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Abilstein reviewed on 23 Oct 2010
This review is for the free beta version.

Recently I accidentally deleted the wrong external drive when performing some upgrades. Yikes! A quick search for data recovery apps turned up Disk Drill among others. Being free, I decided to give it a shot.

The interface is nice and mac like. Easy to use. The data recovery appears to have worked completely, so thank you very much! The only quibble that I have is that the app didn't seem to report the accurate amount of data I was about to restore. It just said 0kb, even though I could see all the files listed. Maybe I misunderstood the interface or maybe it was a bug, I don't know. But it didn't affect the restoration process.

Unfortunately I didn't take a screen capture or I would report the issue.

I should also note that I don't have any experience with other data recovery apps, so I can't make a true comparison, but this app saved my bacon and it was free (for now). I would certainly recommend it while free, but I don't know what they plan on charging after it's out of beta. Hopefully it will be competitively priced. :)
[Version 1.0.55]

Abilstein commented on 20 Nov 2009
I am a frequent Macupdate user, and I think you've made a lot of nice improvements to the site recently. However, if you are not listing these other products because you feel that they compete with MUD, then this web site has lost my trust as a Mac software repository. I have no problem with your promotion of your own product, but I really hope you rethink this decision. Your analogies simply do not hold up, and even if they did, it still wouldn't make it okay.

People will find out about the software anyway, and when they do they will lose trust in Macupdate as I just did. I highly recommend you read some Seth Godin to learn about social contracts with your customers.
[Version 5.0.3]

abilstein commented on 19 Apr 2009
Just a comment here, I'm not going to give a full review until it's out of beta.

I am an OmniFocus license holder, both Mac desktop and iPhone. It works well enough for me, but I probably don't use it to the full extent and frankly I don't care that much for the UI.

I tried Things, and liked it well enough, maybe better than OmniFocus for my personal workflow, but I couldn't justify switching. Too much cost for the desktop and iPhone app. Once again, OmniFocus was good enough. I had already invested in it and couldn't justify paying for Things.

Previously I had tried The Hit List out of curiosity, but once again wasn't compelled to deviate from OmniFocus. Then along came MacHeist and a full license for The Hit List. I gave it a much fuller shake this time, and I really like it. It just works for me. I love the Inbox and Today views. They just work better for me than OmniFocus.

The bottom line is, you can't go wrong with any of these three programs. Find the one that works best for you and give them your money. I'm still a big fan of Omni in general, and I can't live without OmniGraffle, but my new task manager is The Hit List. I'm looking forward to the iPhone app. Unless of course Omni pulls something fun out of their sleeves. :)

abilstein commented on 13 Apr 2009
I won't assign any stars yet because I haven't had to recover any data (thankfully). But, everything seems good so far. The config software is nice and they obviously hired some real Mac developers to build it. It recognizes the data stores of Mac specific apps (Backup Sets) instead of forcing you to tediously dig through your folders (although you can do it that way too if you want).

Yes, the initial upload took a long time, but subsequent backups are fast enough that I don't notice them (I set it to run in the middle of the night while I'm asleep). The initial upload can be helped if you do it in chunks instead of one massive push. There really isn't much they can do about that because of typical ISP upload speeds vs. download speeds.

I use Time Machine for local backups and quick restores if I need it, but Mozy is there in case of catastrophe.
[Version 1.3.2]


abilstein reviewed on 18 May 2008
Buggy, buggy, buggy.

I used v3 for a while and found it a bit unintuitive, but it worked. GarageSale 4, and the recent 4.1 are just buggy for me. Changing themes is slow and often crashes the application. Uploading auctions gives me multiple warnings and then the app tells me no warnings were encountered - which one is correct? Scheduling auctions didn't work - they simply didn't start.

I tried iSale from Equinux and liked some aspects of it, but the designs are very unattractive. I considered buying it, but frankly the idea of throwing more money at an eBay app is just not appealing at this point.

The one nice thing about GarageSale are the designs. But right now it just doesn't work for me. I'm going back to eBay's manual process for now...
[Version 4.1]

abilstein commented on 17 May 2008
Doesn't work with CNN videos currently. Anyone else having the same problem? Other than that it's working fine so far.
[Version 10.0.1b218]


abilstein reviewed on 05 Feb 2008
Just wanted to chime in here. I love love love this app. If you have a Mac, you should buy this program. I have logins to way too many sites, and this makes them easy to manage while using strong unique passwords for each one.

On top of that, if you have an iPhone you have access to your passwords anywhere you have connectivity.

It's frequently updated, looks good, and doesn't get in the way. I have no complaints! I'll bet the devs are looking at the iPhone SDK to see what can be done, and I can't wait!
[Version 2.5.10]

abilstein commented on 19 Jul 2007
Nice app, and it works fine with iTunes 7.3.1 for me.

But please, please hire a Mac designer to redesign the interface. It really leaves me at a loss for words, and not in a good way.
[Version 1.1.9]


abilstein reviewed on 20 Jan 2007
Works great for me! Now I can easily provide technical support via VNC for people using wireless routers. The developer was very helpful and friendly, and even sent me a specific configuration file to help me out.
[Version 1.1]


abilstein reviewed on 14 Apr 2006
I was hesitant to buy Newsfire for two reasons - it doesn't have a three paned interface option like NetNewsWire or Endo, and the RSS finder (enter a web site URL and have it find the feed) didn't seem as robust. However, I liked everything else about it and it feels more mac-like than the others.

After a week of use, I have to say I love it.

Regarding the two-paned interface, I've gotten used to this. I still think it should be an option to use three, although I'm not sure I'd even use it now as the two-paned interface feels very clean and simple.

I still think the RSS discoverability could be improved, but I've actually found that I usually add feeds by simply dragging the RSS URL into the icon in my doc. Super easy.

I love the look and feel, keyboard navigation, simplicity, smart feeds, etc. Great app!
[Version 1.3v58]

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