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Alexf commented on 07 Aug 2013
Love the app, hate the compromises it had to make to get on the App Store. Number one problem is this iCloud nonsense -- MFT used to have a wonderful, flawless local sync option so you could maintain two computers in sync at home. Your data never left the house. Now we have to sync it to iCloud and trust Apple with our personal info? I guess you can use Dropbox, but same problem.

Now that we know the government has access to all these cloud services, I don't know if I want to put anything up there. Please bring back local sync!
[Version 7.0.7]


Alexf reviewed on 14 Dec 2011
After installing the Software Update version of this, printing no longer works. It shows up in the printer dialog but fails with an error saying that the driver is not installed.

I tried installing this download over top of the built-in drivers but they give the same error.

Running on Lion.
[Version 2.8]

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Alexf replied on 16 Dec 2011
I resorted to reinstalling Lion from the recovery partition. It doesn't touch your user account, but simply reinstalls the system (like the old Archive and Install option). Took 30 mins. Easy as pie.

Then I simply unselected the Brother update when Software Update wanted to install it. What a travesty this upgrade has been.

Alexf reviewed on 12 Dec 2011
I love what this app has let me do -- I use it more than any other app on my Mac at the moment. At first the interface felt a bit complicated, but once you get the hang of it it feels quite natural and fast. You will want to read the manual once you get beyond the basics.

Like the last reviewer, I continue to hope for better graphics. They are decent, but not always functional. For example, long text (e.g. baptismal locations) are cut off even when there is a ton of room on the page to expand the box. It's very frustrating because there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. With OS X's graphical abilities, it seems strange that this limitation persists.

The addition of the tree chart in 6.2 is quite nice though I wish the connecting lines were darker or customizable (e.g. make them dotted, dashed, etc).

Overall a very nice app and I feel like I got my money's worth. Let's hope development continues! The developers seem dedicated and helpful, though the one time I did email a feature request they indicated it was already available -- but did not explain where. I was reluctant to ask again so I let it slide...but does anyone know how to make the fan chart blood relatives only?
[Version 6.2]


Alexf reviewed on 10 Feb 2010
I finally gave up on MediaLink and bought Playback. Good choice :)

Here's what I like about Playback:

- developer seems involved and enthusiastic
- very customizable, even down to the server name and how to list items in a folder
- support for EyeTV recordings (including the live buffer!)
- fine access control per device (so you can share only movies with your PS3 and only photos with an XBox, for example)

The app is unobtrusive and you'll never know it's running (unless you want to have the icon in the menubar and/or Growl notifications). Seems solid so far. No problems streaming HD movies with 5.1 surround sound through Gigabit (but I haven't tried wifi).

Transcoding support for .mkv would be perfect, but the author doesn't believe in transcoding and it's hard to argue with his stance...except sometimes it's nice in a pinch to just play that .mkv instead of waiting for the transcoding.

Kudos to the developer for a great product at a reasonable price. You get 3 licences for your $15.
[Version 1.2.5]


Alexf reviewed on 01 Feb 2010
It has some great features and is easy to use. But it is very unstable -- it randomly launches and restarts itself for no discernible reason. I've tried eliminating all traces of it and reinstalling, but it doesn't help.

It can't be relied upon to record reliably because of the stability issues.
[Version 3.3 (5851)]

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Alexf commented on 08 Feb 2010
Update: The problem is not the software, but the hardware -- it is incredibly sensitive to connection interruptions. Even the nudge of a finger will 'disconnect' it. Make sure your USB cable is seated fully and securely into your mini. So far no more problems :)

Alexf reviewed on 22 Dec 2009
Works great and it's easy to use. If it cost $10 I'd buy it on the spot...but $27 is a bit pricey for this program.
[Version 1.3.2]

Alexf commented on 08 Dec 2009
It only lists files from A - H (when it does list anything at all). Have not been able to test the transcoding functionality because it just hangs when accessing the folders through the PS3.

I think it's fair to point out that this is beta to avoid it in favour of earlier releases.

I too would like to hear more from the developer. It's such an indispensable app, but it's frustrating to sit and wonder what's going on.
[Version 2.0b1]

Alexf commented on 20 Sep 2009
Site seems to be down?
[Version 1.2]

Alexf commented on 05 Sep 2009
From their site: "The final 2.0 version of MediaLink will include full video transcoding functionality that is being polished up for release very soon!"

That is awesome! Going to wait out the new alpha release (still on Leopard), but I'm glad Nullriver's been developing 2.0.
[Version 2.0a1]

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Alexf replied on 25 Sep 2009
Hm. You're right, it's not there anymore. They must have changed it :( Not sure that's a good sign.
Alexf commented on 05 May 2009
It's great, but please, please, please add a "Sleep Mac when download finishes" option!
[Version 1.60]

Alexf had trouble on 24 Mar 2008
It doesn't start at login anymore, no matter how many times I click that option :(

Otherwise a great program...using a Mac without it feels unnatural. This was one of the first shareware programs I ever bought.
[Version 3.5a5]

Alexf had trouble on 23 Jul 2006
Looks like a great program, but I can't get the DOOM1.WAD (shareware level) working. I've added it to ~/Library/Application Support/PrBoom and it shows up, but the Launch button is greyed out.
[Version 2.4.3]

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