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Aljuk commented on 13 Jan 2010
This app used to be able to force open itunes, a great feature. For some reason it doesn't do it anymore, but luckily I've found a previous version which does, so I'm going back to that one, and dumping this.
[Version 1.75b]


aljuk reviewed on 24 Jan 2009
Awesome, I'm loving it. Built in query tester / command line interface too. Really good.
[Version 0.9.3]

aljuk commented on 17 Dec 2008
No 10.4? That sucks.
[Version 3.2.2]

aljuk commented on 17 Dec 2008
No 10.4 support?
[Version 1.3]

aljuk commented on 17 Dec 2008
I think I'll stick with version 2.1 - it works really well and it's free. Sounds like the more recent version has taken a wrong turn. Hourly adverts? Jeez, what's that all about...
[Version 3.1]

aljuk commented on 14 Dec 2008
I've never heard of DS files presenting a problem to windows users or had any issues with any files I've zipped for people who use windows. But I guess if those invisible files did create an issue for anyone I'd just delete any that were likely to get zipped before I did the zip. There are plenty of tools available for deleting those files, and plenty of different ways of viewing and accessing invisible files on the mac. i appreciate this s/w might be useful for someone, but personally I can't justify paying for something I can do in a couple of seconds with standard system tools.
[Version 1.7]

aljuk commented on 14 Dec 2008
Pity it doesn't work in 10.4
[Version 1.0.1]


aljuk reviewed on 12 Nov 2008
Perfect, and brilliant!

[Version 1.1b7]

aljuk commented on 12 Nov 2008
I must apologise for the inaccuracy in my review (see below). MP3 Trimmer DOES have switchable fade algorithms (I didn't realise the icons are switches).

Awesome. I've been editing out the dialogue and announcements from the music podcasts I subscribe to and the app is perfect. Great drag n drop too...
[Version 2.8.56]


aljuk reviewed on 08 Nov 2008
This is a very efficient app for top and tailing mp3s and adding auto-fades. It's entirely intuitive, quick in operation and a great solution. Highly recommended.

As a feature request I'd like to see some switchable auto-fade algorithms. The algorithm in use is a bit linear, and not very natural (ie. the tail is too long) at short settings. That addition would make this app perfect.
[Version 2.8.5]

Aljuk had trouble on 17 Jun 2010
Extremely poorly designed auto update.
It tells me I'm due an update.
What it doesn't tell me is that the update is not compatible with my Mac, and that the new version won't work.
So, now, rather than a new and improved app, I have a broken waste of space on my hard drive.

[Version 1.4.5]

Aljuk had trouble on 08 Feb 2010
This is a great torrent client. However, its ability to display the status of peers / seeds (whether "interested", "choked" etc) is flakey. It occsionally works on hovering over an IP in the peer list, but 95% of the time it doesn't. Personally I use Peer Guardian to individually block IPs who don't seed, so from my perspective this is an important feature.
[Version 1.83]

aljuk had trouble on 06 Jul 2009
this appears to be dead and the installer is non-functional. anyone know where I can get a copy?
[Version 2.1]

aljuk had trouble on 16 Apr 2009
Latest update has severe issues. App crashes everytime I try to open the "Unassigned" folder, forgets which website it's trying to log into etc. Constant crashes and freezes. I've been using this app since the beginning, and am currently feeling very disappointed in it. If I was a new customer, with the problems it seems to be having right now, I certainly wouldn't buy it.
[Version 2.9.13]

aljuk had trouble on 07 Feb 2009
can hardly play any .flv files that it used to play fine
[Version 0.9.8a]

aljuk had trouble on 15 Jan 2009
1. Picture buffering issues - black screen at start of movie, then picture appears with severe artefacts for a few seconds before settling down.

2. Picture freezes for a few seconds when movie is put to a different location (this has always been seamless previously).

3. Overlay of file name at start of movie file for several seconds (no real purpose and looks terrible).

Going back to a previous version.
[Version 0.9.8a]

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aljuk replied on 31 Jan 2009
Yeah I agree, stop and start works, but it never used to be necessary and is a total pain, especially if you want to rewind a bit and go over a particular line of dialogue a few times, in which event it's unuseable!
aljuk had trouble on 13 Jan 2009
The disk image is corrupt.
[Version 1.4.2]

aljuk had trouble on 11 Dec 2008
Every link to this on the web is dead.

Does anyone have a copy they could mail me? Please?

I could trade it for something or whatever.
[Version 1.1]

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aljuk replied on 11 Dec 2008
I've got it, thanks. Ah, the power of the macupdate community... :)

aljuk replied on 12 Dec 2008
I could email it or ftp it to you.
What address?
aljuk had trouble on 30 Sep 2008
It's no more. The domain is parked.
[Version 2.3.1]

aljuk had trouble on 27 Aug 2008
Ok, silly me! I was deluded (and now it seems like I'm having a conversation with myself on here lol...) - this does NOT work for me with FF3! New Firefox bookmarks are NOT appearing in AllBookmarks. Unfortunately this makes this otherwise excellent app useless for me.

If the developer is reading this, I'd love to know if you'll be updating the app soon to make it compatible with FF3?
[Version 3.0]

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