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Anon-Bud commented on 14 Apr 2014
Does anyone know if this developer is still around? Their website is not loading and their Twitter feed hasn't been active since last May. I don't want to try this out if it has become abandonware!
[Version 1.3.2]

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Anon-Bud replied on 14 Apr 2014
Seems I may have answered my own question. The download feed here stalls. So it would seem that something is off on their end of things. Perhaps MacUpdate can investigate?
Anon-Bud commented on 04 Mar 2014
Just a note: Karelia Software has acquired The Potion Factory. So maybe there will be movement here again!

Let's hope so!
[Version 1.1.3]

Anon-Bud rated on 24 Feb 2014
[Version 1.0.3]


Anon-Bud reviewed on 19 Feb 2014
Good app. Horrible business model. Mac app has stayed the same, but iOS? First it was Clear, then Clear+, then back to Clear. They can't seem to make up their mind and after paying my money, I have made up my mind: I'm trashing it all.

I just don't like developers who seem more intent on shafting their customers than anything else.
[Version 1.0.3]


Anon-Bud reviewed on 26 Oct 2013
Yet another app gone the way of the Mac App Store!

Long time user of DockView, but now no more. Version 1.x does not work with Mavericks, so the only way to go if I still want this functionality is to purchase Version 2 through the MAS, something I refuse to do!

So long. Too bad, as it is a good app otherwise. Five stars altogether, minus 4 for their sales policy vis a vis loyal customers.
[Version 2.1.3]


Anon-Bud reviewed on 24 Oct 2013
This is a pretty good program and is very fast finding things. My consistent problem is that the tray does not work. One is supposed to be able to drag a file to the screen edge and a tray pops up allowing to drop the file and tag it. One is also supposed to be able to mover the cursor to the window edge and the tray opens to allowing for a quick search. This only works for a short time and almost never works when HS is closed [it is supposed to work whether the app is open or not]. And now, under Mavericks, it doesn't show up at all, whether or not the app is open. So, minus two stars for this consistent bug.

BTW- I've worked with their support, which is very responsive and quick, but they've not been able to fix the issue.
[Version 3.7.11]


Anon-Bud reviewed on 14 Oct 2013
Been using Mellel for years as my backup word processor and it is great. Style sets are really nice to have and exist throughout the program. Character sets are the same way. Integration with footnote apps is smooth, so this makes it good app for scientific research papers and the like.
[Version 3.2.5]

Anon-Bud commented on 02 Sep 2013
I'm an avid Bento 3.v user who refused to pay for an upgrade to Bento 4.v when it came out. And now this? Filemaker closing down Bento? Does this really come as a surprise to anyone? Filemaker has shown long, long ago that it doesn't give a whit about its customer base. I was an avid Filemaker customer back in the day, but I refused to continue to pay outrageous prices for minor upgrades disguised as major improvements. Shelling out a hundred bucks every year for some kind of cosmetic change? Forget it!

It's the same with Adobe, but I shan't rant about that here.

Filemaker is hoping that loyal Bento fans will migrate to their flagship app [and thus continue to pay their outrageous prices]. This is one fan who will not do so and I urge others to do the same. When Bento finally is unable to keep up with Mac and iOS version upgrades, then and only then will I seek to find an alternate—non-Filemaker—solution.

Double shame on you Filemaker!
[Version 4.1.2]


Anon-Bud reviewed on 30 Jun 2013
Well after two years [see my earlier comment] I tried YET AGAIN to load the free download. Went through the rigamarole ONE MORE TIME of giving my email address, having it verified, only to not be able to launch the app. Why in the world do I keep trying stuff like this?

Hear me Developers: NO DEMO, NO SALE!
[Version 2.0.6]

Anon-Bud commented on 28 Jun 2013
i emailed the developer asking for a demo app. He said they are working on getting one up, maybe. As always, no demo, no sale.

I'm hopeful that a demo will be forthcoming, as this app seems like something I'd find really quite useful indeed.
[Version 1.2]

Anon-Bud had trouble on 12 Nov 2010
Okay. Why does the "About" section in WideMail prefs indicate version 0.5.4 if it's supposed to be 2.0pr3?

Very confusing?
[Version 2.0pr3]

Anon-Bud had trouble on 13 Oct 2009
This is from the Real Player Support desk:

“Our technical department is also working on to fix this issue and hope it will be fixed at the earliest. We are not in a position to declare the date, so I request you to check our Web site to know about our new updates.”
[Version 11.1]

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