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AlanR commented on 05 Mar 2009
Very nice, thanks

I came here looking for just this.
[Version 2.0]

AlanR commented on 11 May 2008
"Now if only we could delete unwanted services provided by Apple's apps!"

You can:
[Version 1.5b3]


AlanR reviewed on 05 Apr 2007
I've looked at or tried several GTD apps and this is the best by a long shot.

This latest version with Smart Folders implemented is very significant. With some small enhancements to the Smart Folders (Date Range, Priorities, for example) the possibilities of the app seem endless.

I think Bartek should find an alternative (non PayPal) method for accepting contributions.
[Version 1.3.2]


AlanR reviewed on 14 Feb 2007
Since there have been very few reviews lately I'll pipe up.

TextSoap is one of my top three or four most used apps, but probably not for the most obvious reasons. I use TextSoap's service menu items almost constantly. I have defined many special TextSoap Cleaners and it's easy to add them to the Services menu.

I also use QuicKeys and the QuicKeys menus, often with special menus for each major app. TextSoap therefore allows me to have one button clicks to perform all sorts of text manipulations almost instantly and these are extremely useful when communicating of the web. For all my browsers I have a one button click which copies selected text into TextSoap for manipulation, enhancement and checking.

I also find that I use TextSoap pretty much as a replacement for TextEdit, pretty much only using T.E. when it's the default app for some file type. This review was written using TextSoap.

I realize that it may seem pricey but when I use it as much as I do that's not such an issue.
[Version 5.5.1]

AlanR commented on 08 Sep 2006
It would be nice to have more details on the...

* New and improved User Interface
* Various minor bug fixes

so we don't have to search them out ourselves. There are no release notes in the download from here or the download from the full download site.
[Version 1.6.5]


AlanR reviewed on 27 Aug 2006
This app deserves a review, a good one.

I like the way it handles the thumbnails putting them in a directory of my choosing. It's easy to find them and remove them if I want to free up disk space.

I've sent in the shareware fee.
[Version 2.3.1]


AlanR reviewed on 16 Jul 2006
I have to agree with a poster below who says this is not 1.0 level at this stage, it's more like a beta.

I've paid the $20 and I've used it for some weeks now. I like the concept but this app needs a lot of work.

Here are some issues.

* Collapse the ToolBar and watch what happens to the Info drawer

* Buttons need keyboard shortcuts

* Drop and Drag doesn't work

* You can't permanently re-order columns any changes are lost on quitting.

* Copy and Paste does not work within text fields!!

* Sorting on Task column non functional

* No auto (or even manual) refresh. To move tasks from one day to another you must click to a different day and back

* There are most likely other issues I've forgotten to include

If you want to see the "Getting Things Done" concept executed well try the OmniOutliner Pro+KinkLess GTD integration. ( ) It's a nearly perfect integration with iCal.

You may own a copy of OmniOuliner as part of the S/W bundle which comes with Macs. Then the upgrade to the Pro version is $30, only $10 more than EasyTask.

I'd love to see EasyTask improved to the point where it's more usable, it's a good concept, but there are many basic things to be fixed. I've waited to see if improvements were forthcoming before posting this review.
[Version 1.6]

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AlanR replied on 19 Jul 2006
You can drag tasks into the outline to assign a Project/Context/Cal. What do you mean by D&D doesn't work?

I'd like to be able to Drag and Drop tasks to a different day. Let's say I've not completed all of today's tasks for some reason. I'd like to move them to the next day or a following day with drag and drop. Now I have to edit the Cal Date, do a save, click to a different day then back to see the remaining tasks, it should auto refresh.

I find editing much easier and more convenient in the info drawer. (It would also be nice if the info drawer could be made wider.)

I've defined keyboard macros (QuicKeys) to pop open or close the drawer (the More Info button, Command I) and a Save Key (Command S - duh!) to save the changes.

AlanR replied on 27 Jul 2006
Usability is much improved, the ability to drag projects from one calendar day to a different is a big time saver.

The advantage of the EasyTask concept for me is the simplicity. I don't manage large projects involving many people. I just need to maintain a list of tasks which may or may not reach completion on a given day and get the ones not relevant to today or tomorrow out of view for the time being.

Most of the other project or task management applications are far too complicated for my needs. I don't need progress bars and so on, they're not relevant to my work and simply add noise to the views.

None of the others I've looked at (a lot) offer the possibility to view a single day's tasks alone. Start with today's view and do what you can. Some tasks reach completion and some are rescheduled for various reasons. Other apps always seem to display all tasks or projects at once and don't lend themselves to helping one focus on the ones that most need attention today.

There are some other minor tweaks which need attention but I'll email my notes to the developer.
AlanR tipped on 06 Jul 2006
If it was pulled and re-released it seems that the version number should change regardless of how minor the fix.

How will anyone know if they downloaded the "good" 3.5.4 or the "bad" 3.5.4 if they downloaded earlier?

I just downloaded again to be on the safe side.
[Version 3.5.4]

AlanR commented on 12 Jun 2006
The links on this page and the link on the author's home page download a different app, Clean Mac.

12 June '06 10, 15:35 GMT
[Version 6+]


AlanR reviewed on 02 May 2006
I really like FolderGlance. I've been using it for some months since I first found it and I love the new feature which eliminates Control Click. I'm a true believer in the original concept of the single button mouse and the Control "Clickless" feature brings it back to me.

I also dislike the bloat of all the launchers out there, I just don't mess around in the finder enough to give them the memory and other overhead they demand. QuicKeys is my only must have startup item and it's all the launcher I'll ever need. Combine it with FolderGlance and you'll never need any of the launcher apps.

I've made my donation.
[Version 2.0.1]

AlanR had trouble on 04 Aug 2006
There's a small problem with the 4.7 Version.

After finishing a countdown the units display (lower left digits) switches to an incomprehensible number. If another countdown is started without quitting and allowed to finish then the display will be correct. It will correctly show the time elapsed since the countdown reached zero.
[Version 4.7]

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AlanR commented on 04 Aug 2006

After posting my previous comment it occurred to me to reset the prefs for the action to take after the countdown reaches zero.

That seems to have cured the problem.
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