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Adventure Seeker commented on 27 Sep 2013
I'm a big Apple fan and an long AAPL. However, I have to admit that I am very disappointed that iOS 7 will only work on the Touch 5G, but not the 4G. I've only had the 4G for maybe a year and a half and already it won't run the latest OS? You know, those Fandroids who knock Apple are idiots about most things, but they have hit the nail on the head about how quickly Apple makes its products obsolete.
[Version 7.0.2]


Adventure Seeker reviewed on 27 Nov 2012
This is a great game. I enjoy the combat and the missions. However, the challenge in combat is the sheer number of ships they throw at you. The AI is lacking, unless I'm just a better combat pilot than I give myself credit for. The graphics on my mid-2011 27" iMac 3.4 ghz with 12 GB of RAM is amazing. I can run easily on the highest level of detail (full screen, max resolution) with 2x set for both shader/anti-aliasing options and not have a hiccup. at 4x, I noticed the slightest jerkiness at some moments.
I'm downloading v. 1.07 at this time, so I haven't tried out the 3 new ships.
As for stability, I purchased the game shortly after 1.0.6 came out and only had one crash in 44 hours of game play (near the end of Valkyrie, but it only happened once). 1.0.7 is supposed to have additional bug fixes. We'll see.
I'd recommend getting Valkyrie and Supernova together through in-app purchases for $20, as it saves $5. I do wish the game was a little cheaper, but given the number of hours I've put on it, it's worth it.
As for a wish list for this game, I wish you could take over defeated ships and bring them to port to sell or to use as part of your fleet. Since the game handles wingmen, this could be done. LIke EV Nova, perhaps you could carry marines in your passenger cabin to effect the takeover, or at least steal some credits from the vanquished/disabled ships (use EMP weapons so you don't destroy the ship). We would need the ability to dock with those ships, though.
I also wish there were more star systems and it didn't cost so many credits to unlock ones that are hidden. This is not really fair, as Fishlabs really pressures us to buy credits through in-app purchases by limiting the content from the getgo.
I wish the missions you get at space lounges were more varied, as it starts getting old fairly quickly, if you are not on the main storyline.
Overall, a great game. I've had some very late nights because of it (and suffered in the morning).
[Version 1.0.7]


Adventure Seeker reviewed on 30 Oct 2011
I have a 2 gHz dual core G5 running 10.5.8 and the updater repeatedly hung on startup. Unusable.
[Version 1.13d]

Adventure Seeker commented on 07 Jun 2011
Is this another RISK knockoff?
[Version 1.1]

Adventure Seeker commented on 20 May 2011
There is a mistake in the requirements section. It can't be PPC/Intel, yet require 10.6.6, as PPC doesn't run Snow Leopard.
[Version 2.0.0]

Adventure Seeker commented on 25 Mar 2006
I'm not sure why someone would spend the money on this, when Cocktail does this, and many other things, for free, in demo mode.
[Version 1.2]

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Adventure Seeker replied on 26 Mar 2006
Of course, your developers deserve to be paid. I'm looking at this from the consumer's point of view. Look at it this way.
In Cocktail's demo mode, you can use most, but not all of the tools. Registering unlocks the remaining tools. Network optimization is not one of those that get locked.
Cocktail certainly has the ability to make very complex changes to the OS that can potentially mess things up, should you make the wrong changes. The trick with Cocktail is that you don't play around with settings, just to see what they do, or if there is any improvement. You make specific changes based on your knowledge on what they will do.If a user sticks with the tools he knows about (For a beginner, say sticking with network optimization, repairing permissions, running cron scripts and the choices under the interface tab), he'll be OK. If you're the kind of person who would walk into an unguarded missle silo and hit the pretty red glowing button, whose function is not known, don't use Cocktail.
Right now, lets just look at the network optimization tool, as that is what directly compares with your product.
In Cocktail, you go to the Network tab, then choose the optimization button. You then choose the connection type from a pull-down menu and hit the apply button. Pretty simple... and free if you use Cocktail.
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