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Abbott rated on 29 Jul 2013
[Version 4.4.0]


Abbott reviewed on 26 Jul 2013
I've been updating my Nüvi's with Lifetime Map Updater, and the other software using Web Updater. I was looking forward to Garmin Express.

The app works well, EXCEPT that there doesn't seem to be a way to simply download your maps to your computer for use with Garmin Roadtrip (this is easy to do with Lifetime Map Updater). I got so frustrated after trying it several times that I've decided to just stick with my old regimen. While using two apps for updates is a little more cumbersome, at least I can do what I need to.
[Version 2.1.2]


Abbott reviewed on 01 Apr 2013
I've been using WindowMizer on both 10.8.3 and 10.6.8 systems. Works every bit as well as WindowShade. Perhaps even better, it's an application rather than a haxie. So far it works perfectly in every application I've tried.

The author has been very responsive via email. I'm happy.
[Version 2.0]


Abbott reviewed on 20 Sep 2012
I used to love Aperture 3, but lately it's been giving me grief—some because of Aperture and some because of Apple's new "update" compatibility.

Plusses: Pretty easy to use, very nice UI, flexible printing options, pretty powerful.

Minuses: Ever since I've started using it on larger jobs (hundreds or thousands of files), Aperture frequently crashes on both of my machines (10.6.8). Rebuilding the library and other obvious troubleshooting steps don't help. Aperture is still fine for small jobs, but I won't even try it anymore for large jobs.

Big minuses for me:
- Apple now requires you to have the latest version of Lion or Mountain Lion in order to install Aperture updates. "Stability" updates are much needed, but I'm not going to install each new OS update as soon as its released in the hope that the latest Aperture update fixes my crash problems.
- Apple changed the Aperture library format during a recent "update" that required 10.5.4. Nice, except that one of my machines can't run that OS and I need to be able to access my Aperture library from that machine in a pinch. So I'm now stuck at v3.3. IMO, Apple's getting pretty cavalier in what they call "update" vs "new version", and it's driving me crazy.

Other important deficiencies that I'd hoped would be fixed by now:
- No lens corrections
- Unable to flip images horizontally/vertically
- Poor support for Wacom tablets
- Weak noise suppression.

At this point, I'm feeling pretty letdown by Apple and the Aperture development team.
[Version 3.4]


Abbott reviewed on 12 Sep 2012
This version fixes a problem I had with v1.1.5 (and didn't know it was caused by Hear). I was unable to hear GoToMeeting webinar audio. v1.1.6 FIXES the problem and I'm happy once again.

I wouldn't be without Hear; it's improved the audio on my MBP and desktop system speakers noticeably.
[Version 1.1.6]


Abbott reviewed on 11 Jun 2012
I wonder why Apple has discontinued support of Aperture on Snow Leopard (Aperture 3.3). Unfortunate. And it looks like there are some useful features added in this version. It also portends that Apple's going to drop support for SL (and maybe Lion?) with Aperture 4.

I still get pretty regular crashes from Aperture; would have been nice to get them fixed before Apple dropped support for my OS...
[Version 3.3]


Abbott reviewed on 13 Mar 2012
This application has impressed me since I bought it several months ago. My only quibble with v1.1.2 is the same one as Diddimus reported, and ProSoft's rapid response was the same as they gave Diddimus and it worked fine.

I was thinking of buying a better set of speakers for my Mac Pro. For the price, I decided to give Hear a try. This little piece of software saved me big bucks on a new set of speakers! To the point that sometimes I find myself just enjoying listening to my old Alien speakers because they sound terrific (they're good to begin with).

At first it wasn't clear how the application was working, as no Pref Pane or other "control" mechanism is visible other than the application. Then I realized that it's [probably] just modifying the system's equalization curve, so no further controls are needed.

The only thing I can think of that would make this better is to be able to set different curves on a per-application basis. While it's nice to focus on iTunes playback, I may not want my video editing and other applications to use the same curve. But, after all, that's what Apple does by default, so I can't fault ProSoft too much for this.

Overall, I highly recommend this application.
[Version 1.1.2]


Abbott reviewed on 31 Jan 2012
Beware! This update has a new "feature" that I haven't seen on previous updates that I can remember: it totally wipes your settings. If you want to install, be sure to record all of your settings prior to installation, because you're going to have to recreate all of your application sets and everything else after the install.

I tried to restore from a backup, and apparently the new version doesn't read old prefs. It's not like Wacom to do something like this. I'm going to spend a while trying to remember how I set the old version up. Sad.
[Version 6.2.0-w4]


Abbott reviewed on 27 Jul 2011
This (v2.1) is a fine app except for one important gotcha: on my Thunderbolt MBP, the app renders the Thunderbolt port useless for connecting an external display. Quitting gfxCardStatus does not solve the problem—you must reboot the machine. I've reproduced the problem using both a projector and a 20" ACD connected to the computer using both an Apple and a third party Mini DisplayPort-to-DVI connector.

I have sent an email to the developer, but thought it would be useful to share this tidbit with potential users.
[Version 2.1]

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Abbott replied on 28 Jul 2011
Update: I'd been trying to drive the display using the integrated graphics chip, and it turns out that the chip in my MBP won't drive an external display. Changing to Dynamic Switching fixed things, so my review now goes to 4.5 stars Thanks to the developer for quickly replying and helping me.

Abbott reviewed on 17 Sep 2010
I purchased this as part of a MacUpdate bundle. After reading about it and seeing the glowing reviews, I was excited. The excitement faded very quickly.

The scenes were nice, but distracting. I decided that I'd like to use my regular desktop picture most of the time. Couldn't see how to disable the living desktop. Furthermore, installing it seemed to kill my ability to select other screensavers (I periodically like to change savers). All the other savers were dimmed in the pref pane. I hate it when software like this walks all over other functionality!

After frustrating myself for a while, I decided to give up and uninstall Living Desktop. Uninstall went easy and my desktop picture was restored. BUT: it left no screensaver selected (not even my previous choice). Instead, the Desktop/Screensaver pref pane revealed that ALL remaining savers were dimmed out. I had to fiddle a bit to be able to select anything. Something about My Living Desktop is really messing with the Desktop/Screensaver pref pane (or perhaps prefs), and in my book, that's a no-no.

So, after a lot of initial enthusiasm, I've chucked My Living Desktop. Overall, I guess I'm just as happy looking at a bunch of my own photos on the Desktop, and playing selections from my iTunes Library when I want soothing background sounds. And neither of those options hoses anything else on my systems.
[Version 4.8.1]

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