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Andy-Hewitt reviewed on 12 Apr 2014
Just installed this, hadn't noticed it before. Seems to work as advertised. Nice one, but it begs the question, if it's this easy to enable the SMART status of external drives, why isn't it working already?

Thank you to this developer.
[Version 0.9]

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Andy-Hewitt replied on 14 Apr 2014
I understand, although it'd be more believable as a concept if they were consistent elsewhere too. I find USB3 is far less reliable as whole - I have a few drives here, and some will stay connected while others won't.
I'm not saying I don't believe you, but the concept of consistency is a flawed one from the start.

Andy-Hewitt rated on 12 Apr 2014
[Version 5.4]

Andy-Hewitt rated on 12 Apr 2014

Andy-Hewitt rated on 12 Apr 2014
[Version 1.21.2]


Andy-Hewitt reviewed on 02 Apr 2014
Terrible version. Still has too many broken functions. I just opened the new updated version (5.2), and immediately find it still breaks linked text boxes, so the text doesn't flow anymore, object alignments don't work properly, and it doesn't look like we'll ever see superscripted number suffixes again, or side by side page viewing.

It's OK for many uses still, but breaks too many of the functions I use myself.
[Version 5.2]


Andy-Hewitt reviewed on 01 Apr 2014
Getting better all the time. I really like this mail client now, it's gradually becoming the best there is at the moment.

I'd say it still needs some tweaking with the UI though, butting are a bit too small in the top bar, and some are located in awkward places (such as the 'Empty' button in Trash and Junk), I'm not sure I really like the dark background look, perhaps a user setting would be handy there.

However, overall it works very well, although I don't have any real issues with Mail, there are one or two minor annoying bugs. Airmail is cheap enough, and seems to be getting good development, and good enough support at the price (take note Postbox developers).

Thank you for this.
[Version 1.3.3]

Andy-Hewitt commented on 31 Dec 2013
What a mess between these two. Personally I just find it annoying to have two such companies wash their dirty linen in public in such a manner. And to continue with the comments is rather juvenile behaviour. It's been years since I bought any Koingo software, although that's simply because I found no use for any of it in the way I use my system. It's unlikely that I will ever again though - partly because of the behaviour here, and partly because I do not get caught into the subscription software system.

As far as the MacUpdate Desktop subscription, that is actually a different matter altogether, you're not paying for the software, but for the service that feeds its data, so you are paying for something that is continually changing. Also, due to the behaviour here, I will be reconsidering my renewal next time.

On the other hand, being forced to pay a subscription to get bug fixes is despicable, features upgrades is another thing, but let the user decide if they want them or not.

From what I have seen of this dispute, there were poor practices, and assumptions made by both sides, and the resulting fight seems rather 'playground' behaviour to me. It's more like a 'Big Bang Theory' scene, rather than two businesses trying to resolve a misunderstanding.
[Version 6.0]

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Andy-Hewitt replied on 31 Dec 2013
Why are you two replying to my comments with completely unrelated remarks?

Andy-Hewitt reviewed on 22 Dec 2013
I really like this mail app, it's certainly a match for anything else out there, and feels very mature already. I think perhaps there's a little too much passion in the reviews here, either way, it's just a mail client!

For though, it's just not quite there yet as a finished product, the integration with Contacts needs completing really, and there's a few small UI things that are not quite right (having to move the mouse up and down the screen to empty spam or the trash for example).

But, for the price, it is really excellent, and cannot be knocked, it works very well and can be recommended. I have bought a full version from the MAS, and will be keeping an eye on the development for sure. It's definitely the client that has the most things working well that I've come across.
[Version 1.3.1]


Andy-Hewitt reviewed on 07 Dec 2013
For me the new Pages does lack some features that I use - things such as side by side 2-up page viewing, or superscripted date suffixes.

Personally I also preferred the floating toolbox, rather than the side-bar arrangement (and I really hate the 'ribbons' in Word). The overall UI seems less well thought out, and many functions have moved around too much, making many think that features have been stripped, but in fact they're just in a different place.

For me I also find the application and organisation of Styles is fiddly.

For now I'm reverting to Pages 4 (iWork '09), or even considering switching to OpenOffice, which although appears more dated in the UI, it is also much more consistent.

For new users, Pages 5 is fine, or indeed those that only need the functions that it has. I don't really care about iOS versions, I do all my document processing on my desktop, so making the desktop apps look like iOS apps is just putting me off as a future customer.
[Version 5.0.1]


Andy-Hewitt reviewed on 19 Nov 2013
I've recently come back to 1Password after a time using LastPass. My needs have changed somewhat, and I'm glad to have come back to 1Password. It does appear to be expensive, but my opinion has changed somewhat, and I do find it is worth it.

I'd like to thank the support team (in particular the individual that assisted me recently) for switching me from the MAS licence to the webstore licence without any problems.

Overall an indispensable application for creating and managing your secure information. I wouldn't want to be without this now. It's far better than Keychain too (including the updated version in Mavericks).

[Version 4.0.9]

Andy-Hewitt had trouble on 11 Sep 2012
Still cannot get it to work with iCloud mail. I've tried all kinds or variations to the settings, but nothing. Also annoying is the inability to cancel a process other than quitting and restarting, so it just sits there showing 'Checking iCloud...'. It really needs a timeout.

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