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ABassCube reviewed on 06 Oct 2003
I'm honestly surprised by the positive reviews of MenuTunes, especially considering both reviewers had used Synergy. This is a overall a blatant ripoff of Synergy very badly executed at the moment. Now, I'm pretty sure Synergy has been in development, or at least released to in the public, a lot longer (unless there was some public beta that I'm unaware of). Synergy has had betas for a while now and it's made AMAZING progress in that time period.

So considering MenuTunes is a first release, it's not horrible. But it does obviously rip-off the idea of the Floater from Synergy, which was an extremely innovative idea. However, MenuTunes' "Status Window" executes the Floater concept awfully, mainly because of its size. It takes a HUGE amount of space in a very annoying position on the screen, making it extremely obtrusive and distracting. It was already taking up a larger portion of the screen than Synergy when MenuTunes was just showing the song and artist, and Synergy showed song, artist, album, track duration, year and rating. Then I turned on the info on MenuTunes, and OMG! OK, it shows slightly more information than Synergy, such as track number, and the current time out of the total time instead of just the total, but my GOD it takes up a RIDICULOUS amount of space! Also the Synergy floater has a MUCH nicer fade in/fade out effect.

And Synergy's also half the price. Even if you don't care about the shortcomings of the Status Window versus Synergy's Floater, it has almost the exact same features as Synergy for half the price. There is one nice original feature: the Upcoming Songs. Instead of this, Synergy has Recently Played songs, which is more useful than Upcoming, but since I always listen on shuffle and sometimes I like to see what's next. But this one minor feature doesn't help it even come close to Synergy's complete awesomeness.

Now this is a first release, and I'm not saying it won't get better, but as of right now it is pathetic compared to Synergy, and it's double the price. I fail to see the reason why anyone would use this over Synergy in its current state.

Note to developer: if you want to have any chance of competing with Synergy, which already has been out in public beta form for a long time and has developed quite a loyal following, I would suggest that you price MenuTunes at the same price of Synergy ($5) if not lower.
[Version 1.0]

ABassCube commented on 11 Mar 2003
I have to say I disagree with most of you about Adium: I don't llike it that much.

Admittedly, I used an older version, but I just never liked its design or interface that much. First of all, it doesn't have some of the nicer features of iChat, such as file transfer, buddy icons, a very nice Aqua-like interface (I don't care what people say, I love the Aqua bubbles), and being able to see when someone is typing something. Those nice features in iChat outweigh some of the features, such as customizability, in Adium that iChat doesn't have. Also, that stupid bird really annoys me, and the squaking is very annoying too. I can change the sounds to AIM sounds, but I hate those sounds with a passion. I will say that it has the best Dock notifcation I've ever seen (not the annoying flapping, the thing on the bottom that says which buddy is sending you a new message that blinks and you can have it different colors for different screen names. That's really awesome. But the better features of iChat outweigh the niceties of Adium. Also, AIM hates these unofficial AIM clients and they're always bumping people off them. Apple has a special deal with AOL, so iChat counts as an official client, meaning it's just as stable, if not more stable, than AIM.

I'd rather use Adium that the official AIM client, but both iChat and Proteus are nicer, more feature-full AIM clients than Adium.
[Version 1.6.2c]

ABassCube commented on 11 Mar 2003
Unsanity always makes very simple little apps that put in some great, welcome feature in an app that Apple either took out, or should have put in, and iChat Enhancer is no exception. While it does the least of any of their apps/hacks/APE plug-ins, it's very nice to have more than one line in iChat, especially because it's not a normal textbox, so you can't scroll regularly: you have to use the arrow keys instead. This is a serious limitation of iChat, and iChat Enhancer fixes it perfectly with no negative side effects. And it couldn't possibly be a better deal: it's free! :)
[Version 1.5]

Abasscube had trouble on 26 Oct 2003
OK, I have had serious problems with CocoaGestures in Panther. Actually, I think it may have started with Jaguar. I downloaded 1.2 awhile ago, which says it adds Panther support, and a few days before I upgraded to Panther, no Cocoa app would launch. Every launch of any Cocoa app would unexpectedly quit and then try to bring up the Terminal, but since Terminal is Cocoa, that would unexpectedly quit too. All Carbon and Classic apps would launch fine, although iTunes couldn't see my iPod for some reason. When I restarted, the Terminal would just keep opening and unexpectedly quitting over and over, and none of my menu bar extras woud load, including Apple's standard ones, such as the clock.

So I archived and installed, and while I was moving stuff back at the same time I was applying the 10.2.8 combo update. A little after I restarted in 10.2.8, the same problem happened again. I wasn't sure if it was 10.2.8 or something I was moving back. At that point, it was only a day before the release of Panther, so I figured I'd just wait and do an Erase and Insall when I got Panther.

So I got Panther, and it was working fine for awhile, and then I started moving stuff back again, and the same problem happened again. So finally I checked the error logs by using a Carbon text editor and every single error log was from CocoaGestures, which makes sense since it's something that every Cocoa app tries to access. So I trahsed it and reinstalled and everything is fine.

Now at this point, I'm not sure if the problem was CocoaGestures 1.2 or just my copy of
CocoaGestures or its prefs just got corrupt. I installed 1.2 about a week before the problems started happening, so I think it was just my prefs file that was corrupt, but I don't want to take any chances. So is anyone else having any problems with CocoaGestures 1.2 in Jaguar or Panther? I really can't live without CocoaGestures!

[Version 1.2]

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