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Adonsa commented on 16 Apr 2011
Just a comment/caution, if I may.

I got into serious trouble reviewing and praising a shareware version of another (unrelated) software on the same developer's freeware MacUpdate web page, and I took a lot of negative hits for doing so, even though I stipulated that my review/comments applied to the shareware version.

I think that part of it was that I applied a 5 star review (of the shareware edition) to a 1 star web page, and I was beaten up quite severely and deserved it. I'm not suggesting how others should post; just sharing my mistake.

[Version 1.3]

Adonsa commented on 08 Jan 2011
Why didn't the Apple employee who posted this clarify why he posted it as "currently unavailable?"

Off the top, it appears that he posted this as a placeholder to indicate that The App Store is system software embedded in or tethered to System 10.6.6, which it is.

"Currently" means presently, and implies that it was or it will be.

This "currently unavailable" annotation refutes Americano (920576)'s posting to the Slashdot website on Jan. 6th, [QUOTE] "Everybody who doesn't have 10.6 can continue installing software like they always have - they lose nothing by not installing this patch."[/QUOTE] implying that it was, at one time, available as a patch for users of systems [gasp!] less than System 10.6.6.

If this is not the case, is this the reason it's annotated "currently unavailable?"

May I also ask, the attitude of developers begs the question of whether or not they will go exclusive App Store only or continue to publish into public domain channels - hence The App Store vs. MacUpdate/Version Tracker? I ask you this in light of the postings that developers must pay 30% to Apple, plus the percent or fee they pay the copy protection companies, plus the percent they pay to The Esellerate Corporation or other similar vendors. Somebody's gotta pay all this, and it's gotta be the end users.

If all this is true, will developers offer incentives to those who download from The MacUpdate or Version Tracker, then pay direct?

Slightly off topic comment, if I may, it appears that the roles of MacUpdate and Version Tracker become more important in light of severe regulation of what can be uploaded to The App Store, Example:

On the Slashdot website, Americano recommends [quote] "If you need an app that's only sold on the app store, and the developer totally refuses to sell it any other way, then do business with someone else, or consider whether or not it's time to upgrade to 10.6."[/quote]

May I ask a few final questions? Any Apple employee - Why are developers charged 30%? Why not 3%? Is each upload so labor intensive that it takes 30% to process it?

Finally, do developers of public domain (free) apps have to pay Apple?

Thanks for indulging all this.
[Version 1.0]

Adonsa commented on 11 Dec 2010
It appears that the downloadable version is full implementation, requiring the purchase registration number. The setup paragraph of the user manual provides no mention of a demo mode.

If I install it, I won't get to test/evaluate it until after paying the shareware fee. There is a comment on another website about the lack of a demo version. Unlike that user, I'll refrain from attempting a "star" rating on a product I have yet to try out.

There is a big plus that I'd like to mention. Where GadgetTrak documentation describes that the product is for both the Mac and the PC; they state "Mac" first, then "PC", unlike many other developers who do the opposite. Thank you, developers, for recognizing that the Mac comes first.

Recommendation: Developer provide either a demo version of the software or a simulation version; if demo, don't cripple it, just use an expiration date.
[Version 3.0.3]

Adonsa commented on 06 Oct 2010
First Impression

There is no uninstall option. Instead of installing into the applications folder, it installs into the ~users/contents/MacOS folder. The terminal must be running; it launches the terminal. Quitting the terminal also quits the Traderstar application.

There is a PRO upgrade that you have to pay an annual fee for. The developers website explains the additional features you get with the PRO version, such as magnification.

The animated ads on the left pane are annoying and unprofessional. Perhaps the user is spared having to endure this after paying the yearly fee.

The user interface, while quite beautiful on the screen, seems to be much more IBM-like, and quite un-Mac like.

When you go to full screen, it gives you a beautiful graph going way back in the history of a particular stock's share prices.

When it came time to uninstall the app, the uninstaller APP Delete didn't recognize it as an application; it appears to be a Unix executable bash file.

Recommendations: Give it a try if you like. Also try other stock analysis applications before upgrading to the "pro" version with its yearly fee. Recommend the developer confer with the Apple Developers organization and form this into a .app program and re-code it to be more Mac-like. The rewards of publishing an application that conforms to Apple Interface guidelines will yield a product that far surpasses the PC Industry standard in terms of those factors that define computing excellence.

Traderstar has the potential of becoming a superior product if it gets upgraded to a "Mac-like" Macintosh application, and if the animated ad can be optional instead of mandatory.
[Version 1.0.2]

Adonsa commented on 26 Aug 2010

The name "Macintosh Explorer" is too coincidental with "Microsoft Explorer," and "Microsoft Internet Explorer."

Mac users choose Macs over the [IBM]PC Industry Standard from a position of intelligence, and to have excellence in computing that goes way above and beyond the de-facto "industry standard." Likewise, many Mac users (myself included) prefer to distance ourselves from Microsoft and Microsoft software titles.

There are some who may rightfully disagree, but Microsoft has been our adversary for many years where Microsoft enjoys at least 95% of the market share, yet we, the Macintosh community, beat them down consistently with vastly superior software.

The software title, "Macintosh Explorer" conveys too much (imho) of a reminder of the overbearing presence of "the dark side of computing."

It's difficult to discern why a software developer would choose such a title when thousands of other excellent possibilities are readily available.

[Version 5.0]

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Adonsa replied on 26 Aug 2010
You're right, I was out of line; shouldn't have used this website to post off topic opinions. Apologies to the software developer. I tried to edit it back out but the website won't allow; so I get what I deserve on this. Won't happen again.
Adonsa commented on 26 May 2010
From the comments below, it appears that the user (purchaser) is required to deal with the Esellerate Corporation, either as a condition to buy or a condition to register or both.

Developer, is there an option to purchase/register without having to deal with Esellerate?

Esellerate installs an application called "Esellerate Engine" without the users knowledge or consent. Esellerate engine 'phones home" without the users knowledge or consent unless the user uses a means to intercept these insidious actions. Viruses, trojan horses, and other malware are other examples of applications installed without the users knowledge or consent.

One recent application I bought uses esellerate to phone home prior to each and every use of the application, otherwise the application won't run, even if the user is away from internet connectivity. It is none of any esellerate employee's business when, where, and how I use my Mac. I've been unable to persuade that other particular developer to allow me to circumvent esellerate's "phone home" requirements.

Advice to all developers: (1) Provide customers an option to pay and register without the involvement of Esellerate, or , at least (2) Warn potential customers of the requirement to use Esellerate.

I'll buy in to Temporis if there's a way to do so without involving Esellerate, otherwise, not me.
[Version 1.11]

Adonsa commented on 28 Mar 2010

I tried the demo using this simple, unremarkable, entry to the clipboard: Name, address, phone, email, remarks.

Jane Q. Doe
2113 Kaahumanu St.
Aiea, HI 88108-4443
Jane just got divorced

Whopaste made the following errors:

Categorized the entry as "Work"
Categorized the phone as mobile
It placed the city, state and zip code in a blank titled "2"
It placed the first 2 remarks words as city
It placed the second 2 remarks words as state

In light of the above errors, why should I buy the product?

I'll withhold the 1-star rating. Maybe there is a trick to getting it to work properly. Oh well.
[Version 4.5.1]

Adonsa commented on 11 Jan 2010
Why is the developer's website down (as of Jan 11, 10)?
[Version 2.2]

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Adonsa replied on 16 Feb 2010
Congratulations, Misha, for receiving his website. The website still isn't reachable a month later. Shall I post a screenshot of the Safari error experienced upon trying to reach it?
Adonsa commented on 28 Nov 2009

Why is compatibility between Speed Download and Camino being disallowed? Older versions of Speed Download are fully compatible, but not the new version 5.2.7? Why doesn't the Mozilla choice enable Speed Download to respond to Camino?

Is there a plan to reinstate compatibility with Camino? If so, when?
[Version 5.2.7]

Adonsa had trouble on 13 Jun 2010
Maybe this will help out for System Leopard

I don't know if this applies to System Snow Leopard or not.

Signs and symptoms: Safari 5.0 page open progress bar goes halfway and stalls, page does not open, no page opens. Safe mode and permissions rebuild are no help.

Fix: You need to uninstall CTLoader
and you may have to remove You need Conduit and 1Password, although 1Password has been upgraded to handle Safari 5.

Details and how to do it, please go to:

Any Apple Employee: Why didn't the beta testers notice this?

Recommendation: Beta testers need more instruction and guidance on how to do their jobs. They should have caught this.
[Version 5.0]

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Adonsa commented on 13 Jun 2010
Sorry about the typo

As reads:
and you may have to remove You need Conduit and 1Password, although 1Password has been upgraded to handle Safari 5.

It should read:
and you may have to remove Conduit and 1Password, although 1Password has been upgraded to handle Safari 5.

my bad.
Adonsa had trouble on 23 Jul 2008
To get Bracketeer to work, it must be specifically installed or copied into an applications folder, not just any folder.

If you put it in another folder, it lets you import one graphic, then it freezes and returns an effuse error upon trying to add the 2nd grahic.

Recommendation: Add this, as a warning, in instruction manual, or, fix the software so it can be installed into any folder. Get a new beta tester, any good beta tester would have caught that on the first day.
[Version 3.2.5]

Adonsa had trouble on 22 Aug 2007
Hi Rick999, thanks for your advice using PPOE. Unfortunately that made no difference. By now I've tried 2 different Macs on 8 different ISPs (due to the fact that I travel a lot, I can do that both wireless and wired). Right now I'm plugged into a T-1 line, no router to configure, with ports UDP 5198,5199 enabled under firewall. Results: nil.

So far I've spent hours trying all sorts of combinations and settings, nothing works. I sent a long descriptive email to the programmer and have received no reply.

Because the software is freeware, I have no right to complain, although I'm already violating that unwritten rule.

Before I enter a negative review with "zero stars," I will physically take this Mac to my ISP and attempt a direct connect with the engineer watching me. If we conclude that the software simply does not work at all, then I'll take my complaint to the MacUpdate webmaster.

If anyone believes that Echomac works, and would like to share enough real details as to how they got it to work, I'll be most appreciative.

A Macintosh user should not have to spend hours troubleshooting a software just to get it to work.
[Version 1.16]

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