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Albyrw reviewed on 06 Aug 2012
BUYER BEWARE: EyeTV automatically installs EyeConnect, Elgato's UPnP streaming software.

I recently discovered that EyeConnect launches a process on restart and just sits there using over 400MB of physical memory. God knows how many beachballs I've sat through because of it over the years.

Absolutely obscene that Elgato produce this memory leaking rubbish and decides that every user wants to run it all day long.

Here's how to permanently rid yourself of it and still use EyeTV:
[Version 3.5.5]


Albyrw reviewed on 06 Aug 2012
EyeConnect installed itself with EyeTV. I have never used it.

But I recently discovered that it launches a process on restart and just sits there using over 400MB of physical memory. God knows how many beachballs I've sat through because of it over the years.

Absolutely obscene that Elgato produce this memory leaking rubbish and decide that every user wants to run it all day long.

Here's how to permanently rid yourself of it:
[Version 1.6.11]

Albyrw commented on 03 Jun 2012
DL no longer available. Download link and developer site redirect to MacKeeper ads and dating sites. Remove this crap Macupdate, or host binaries yourself please.
[Version 0.8]

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Albyrw replied on 16 Aug 2012
I tired Googling and couldn't find the .dmg. It's not out there. Please post a link if you have one.

To be honest, I would prefer not to have useless remnants of no-longer-available software on download sites. It makes searching for particular functionality that much harder when something that does the job appears to be available but ultimately is not. What use is this to anybody? Do you want Macupdate to be an empty link farm for dead apps?

Albyrw reviewed on 15 Feb 2011
Beware of buying YummySoup! unless you only need the functionality it currently has working in the version you buy today. The developer has a history of making grand promises about future feature releases and delivering years down the track, or in a paid upgrade. If you're waiting for the accompanying iPhone app, then believe it when you see it before parting with your money because YummySoup! has always been two-thirds real and one-third vapourware. Don't buy everything you want really exists (and a few other people have written reviews to say they're okay and have all the promised functionality).

I've been using YS for two-and-a-half years, since I think version 1.3 or 1.4. There have been constant problems with stability, features in the release version that didn't work properly or at all (export, email), bugs not fixed, and by 1.9 - a version still plagued with stability problems and with many reported bugs unfixed, such as the title selection in the web importer causing selected text to disappear not import, or the tabbing through ingredients in a shopping list causing rows to revert to blank, keyword searches only search on titles... The dev had obviously long moved on to 2.0, to start the whole cycle again with a new group of licensees. Thank Ken, but your idea of a .9 release is not the same as mine - a place to leave a half-finished app while you work on the next paid upgrade.

Although the dev was always responsive to emails (I've dealt with worse), actual development moved at a snail's pace - years - and I gave up asking about fixes, even to some of the advertised features that were the reason I bought YS in the first place. I expect that he will take this review rather personally, and so he should - the defensive posture and the replies saying that YS is a one man band really illuminate the problem - the dev's ambitions and publicly-stated promises for the product are wildly out of sync with his capacity to deliver. Screenshots of YS 2.0 look nice, but actual functionality has barely improved - only the weekly planner and export functionality is new; other changes are either cosmetic or promised in future updates. YS 1.x was supposed to have export functionality, but Ken decided to save that for 2.0.

The reason this app does well is because its core functionality and idea are good -a streamlined recipe manager and import manager that copes well with importing from most websites. That really is its killer feature. But for groceries, planning, exporting, organising and sharing its features are basic at best, and the app really lacks the polish and professionalism you get from larger developers. If the price matched the reality and the app's ambitions were more modest, this could be a more reasonable purchase. But if you really want to use the YS to its limits, you may be disappointed. I suggest you check out all the recipe managers out there - there's plenty of good ones - and thoroughly test YS in your real-use situation. Don't buy because it looks nice, or because you're looking forward to iPhone integration. MacGourmet has all those features today, maybe give that a look. I still use YS 1.9 because it does everything I need, barely, but it's often exasperating. No more money will be spent on it until the fairy dust turns into something I can touch.
[Version 2.2.2]

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Albyrw replied on 05 Jul 2012
How's that iPhone app coming along Ken? Everyone's still waiting for the replacement for the 'holdover' app from September 2011. That's the full iPhone app with bidirectional sync, the one that was announced about two years ago to the YS 1.9 users. Not the shell app where the user manually copies the YS database file into iTunes for read-only access.

And now, according to @hungryseacow, there's apparently an all-new YS *3* coming that has iCloud syncing! Or at least, there was in February 2012. So that's it! Yet *another* (paid?) update and *more* time for users to wait. Why not just deliver the features you promise to the people who've already paid?

No updates for desktop or iOS app since September 2011. Check the complaints out here folks:!/hungryseacow/.

I especially love Ken's response to a tweet from November 2011: "How's the work on iCloud-Sync/iOS-editor going? Thanks :)" Reply: "Working on it. Will be posting info on it soon."

Then, on February 18, what we've all been waiting to hear: "Working on desktop and iOS apps. Version two won't work with iCloud due to support for 10.5. Version three fixes that with 10.7+"

Ahh, so it's another version upgrade before you get syncing, right.

But wait: the Yummysoup user guide from August 2011 says this: "I have big plans for the iOS version all which will be free upgrades from this initial release. I am currently working on version two which is a full editor featuring iCloud sync and will require iOS 5 when it’s released."

So which is it for iCloud syncing? The next version of the iOS app (the one you're asked to pay for now)? Because iOS 5 has been out for months and months. Or the next version of the desktop app? Or both? Who knows?

I stand by what I wrote at the beginning of 2011. YummySoup! is one long series of promised features that might be delivered at some point in the future, and quite possibly not under the license you've already paid for. Wait till it does everything you want and don't believe the hype.

By the way, I'm still happily using YS 1.9 in Lion, with Dropbox syncing the library to multiple Macs. Use a symbolic link to reference your YS database in the Dropbox, then another symbolic link on each client machine to reference the library from Dropbox back into Application Support - works like a charm as long as you only have one copy of YS open at a time. Print your shopping list to PDF in Dropbox and you're shopping and cooking from Dropbox for iOS on iPhone or iPad. No money down.
Albyrw commented on 10 Jun 2010
Actually it can do that - if you install a firmware password on the machine, the Mac's firmware will refuse to clean install the existing hard drive or boot from another installed hard drive. It should still boot in target disk mode - not handy for a laptop though.
[Version 4.0]

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