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Ang reviewed on 09 Apr 2014
Do all the best things i need !

Oldscrrenmode for example.

Thanks to te developper
[Version 1.0]


Ang reviewed on 16 Oct 2013
This is the most powerfull tag editor. I have tried all the other software, on PC and mac. The actions system is a little complicated, but so intuitive after few minits ! The developper is very reactive in the forum. A very big thanks !


Ang reviewed on 26 Jul 2012
Fantastic, this is the ideal Handbrake companion !
[Version 2.15]


Ang reviewed on 09 Jul 2012
Would it be possible to use CoreAudio HE-AAC instead of the FAAC, just like Handbrake allows to do it ?

Also, i have seen that Eyetv is supported. Good, b ut is it possible to add the (HD) DVB subtitles support ?
[Version 3.0.7]


Ang reviewed on 02 Apr 2011
myTumblr seems the very best Tumblr companion.

To the developper : Your software is for the moment the best i have tested !
Simple and elegant.

I have a request about missing feature that should help many Tumblr users :
in "Upload a Photo" the "+ add another photo" is very helpfull to create a batch of multiple photo set.

What should be perfect should be to allow the drag and drop of multiple files or folder(s) in the photo drop zone...
[Version 1.8]


Ang reviewed on 28 Mar 2011
Very elegant solution !

Could you add an option to have the french arte+7 programs ?
[Version 2.0.4]

Ang commented on 07 Oct 2010
Interface is really dead sexy !

To have the absolute perfect software, i pray for :

- add an expert video mode for x264 (like handbrake for example or by using the quicktime export+x264 encoder) ;

- add the apple Core Audio QuickTime True VBR (like XLD) ;

- add the apple Core Audio QuickTime HE-AAC ;

- add decomb / deinterlace.

Congratulations to the developper !
[Version 1.0.6]

Ang commented on 04 Jul 2010
This software is a very good idea !!!

But for the moment it is not really usable...

Sub-tasks + notes + add files

Thanks to the developper
[Version 3.1]


Ang reviewed on 27 May 2010
This software is great !

Just like Freemind or others, but mac GUI is beautifull here.

Very light, its open in 3 seconds.
The very best and rare feature is the multi parents nodes.
Freemind centralize each map with ONE parent node where mindnode is able to add thousand of parents node.

The needs :
- actually if you put the background color in dark, the URL colors are not modifiable ;
- with a very big map, the best would be a shortcut to easily drag the map (curio and others use "SPACE+left click");
- full screen is not compatible with mac os spaces.
[Version 1.5.1]

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Ang replied on 28 May 2010
Glad to read you.

- Drag Canvas:
many software use this function : Curio ; all Adobe products ; omnigraffle...
The idea is to have a big canvas easily dragable...
Without this function, the behaviour is more "internet explorer-like" :) with vertical and horizontal scrollbar...
I think it would be best to leave the choice of shortcut in prefs.
So by default, the canvas would not dragable.
I have just tested the quicklook function... It's a good idea, but when i choose an item, this message is displayed "no items selected".

- Spaces :
When in full screen, if i change to antoher space, when I return to the space with MindNode, i loose the full screen... maybe it's because i use "Warp" ?

Thanks for your answer and congratulations for your work.
Ang had trouble on 10 Oct 2010
Big problem

Transcoding from all format but flac does not preserve meta informations

No tags, covers, nothing...

i have tried in 2 different systems with same bug.
For example :
mp3 to aac
ape to mp3...

Is it a bug ?

Does anyone have the same problem ?
[Version 20101010]

Ang had trouble on 25 Dec 2009
Is it possible to simply have the default handbrake X264 preset + Apple HE AAC ?
[Version 2.1.6]

Ang had trouble on 25 Dec 2009
I completely disagree with the installation method...
Very spamy ambiance !
[Version 1.07.01]

Ang had trouble on 15 Dec 2009
JP2 !!!
JPEG2000 Support ???
[Version 3.6.1]

Ang had trouble on 12 Dec 2009

How can i convert in Apple HE AAC ?
[Version 2.1.4]

Ang had trouble on 28 Nov 2009
The Gui is better than handbrake ... thanks to DRAG n DROP !

But hey where is the great X264 (if h264 means x264 when i choose mp4 export, it's really important to inform the user)?
But hey where is the fabulous core HE AAC (now completely supported by snow) ?

Thank you
[Version 2.1.2]

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Ang commented on 29 Nov 2009
A cat is a cat.
A cat is an animal.
But, hey, an animal isn't a cat !
Animal is just a standard like H264.

x264 is H264 but h264 isn't x264 !

I'm talking about x264 specific Codec, not the h264 standard.

Terminology is specific on almost all mac software, when we can read H264, it means Apple H264, not x264.

Ang commented on 29 Nov 2009
Perfect answer.

Thank you very much
ang had trouble on 19 Mar 2009
XLD is a good piece of software but...

Freedb inject the tags automaticaly with .cue +ape/flac/mp3...

But if you transcode with full album with separated tracks.... OUCH !

Not only that freedb isn't working but also all the existant tags in the source files are deleted in the destination files !
No tags, covers, nothing...

Freedb does not work with transcoding?
[Version 20090215]

ang had trouble on 17 Mar 2009
Invoice is the best program but it still very buggy :

For the pdf output or print, there is a very buggy management of the tables.
The last page is often cropped.
It follows that we can not see the last piece of the bill !

The "sort by" preferences are not saved (eg by number, name ...).
[Version 3.0.9]

ang had trouble on 10 Mar 2009
A very bad thing...

Importation of textClipping is impossible !!
"Unsuported file attachment... upgrade to evernote premium"
[Version 1.3]

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