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Amberv rated on 18 Dec 2012
[Version 1.7.2]


Amberv reviewed on 18 Dec 2012
R.I.P. Skitch.
[Version 2.0.3]


Amberv reviewed on 18 Dec 2012
This is a nice TeX editing environment, but these days it is marred by Apple's hideous Auto-Save feature. It would be nice to have a version of this program that used the normal load/save/revert file management system. Another great loss in recent history is the find and replace panel. It now just uses Apple's bog standard panel which is okay for non-coders but fairly worthless for anyone that needs to work around code spans.

So, overall, in its eagerness to adopt some of Apple's less enticing newer OS features, it's kind of dropped behind the pack for me.
[Version 3.11]

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Amberv replied on 18 Dec 2012
(I should add that is is fortunate the old version 2 is still easily available, and it seems to work fine on 10.8. I just hope it stays that way)

Amberv rated on 24 Sep 2012
[Version 2.0]


Amberv reviewed on 26 Oct 2011
What a major bummer. Sad to see one of the big web development stars on the Mac come to such abandon. Like many others, I tried Espresso, and didn't care for it. I don't need a site management program or anything like that. I've been handling huge web sites with nothing but an FTP program and a text editor for a decade. CSSEdit fit lovely into that role, and while it wasn't the best tool for making sure everything looked good in Windows (but really, what is on the Mac) and it hadn't been updated in ages, it's still been used by me to write thousands of lines of CSS over the years. Bah. Three stars for the memories. I'd stay using one operating system for years if I could; but I can't.
[Version 2.6.1]

Amberv commented on 23 Oct 2011
Also, just as a comment: it would be nice to have a version we can actually buy. App Store is just software rentals when you get down to the actual stipulations and rights you get from it. I'd like a version I can buy from you, archive on my personal server, and unlock with a serial number for the next 15 years no matter what happens to the App Store, or the software.
[Version 1.0]


Amberv reviewed on 23 Oct 2011
The main thing that separates MultiMarkdown from Markdown is that it has been optimised for writers, and the production of long documents which require such things as footnotes, tables, cross-references, glossaries, and bibliographies. There are a lot of great Markdown editors out there these days, but most of them are focussed on what Markdown is good at: web publishing. MultiMarkdown Composer, with its integrated table of contents feature, drop-dead simple table creation and editing (better, I dare say, than most heavy-weight implementations in Cocoa and most other word processors), and more will make for a nice semantic writing environment.

There are still some areas that could use improvement. Footnotes could be better. They could cross-link instead of requiring manual searching by the marker ID. They could also have a helper that generates an anchor ID, pastes it at the bottom of the document and lets you type, then easily return to where you put down the marker, like I developed a macro for in TextMate.

A few other little things would make it better, but rest assured this is a very solid 1.0 and for a limited time it's a steal at $8. One word of advice: make a demo. Fletcher might have my cash on the barrel without a flinch, but not everyone knows the integrity of his designs. A demo helps people make that decision, and with a solid piece of software like this there is nothing to fear in letting the usability shine for 15 days or so.
[Version 1.0]

Amberv commented on 09 Oct 2011
Hmm, looks interesting. No demo and App Store only, though. I'm not a big fan of the MAS model. I've got software---often small useful stuff like this---that ends up abandoned years later. I can still install it register it thanks to serial numbers and backed up copies of the download. If I had bought said utility on the MAS, I wouldn't be able to download it, and I couldn't transfer my rightfully purchased software from one computer to the next when I upgraded. So, yeah, if you don't give me a real sale rather than a rented version, I'm not interested. Sorry.
[Version 1.2]

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Amberv replied on 19 Oct 2011
Yeah, I noticed the same thing. I finally found what appears to just be a larger version of a graphic that pops up when you click on it. No info. Ah well, it's too bad because it does look like an interesting idea. I just hope they read these and consider a more traditional reseller like Kagi or eSellerate. Plenty of good services out there for doing this easy.

Amberv rated on 15 Mar 2011
[Version 7.3]

Amberv rated on 28 Dec 2010
[Version 2.1.0]

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