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An.onymous commented on 11 Feb 2014
BEWARE of version 28. It cannot quit (force quit is necessary), and it often hangs the system (imposing to restart the Mac).
The FF developers who implemented this version as the default update in the about menu are irresponsible.
[Version 27.0]

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An.onymous replied on 11 Feb 2014
Actually the impossibility to quit FF was caused by an add-on : Privacy choice trackerblog (versions 2 and 2.2)

An.onymous reviewed on 27 Apr 2013
Rejoyce !
Finally, FLV spider can keep recording until the end of the movies (no more partially downloaded films).
It makes it, by far, the best app in its category.
I must admit that this LVSpider's developers have been working continuously to correct the many limits and drawbacks of FLV Spider. They have now achieved a truly efficient app.

Future improvements, won't be so dramatic but they may still be welcome, for instance :
- the capacity to start the copy from somewhere in the course of the movie (not necessarily at the beginning)
- the possibility to opt for a direct download from a window's link (when available), as with iTubeDownloader or MpegStreamclip
Congratulations for the good job. Please ensure that future updates do not ruin the present achievement (a possible issue because FLVSpider's updates automatically destroy the previously installed version).
[Version 3.1.20]

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An.onymous replied on 27 Apr 2013
Caution :
If you use the "save movie" option, the movie will be called "video 1.flv" and replace the previous saved with this same name => use "save movie as" and change the name each time.

An.onymous reviewed on 16 Mar 2013
Still stopping after a few minutes with the same cryptic message "Partially downloaded". It happens even when the site's window where the movie is played stays on top.
Grrrrrrrr !
[Version 3.1.20]


An.onymous reviewed on 23 Feb 2013
Works only for some short films and some sites. Stops prematurely when the copy takes more than 15 minutes.
It could be due to a failure in FLV's cache management, or FLV'sunability to update the connection when required by the site (including YouTube). Who knows? The error message(s) is totally worthless.
In addition, when it stops prematurely FLV Spider cannot restart from where it stopped and - often - cannot even restart from the beginning.
Lots of time lost without any hint to face the problem.
IShowU is much more reliable but it must remain on top of the screen when it is operated.
[Version 3.1.17]


An.onymous reviewed on 21 Aug 2012
A wonderful app. I was furious when Nikon stopped the update of its NikonScan driver for Apple, but, now that I have discovered VueScan, I am sorry that I ever used Nikon Scan.
Vuescan has lots of advantages, in particular its capacity to adjust automatically to the image size including when its position is biased (not perfectly parallel to the scanning area).
I have the more expensive Pro version but, finally, I have found that the RAW option was not essential. The Tiff option can also conserve all the raw information (including the infra red channel used to remove dust and scratches) and it gives much more pleasant views than the dull RAW ones. Except for a limited number of highly important slides that would deserve hours of editing, the non-Pro version is much cheaper and quite sufficient.
Same thing about saving the IR information. It is space consuming and VueScan already does a perfect job in removing dust and scratches without visible quality loss.
Vue Scan offers the possibility to have two scan passes. I found the result slightly blurry, although my Nikon LS 4000 ED scanner is supposed to be very precise. On the contrary, VueScan's multiple exposure feature (also available in Nikon Scan) gives visible improvement all the way up to 16 exposures.
The only slight drawback, comes from a few marginal features of the interface which are not completely clear. For example, I am still wondering how to avoid that a view of the slides automatically pops up just after they have been scanned.
[Version 9.1.14]


An.onymous reviewed on 21 Aug 2012
It looks as if this app is no longer being developed. A pity, for it was quite acceptable 4 years ago...
Its most striking proof of neglect is the disrespect of Apple GUI code (eg the green dot in the window bar for enlarging the view does not even work).
A stain on Apple's image.
[Version 7.7]


An.onymous reviewed on 14 Jun 2012
Two days ago, I have unvoluntarily erased two folders, totaling 450 Go, from my PBPro.
I immediately stopped using the PB, except for trying to recover the data.
For this recovery I used Disk Drill's deep scan procedure ; it could only see and recover 133 Go. Then I tried Data Rescue. It gave approximately the same result using the "trashed file scan", with some more errors however and with no simultaneous display of the files being recovered. However, when I tried to use the deep scan, then the whole scan was performed and, Data Rescue hung definitively in the middle of the reconstruction process (at exactly 47% of the reconstructing task). Apparently DR had overtaken the memory limit, as evidenced by the unresponsive finder. So I had to retsart and ALL the work (5 hours) had been completely lost.
To sum : neither DD nor DD were satisfactory when rescueing from the Boot disk. Moreover DR does not seem to manage the memory correctly and has an opaque recovery process (the recovered files are only displayed when all the process is over).
So, I should prefer Dik Drill over Data Rescue, but I'm still mourning the 300 Go lost.
[Version 3.2.1]

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An.onymous replied on 25 Jun 2012
The "reply" of Prosoft-Engineering to my comment is typical : "Write to us and we shall solve the problem". I have written 3 times and received only standard and useless vague questions. Clearly, these people prefer to accuse their customers of misbehaviors rather than trying to face the problems their software was bought to solve. Similarly, I do not see why comparing Data Rescue's features with Disk Drill's would be irrelevant and why I should split my experience for commenting Disk Drill only ont its page. Both softwares are designed for the same job and referred to on this page. By rejecting the comparison, Prosoft Engineering only suggests that it rejects actual comparison with its competitors.
In particular I keep thinking that Data Rescue's incapacity to precise in real time what is being recovered is a very serious defect. When Data Rescue hangs during the recovery process one must stop it and loose all the files that had been saved before the recovery aborts. Using Data Rescue, one has to stop the hung processing and, then, gets NOTHINGS but 20 hours lost waiting in front of a dumb animation. That's why Disk Drill is clearly better, sorry if this evidence doesn't please Prosoft Engineering.
Don't waste your money with people who make inept accusations against their customers rather than addressing the real issue their software is faced with.

An.onymous reviewed on 13 Jun 2012
I have bought FLV Spider pro several years ago and I appreciate its free updates. Some interface improvements have been made, like showing an image of each file being downloaded. However, they have slowed the capture considerably, resulting in a lot of perplexity trying to guess whether the capture is working or not. Unfortunately, FLV's rate of capture failure is still high (about 1/3 in my case). So failures + delayed/incomplete information about the capture rapidly become a pain i.t.a.
But there is a domain where FLV is at the top of the "progress" : its anti-pirate procedures. A registred user cannot FLV Spider on two machines, without going through the whole licensing procedure (which includes emails more or less rapidly sent by FLV and more or less accessible by the registrated user). Indeed, FLV checks your machine number (hardware ID), thus making it extremely cumbersome that a same registred consumer changes the machine on which he wants to use his paid licence. So if you plan to use FLV on two different machines (eg a station and a laptop when you travel), be ready to repetitive and sometimes cumbersome registrations).
If I had understood that FLV is limited to one machine, instead of one user, I should not have bought it.
[Version 3.0.8]


An.onymous reviewed on 19 Apr 2012
My preferred browser for many years, especially because of its capacity to work when very restrictive security parameters are chosen. However, Camino's cookie blocking option does not work against cookies whose name starts with a dot, in particular the much problematic cookies (that keep passing, even when connections to are blocked using sudo nano /etc/hosts)
[Version 2.1.2]


An.onymous reviewed on 09 Apr 2012
I love this app and I have written a detailed positive critic of it.
- the latest MPEG Streamclip version saves .avi files that often cannot be read by the latest versions of VLC and Movist (The sound is OK but the image remains black). However, QT can read those .avi files from MPEG Streamclip.
- I cannot read (unrecognized format) .ts files that my descoder saves (they are all read and write but have no creator nor group nor type indicated in FileBuddy's info). However these files can be read with VLC and Handbrake (but without the editing capacities I need).
OF COURSE, I have Apple MPEG2 and all the codecs updated (Perian, FFmpeg,etc).

Please clarify.
Thank you
[Version 1.9.3b7]

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An.onymous replied on 09 Apr 2012
I intended and tried to save the above comment in the "Troubleshooting" section but apparently it did not succeed. Sorry about that.

An.onymous replied on 19 Apr 2012
THANK YOU very much Aargi. You clarified the point. Indeed MPegStreamclip can only edit some sorts of .ts, not those corresponding to H264+AAC.
VLC can read both but it is not a true editor. So MpegStreamclip needs more efforts to comply with H264+AAC which getting more and more frequent. I hope it is done soon, for there are not many almost-free video editors on Mac.
An.onymous had trouble on 21 Jun 2011
I have lots of large tif pics in 16 bits depth mode on a disk that was initialized by mistake and not modified further. These were analogic dias scanned with Nikon coolscan SF-200.
Although Data Rescue recovered 99% ot the other 8 bit files, it was not able to recover any file with a 16 bit depth.
[Version 3.2]

An.onymous had trouble on 14 Oct 2009
VLC 9.10 doesn't work on my PowerBooks Pro Intel with OS 10.4.11.
I can hear the sound but no image is displayed.
This does'nt happen with the 8.X versions of VLC.

Any suggestion (other than shifting to Leopard) most welcome.
[Version 1.0.2]

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