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I also did monthly seminars on Entertainment and Utilities as a Special Interest Group Leader for the Houston Area Apple User Group and Contributing Editor and Writer to the Groups monthly magazine The Apple Barrel for over 20 years.

All my articles were sent to all the User Groups across the USA and began to be reprinted by other groups and soon I was being asked to write for other magazines.

Before long my articles were being read across the globe because some of the mags I wrote for were ezines that were on the internet. I wrote a blog about all this in and you can read the full story there. It is called How the Mac Changed my Life.

Presently, I am between jobs due to the recession and have a rough time of it. I posted a copy on YearBook, adjusted the format as much as YearBook would allow but when I posted it the formatting fell apart. If anyone would like to see a good copy of my resume and help network it to anyone email me at To be honest just use your imagination and just sent it to anyone who might know someone else who could then network it. If you can help God bless.

Thank you,

Robert Lewis

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Afcgbbob commented on 16 Aug 2013
If this is just clip art, then why can't PPC users cannot use them. I can read png docs just as easy as Intel users can. Did you do something to the clip art so they cannot be read by a 64 bit G5? End of Line...
[Version 2.1]

Afcgbbob commented on 04 Aug 2013
If this is just videos then why can I not play them on a G5 2.7 gHz PPC with 10.5.8 and is 64 bit compatible. Sometimes I think you guys do not know how to think out of the box. Videos should be able to play on a PPC or Intel Mac. I would love you to know what you did to cripple these videos to make them not play on my Mac. Please advise.

PS to everyone on an Intel Mac, this not a case of crying over spilled milk. He is talking about videos and how he crippled them so that will not play on PPC Macs. Is this a programmer that knows nothing about the PPC Macs era or what? I just want to know why a G5 cannot play his video, that is all.
[Version 4.0]

Afcgbbob commented on 30 Jul 2013
I will be short. One have one question. Is there any way to make an updater for MT that just updates the database of MT so that PPC users can stay up to date. I have used MT as far back as I can remember and it would be helpful to be able to stay up to date with just a database updater of just the latest Macs and other peripherals. I use it when (if when) I (if) plan to buy a new Mac.
[Version 7.1.5]

Afcgbbob commented on 22 Jul 2013
Will someone please tell me what is so great about MKV Files? I have yet to download a MKV file and not have trouble with playback.

9 out of 10 times QuickTime cannot handle it, The file will freeze, pix-elate, freeze and the audio will go out of sync as it plays.

Even the Swiss-Army-Knife VLC has trouble with it as well. I have other players as well and some of them do not even recognize it as a movie.

I miss a great deal of my TV shows so I have to download it to my Mac. By doing this for a while I was able to figure out those who DL MKV and those who can DL AVI, WMV, MPEG4 and FLV files with no problems at all.

All of these files are easy to make conversions with them VisualHub. I do have that last updated version and it works like a champ on my G5. I can take these files and turn them into an ISO DVD for my player and burn them. If I try to do MKV file I get Apple Script errors galore and freezing.

I am not putting MakeMKV as a program down at all if you are one that does not play so bad as it does on my Mac.

I have tried at least 100 MKV files with the same result. When possible I try to stick to AVI files because I have never found a bug in any AVI file I DL. For those who had good luck with MKV files then this program is perfect for you.

I have all the major plug-ins needed for QuickTime and they do not help. So I ask if anyone can tell me what if any I am doing wrong, just please tell me. My apology to the Author, I just had to say this and in no way was it meant at to put down your program. It does what you designed what it is suppose to do. It is the format that I just despise unless I am missing some plug-in that I am not aware of. End of Line...
[Version 1.8.4]

Afcgbbob commented on 22 Jul 2013
For once I will be short (impossible). How is it you say Free but put in parenthesis $10? I find that rather confusing. You see I said I was short.

BTW does anyone know of any Mags looking for an Android reviewer? T-Mobile gave me a myTouch Q for free and like the Mac I work it and organize it like a Mac. I even found a way to multitask on it.

[Version 2.10]

Afcgbbob commented on 08 Jul 2013
My dear GianMarco-Tavazzani, First I must thank you for your rebuttal to the negative feedback. I have been told that I have a very complex mind and high intelligent. I believe that twisted combination made me a writer with a unique way of using the English language.

Over the years I tried to put a profile together of the type of people who are just plain jealously. They could not be there and will never know what they missed out on when I grew with the Mac 128 with sys 1.0 in a Buy a Mac program.

Other things that I can pick up on, is these people just love to slander. This is a ideal condition for them since these people do from the shadows. Basically their shows up in the stars. I have look over my reviews and my stars to number of reply do not add up.

Since at this point I am a Mac reviewer with out an emag or print magazine. So I decided no matter what the shadow people do, When I see a program that meets my filters, I will do what comes naturally to me. I will give the consumer a full review within the constraints of their rule and my comments do not reflect the opinion of MUD.

I used to write About this Particular Mac ( and you can see some of my last of my articles. End of Line...
[Version 4.06]


Afcgbbob reviewed on 04 Jul 2013
I have used MT since its' inception way back in the classic days. If you try to do a search for this type of genre your list would be very short if at all. The database it has on the Mac is so extensive that it is more of a time capsule.

When I worked at CompUSA as the lead Mac seller and some Tech work, I used MT to look up specs. get the RAM type for it, type of ports it has and down it to the model if I was on the phone with a customer.

I used it to look at the latest models that were being produced at home but with the authors decided to break away from PPCs I cannot see the latest models. That is why I am requesting if there is any way to just write an update modular that only would update the database and nothing else. I am still not sure what mandated you going from a universal binary to Intel only?

There is nothing I can say that is on the negative side although I do find it ironic that from what I read in the comments, there seems to be some bugs that never happened in the PPC version. Since it was released, MT has never had any problems on various Macs I have run it on. I find it ironic that the Intel version is a bit on the buggy side.

If you have a PPC make sure you at least have the last version for your Mac. The Leopard version is at the top. End of Line...
[Version 7.1.5]


Afcgbbob reviewed on 26 Jun 2013
Danger Will Robinson... Danger... Well sadly that is what I have to say as the start of this review. It is true by experience that Cocktail can cause catastrophic damage to your system. It has also happened in Secrets, MacPilot, Deeper, iTweaX and other programs that allow you to turn features not available on and off.

The Megabug that I speak of will cripple your entire Mac. You can tell if it happened if all your right side menu items (including SpotLight) do not load at all. You can launch a program but, the windows do not open. The Mac is crippled and you are not sure what to do.

Well, sadly it not easy to say but I have had it happened in the programs I listed above several times. The sad thing is I cannot retrace myself to the cause and the programmers do not add any warning about the features. So I cannot figure what feature I may have clicked on to cause such system crash but, all I can say is I have been through it in the first person.

Even all command key sequences that you can invoke at boot time can not be accessed so you cannot dump the core, Clear the PRAM, go into single use to do a fsck task or a mount task, Holding down the option will not go to the boot page and more.

I'll say these programs have the same merit and can do some of the same tweaks that are useful. When it come to tweaking, the tweakers on the bottom of the Totem Pole seem to be very much alike. In some cases they are Carbon copies of each other.

So yes I will say yes to Cocktail with the warning I listed above. If you can Backup, do it. If not, good luck. To this day I still cannot find the cause of this and there is a resolve to this. You mainly have to use your 10.5.x disk and do an archival install with out saving settings. However, you will have to find a way to get the disk in the drive and how to get the disk to be the boot disk.

Sadly this is not the platform to discuss here and bear in mind I am talking from a PPC G5 2.7 Ghz. Remember, PPC or Intel I believe you are not protected. End of Line...
[Version 6.4.1]


Afcgbbob reviewed on 24 Jun 2013
This has to be the best way to track your stats on your Mac in one simple menu. Since I run a PPC 2.7Ghz Liquid Cooled G5 it is even more important to me.

Apple only made two LC Macs. There is always a chance that the LC could leak. That would start a domino effect in CPU temps. That is why I go to the IS menu and choose sensors and see all the temps on all the vital areas and fan speeds of my Mac. I can spot a problem in real time.

I have 3 drives (one is an external FireWire) with 6 partitions. Using Disk Usage tells me quickly how much space I have on each so I know where to save to.

To be ably to put together so many internal aspects together and in real time.

Now I am using the last PPC version of IS. In every version I discovered one major bug. When I would try to access the menu, it would fully freeze up and until it failed and it would rebuild the entire right side menu and itself back in the menu. Then I would get that the System UI crashed and I would relaunch it until the next time it would freeze. Yet the data I get makes it worth it even with the freezes worth it. Now I have yet to find any pattern to this Bug, it it happens randomly... Help

Over all, the learning curve is low, you can do a great deal of customization to the menu, deciding what elements you want under the menu all the data is in real time.

It has been around a relatively short period of time (in Mac yrs) so it has not had the time to see if it will make it. I think based on what it does and they follow the Apple guidelines, it should pass the time test. That only time will tell. In the meantime IS is an excellent utility and if you are the kind of person who wants to keep track of how your Mac is behaving then iStat Menu is the best out there. End of Line...
[Version 4.06]


Afcgbbob reviewed on 20 Jun 2013
Like VLC DF has stood the test of time. It goes without saying the quality of this SW. What other SW allows you to trash documents, rename, add folders to your favorites folders and more from your expanded save as/open window. I have beta tested with with them even on problems related to me and guys you need to get to me about Application Manager. It still give no numbers in the App Mgr.

As I said in the VLC review this SW goes back to the seasoned Mac era. From 1984 to 2001 are from an era that first time Mac users of today will never be able to grasp. If the terms... Have You Hug Your Mac Today? Well DF deserves to be in it. Like a fine wine it ages very well.

So to the first time mac and those who have to move from one bling to another as they come out. you have no idea what you have in your hands. End of Line...
[Version 4.5.9]

Afcgbbob had trouble on 29 Aug 2011
OK, after working with LCC I have hit a major glitch that I never hit on any other version I have used over its' evolution. The problem has to do with "restart system daemons" command. It seems to be caught in a loop when I launch it and will run like the Ever Ready Rabbit... on & on & on with out stopping. The command period will not work to kill it. Nor can you quit the program as well. So, I wind up having to kill and restart it with MainMenu (another excellent sw to have). I have tested this command under different conditions and it always does it. Now the Mac I am running it on is a dual G5 one gig mother board, 2 gigs of RAM and an ATI Radeon X800XP Pro with 256 megs of VRAM. I went back to SLCC to see if I could replicate the problem but it worked fine there. I usually like to run LCC at the end of the month as with my other tools I have since it fell down the stares with me due to a spinal problem but I did restore it back to 95% of health. The only 2 things it does not like is being shut down for long periods of time and put to sleep for long periods as well. Anyhow no matter what software is running when using LCC the problem persist and would be glad to help to correct the problem. Every thing works fine and I still say LCC is a valuable tool to have if your Mac is acting up. If you ever talked to an Apple Genius they most often will be quick ti say wipe the drive and a new. In my years of working with Mac I always found a solution with the right sw utilities that most MG know nothing about. Just bear in mind that 95% of the time the issue is a sw one and you do not need to wipe your drive. Get a copy of MacPilot and look at the key board commands section. You will find them invaluable. I do not like the program itself because it screwed up my drive several times but, those keyboard commands are great to print out and learn. End of Line...
[Version 6.0.3]

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