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Adreitz commented on 06 Dec 2013
Beware! Someone (probably this program's developer) is astroturfing these reviews. The following accounts were all created on Dec 3 or 4, all gave 5 star reviews, and only ever reviewed this program: CharlesJohnmn, namej1241, tanyat9165, EarlaFern, Amanda.G, Terrycen, JessieMJ, AnnapolisM4361, chrismasa8339, edadorcey. Not cool.

Adreitz commented on 29 Oct 2013
A note for those using Mavericks: there appears to be a bug in LCC's application-specific profiles function that causes freezing of the mouse and keyboard. I experienced this using v. 3.7.0, but I believe that it is still present in 3.8.0. A Logitech employee on their forums acknowledged the problem and suggested that those experiencing this symptom delete all of their application profiles until a fix is found.
[Version 3.8.0]

Adreitz commented on 03 Oct 2013
A note for those of you using nVidia's web drivers: this update makes the system incompatible AGAIN, so it falls back to the base OS X drivers. (Way to go, nVidia.) If that annoys you like it does me, you might want to hold off on this update until nVidia gets a clue.
[Version 1.0]

Adreitz commented on 17 May 2013
This version doesn't work on 10.8.3. It crashes at launch with a Dyld error. It looks like the library path was hard-coded as the path on the developer's machine, so the game can't find it on mine:

Library not loaded: @rpath/SDL.framework/Versions/A/SDL
Referenced from: /Volumes/VOLUME/rRootage.app/Contents/MacOS/rr
Reason: image not found

Also, this version of the game is ridiculously huge because the frameworks were built incorrectly. Instead of using symbolic links, they just contain multiple copies of the same files in different folders. I tried to build the frameworks using MacPorts and then use them to replace the frameworks inside the application package, but that didn't work, possibly because I did it incorrectly, and possibly because the binary was built incorrectly.
[Version 0.23.6]

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Adreitz replied on 17 Jun 2013
Version 0.23.7 fixes the crash-on-launch issue I was experiencing. The framework builds are also correct this time around, so the total package size is only around 13 MB uncompressed. Thanks, Watanabe-san.
Adreitz commented on 15 Mar 2013
I'm disappointed that Apple has chosen not to support Windows 8 on my 2008 Mac Pro. I already have it installed and running fine (installed overtop of a previous XP Boot Camp partition), except for a problem where the wireless connection is very slow compared to Ethernet or OS X, but I'd rather have the additional features and functionality of the Boot Camp software. Trying to run the installer provided just gives an error dialog saying my machine isn't supported. If anyone finds a way to force the installer to continue, please post it here. Also note that the old Boot Camp 4 drivers never worked in Win 8 for me. If I install them, I get a BSOD after restarting and need to roll the install back in order to log in.
[Version 5.0.5033]

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Adreitz replied on 16 Mar 2013
Roxzilla, this is a Windows installer, not an OS X installer (since it installs Windows drivers and other support software). Pacifist is an OS X program and only works with OS X install packages.

Adreitz reviewed on 10 Feb 2013
I really don't understand how this is supposed to work. It doesn't seem to interface at all with iTunes, so exactly what "music library" is this supposed to work with? That reduces the usefulness significantly.

There are menu items that appear to do nothing, and I can't tell what the "set" button is supposed to do, though it does seem to realign the metronome to the time when you click the button. The use of Java to create this is another big negative, considering Java's recent security problems.

With these other issues, I couldn't be bothered to try to figure out how the sharing integration was supposed to work, but a cursory examination appeared to show that this feature also does nothing. The documentation for this program is almost nonexistent.

Finally, the bpm values out of the program seem to be reasonably accurate, but turning on the metronome function (command-m) seems to always run the metronome at a rate a few bpm slower than what was detected, so the clicks go out of sync with the music.

Ever since iTunes-bpm was abandoned and stopped working with new versions of OS X, I've been looking for a low-footprint, free bpm counter with iTunes integration and accurate results. There aren't many options on the Mac. The best I've found is a widget just called "bpm" by flyingcheeseburger.com (website no longer works), but it doesn't provide any visual feedback and its bpm results take much longer to stabilize than iTunes-bpm did. I'd still recommend that widget over this program, though.
[Version 2.0.5]

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Adreitz replied on 10 Feb 2013
INMEK, I see no changes in the newest version, 2.0.7, from the version I tested. Hitting the Set or Copy buttons still does not put the bpm value into iTunes. I didn't even know that the program has a "browser" (you really need documentation!). But it's a moot point, because the browser doesn't work. Choosing that menu item does nothing.

But why do you even need a browser? If you're interfacing with iTunes, just modify the bpm field of the currently playing song. You don't need to reinvent iTunes. Further, iTunes includes its own sharing over the local network, so I don't understand what benefit your program provides in that regard. Also, choosing the webservice menu item opens a page in Safari (note: NOT the currently chosen default browser) that has the program logo, "download enabled:false", and a text box of some sort. I have no idea what I'm seeing.

My impression is that the program was developed in German. I think you should test it on an English system, and one that you haven't customized with any additional software that you might have on your main system. The program might have dependencies you didn't realize were there that are causing fundamental features to not work on most other systems.

Adreitz replied on 10 Feb 2013
INMEK, I'm writing these replies here because I think others need to know about the problems I've had with this program.

Yes, I DID read the readme. No, it didn't tell me what I needed to know, i.e. how the features are supposed to work. I just went to your website, which also didn't have any instructions, but I saw the link to the YouTube video walkthrough. Those are the instructions that should have been provided with the application, in text format.

Note, though, that the browser still does nothing. No new window. I tried it with iTunes running (all other bpm counters require iTunes to first be running), and then, after watching your video, with iTunes not running. No difference.

Question -- does ClickBeatz need to be playing a track for the bmp setting function to work? That is, if I play a track through iTunes, will ClickBeatz NOT be able to add the bpm to the correct file? Also, will this bpm show up in iTunes while it is running, or do I need to quit it and restart for it to show up?

I've got a 2008 Mac Pro running 10.8.2, iTunes 11.0.1, and the newest version of Java 7.
Adreitz commented on 05 Apr 2012
Here's the changelog for v.8, from the Sophos forums.

This release includes a number of new enhancements including:
Scheduled Scans: Now, in addition to On-Access and On-Demand Custom Scans, you can also create Scheduled Scans to run automatically on a pre-defined schedule
Live Protection: Gives you a direct connection to the very latest information we have about new Mac threats. Using our global intelligence network, we can identify new threats quickly and make sure your Mac is protected—immediately. Live Anti-Virus has been available in our Windows products for a while now and I'm really excited that our Mac customers will now be able to benefit.
Enhanced user-interface: We’ve improved the user-interface and made the product even easier to use
[Version 8.0.1 ]

Adreitz commented on 10 Jan 2012
Capturing RTMP streams isn't working for me. I followed all of the documentation and can see a stream building in Packet Peeper which has the features described in the help file (destination port 1935, source being my computer, etc.) but PP never shows the save dialog title of "Save RTMP Stream As...". It only ever says "Save Stream As...".

But even if I did get a valid stream saved, there seems to be no way for FLV Spider to open it. The menu option in the File menu is completely absent. Is this a Pro-only feature? There is nothing to indicate this in the help file and it looks like the Pro features are normally indicated by a grayed-out menu item.

Has anyone else tried it successfully?
[Version 3.0.5]

Adreitz commented on 21 Jul 2011
Since I upgraded to Lion, this software no longer works (PowerPC only). Blacktree, it would be great if you could update this little gem for Intel! I haven't been able to find any other recent software that's as simple as this. Auto-bpm detectors often give incorrect results, especially if the bpm changes during the song or if the song has many beat subdivisions or unusual time signatures (e.g. 6/8).
[Version 1.0.2]

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