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Aikousha commented on 20 Feb 2013
Can this work in such a way as to modify only the keys on an external numeric keypad, without altering the numeric keypad on the main keyboard?
If so, that should probably be part of the main description, as that could have hundreds of uses (including the ability to have a boardroom table with a dozen keypads, each programmed differently, to use as a feedback method, for gaming, etc.).
[Version 8.0.0]

Aikousha commented on 20 Feb 2013
With Mountain Lion, this needs an update to 64bit. Hope to see it.
[Version 0.6]

Aikousha commented on 03 Feb 2013
We have been using 2 for the longest time, but now as we have a few new machines, we went to get the new version for the new architecture. Found the sale, and thought great! However, their odd German payment site keeps refusing to clear our payment. It's not a problem on our end and there is thousands of dollars more than needed in the account...
And no quick and simple method to contact or pay by phone.
This is just like being in a store to buy a TV, only to be told to just "get out" for no reason... "and you can't talk to the manager!"
Oh, well. That's how you lose customers.
[Version 3.0.2]

Aikousha commented on 03 Feb 2012
This could be handy. However, the link at macupdate currently goes to an empty white page... the developer's site does have a download link, but the site is in German... To get this to work, you need to install a bin, and though there is a working one for 10.6, you must be able to compile one for your version of OSX, and there is some issues with incompatible libs for some versions.
--Good luck ^_^
[Version 0.2]

Aikousha commented on 03 Feb 2012
I don't know how well the app works, but I've been on the receiving end of about 40 documents, recently, being sent from the UK, and have had no end of problems from yousendit, itself. Most of them server side errors, unexpected disconnections (that are consistent and repetitive), and "file does not exist" errors.
I don't trust this service, and suggest you test the service (not the app) extensively before going for this.
[Version 2.11.0]

Aikousha commented on 23 Dec 2011
Just wondering, because it gave me a bit of a start, when I saw the new icon coming up in the similar titles area...
Why is the 4.0 capture and icon being used here? It certainly misrepresents the 2.6.6 version.
Are we being teased, or is this a hint that maybe the newer version will soon be available by normal means?
[Version 2.6.6]

Aikousha commented on 17 Dec 2011
Sadly this hasn't been updated in a long time, and there appears to be an issue between versions of itunes/os. For me and many others this widget does nothing. It says "iTunes not playing" even when it is. It does absolutely nothing even when clicking the buttons.
It looks to be a nice little dashboard app, and has a very good selection of sources. Hopefully the author will fix the breaks, and add the ability to search additional sources if the initial source fails.
[Version 2.9.5]

Aikousha commented on 06 Aug 2011
Is there something special this does?
Basically, since the Mac was invented, such files I have always read by dragging them to TextEdit (or before that, TeachText). I even do this on Windows with WordPad. And if you really want to make it easier, just associate ".nfo" with TextEdit (Get Info | Open With | Change All)
If it does anything fantastic, you need to mention that in the description.
[Version 1.0.0]

Aikousha commented on 26 May 2011
Two problems:
1. Unable to download the program from any links here or practically anywhere else, as links typically come up "denied" or "unable to find server." Eventually found a copy at Brothersoft.
2. Builds directories and stores files as per the tags/iTunes. In my collection this easily becomes messy, as a very large number of "artists" are unique (and I add files constantly in batches by their catalog number). Keeping original filenames in a single directory is much preferable. If something in the file scheme causes a duplicate name, simply adding a number to the end, like the Apple file system does, will work.
3. Seemed to work quite well until the failing iPod gave an I/O error, and then it just blew through all the remaining titles in a minute, copying blank folders and files to the destination directory.

This last needs to be corrected no matter what the source of error, as it makes the backup look valid, until you look at the file sizes. This is even more important when dealing with a failing iPod!
[Version 1.2.2]

Aikousha commented on 23 Apr 2011
Version 2.7 is broken for my, and several other people's machines. After completing most of it's process, it just leaves the window with a full non-pulsing progress bar, and cannot be dismissed without force-quitting it in the Activity Monitor (it doesn't show up in the standard force quit dialog). It also does not do all the file maintenance it needs to do, like making the temporary invisible files visible, renaming it, possibly file permissions, etc.
Force-quitting also makes the program unworkable until after a reboot, so that isn't a valid work-around.

I tried to notify the author, but the site that takes comments does not have an obvious button to log the comment, there is one, but it doesn't work, and I wasted 30 minutes making a bug report that vanished in the ether ^_^

Hope this gets ironed out soon, this is one of the most useful programs for the Mac.
[Version 2.7]

Aikousha had trouble on 13 Dec 2006
Sorry, Wavpack unpacking does not work. This is a repeatable bug. No matter the .wv input, no matter what output file type or settings. Result is always the same -- horribly buzzy and hashed sound. The output is barely recognizable.
Waveform output shows the main reason -- at very rapid frequency, the waveform zeros out, then returns.

Hope this gets ironed out soon... It's a nice little app.
[Version 0.6.1]

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