9 was buggy from the first time I used it. I still have my earlier support emails starting with the problems in 1.94.

Instead of any type of support, the DVDxDV Support Team stated that there is no help available. I am basically forced to buy an upgrade to fix the bugs that were in the version I purchased. I feel that I should not have to pay for a bug fix. I just want what I paid for to work.

In other words, the DVDxDV Support Team is telling me too bad that the version you bought does not work even though it states it should work on 10.4. They are telling me to buy an unnecessary upgrade or forget it. They fixed the bugs found in v1.9 but force the registered user to pay for their bug fix.

Not once during my Email correspondence with the DVDxDV Support Team did they even offer one bit of advice on addressing my crashing problem. They only wanted me to try their latest release and to pay for it. Despite my pleas for help, they would not even consider addressing any questions in an attempt to get me up and running again. What a terrible support team.

I do not think too many software companies withdraw support on their last version, at least good ones. This is especially true when their prior versions had so many problems.

I will never spend another dime with this horrible company. I have tried Cinematize and have moved to their product. It works with no bugs and appears that it has a much more viable support team. Besides, after using it, it seems to be a much better product. The interface is a huge improvement over DVDxDV.
[Version 1.321]


Appearance Tech reviewed on 23 May 2006
Muscle appears be dead.

It looks like the promised update for early 2005 has come and gone.

To be usable, Muscle needs a way of keeping track of progress.

This only leaves Open Fitness and PDAbs for the Mac with Open Fitness being the only one that works somewhat well as of 05-2006.
[Version 1.6.2]

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