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Amavida tipped on 26 Jun 2009
Is this really necessary these days?

I bought this app way back in the dark ages of Mac OS X because people said it was soooooo good but I have never in all the versions of Mac OS X from 10.0.0 to 10.5.7 needed to use it....

The only common thread I see in the comments is a particular older HP printer has a crap driver but nothing else.

If somebody say's to me that a wipe/clean install did'nt fix their print problem it screams buggy driver to me. The logical solution is to get updated drivers from HP.

To be honest Apple has done a good job of updating & improving the CUPS printing system in Mac OS.

Once a year someone posts a glowing review of this software here on Macupdate which suggests to me very very few people need it or astroturfing...
[Version 6.0.5]

Amavida commented on 26 Dec 2008
Abandonware. Does not work. Don't waste time & money downloading it.
[Version 0.6.1]

Amavida commented on 25 Dec 2008
Your can setup your iphone to sync your contacts/calendars yourself.
Nueva provide a free exchange server to do this.

No need for this
[Version 1.0]

Amavida commented on 20 Apr 2008

Has not bee updated in over two years.

Sadly missed...
[Version 4.1.20]


Amavida reviewed on 24 Oct 2006
Very good. Enough features to be usefull, not too complicated. ONE OF THE VERY FEW IN THIS CATEGORY THAT IS NOT JUST A PORT OF A WINDOWS APP. YES IT'S MADE FOR MAC!

Amavida commented on 24 Oct 2006
=> Firefox 2 Release Candidate 3
[Version 2.0]


Amavida reviewed on 21 Sep 2006
Man I still keep seeing glowing reviews of this browser...

I give points to the developers for making this software multiplatform, for persistance & for making it available in a low cost form... BUT...

Although I was a big fan of the all in one suite design of Mozilla in the past I question the design approach of Opera now, especially since the advent of the Mactels & Bootcamp the need for Linux & (gack) Windows machines is no longer really necessary anymore.

Mozilla take the approach of producing a rendering engine, placing a simple gui on it with a plugin architecture. The community then go nuts making all sorts of plugins that enable _THE_USER_ to easily customise Firefox to do what ever they want.

Opera is still in the old approach of all in one everthying including the kitchen sink. This may still suit some users. It makes it harder for the developers to stay on top of maintenance & gives the users flexibilty in how they use the software.

The acid test for me is rendering of pages from financial institutions and the like. This is where I still have more problems with Opera than other alternatives.

To be fair no browser is perfect but for my uses Opera is still sidelined as a 'less compatible' browser than say Safari, Firefox, Camino on the Mac Platform.

No browser is perfect. For all round multi platform use & web page compatibility Firefox is hard to beat.

On the Mac platform Safari is very good & the appearance of third party plugins that match simillar FF extensions makes it easy to choose over the non-native Firefox. Camino is is a great native port of Firefox but lacks the incredibly usefull extensions & pace of development is slow.

Opera/Omniweb/iCab etc stay in my 'problematic' basket.

If you are happy with the Mac platform & don't ever want to use anything else Safari + plugins is great. If you still must use a mixture of machines Firefox + extensions is great.
[Version 9.0.2]

Amavida commented on 21 Sep 2006
hehe I note this is essentially a Leopard (10.5) bugfic release, so Leopard can't be too far away now :)

Ok back to unison... I have registered both this & Hogwasher for a long time.

I find myself using hogwasher far more often (especially for reading threads) because it behaves the way you want (although the multi window interface can be a little annoying).

Unison seems designed to give too little choice in how things are done imho... I keep trying out the latest versions & then going back to Hogwasher in frustration... maybe it's just me...

Transmit is great, also registered that long ago.
[Version 1.7.7]


Amavida reviewed on 15 Mar 2006
A very polished & effective utility.
Worth a shareware fee.

Tested on 10.4.5
[Version 1.5.3]


Amavida reviewed on 11 Mar 2006
* Overpricced (it's just an archiving util after all..)

* Poor backwards compatibility

* Too many money grabbing releases

* Extortionate upgrade policy
[Version 10.0.2]

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