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Aargl commented on 13 Apr 2014
MU> the DL link is outdated. Current version is 2.8.1 and here's the DL link: http://www.gideonsoftworks.com/releases/dockit-snowleopard-lion.zip :-)
[Version 2.8]


Aargl reviewed on 16 Mar 2014
I don't know how reliable is my trial, but here it is:
This webkit side by side with Safari on an iMac G5, loading different pages, some full with heavy animated gifs, other more simple like this here MU page ;-)
I loaded each page first in Webkit as it's supposed to be faster (and to avoid the possible cache effect, which should accelerater a second loading)
Well, 'this is not a revolution' ;-) but it's generally ab it faster than Safari, though Monitor Activity shows the same footprint.
It won't turn your G5 into an Intel Mac, but it's reliable, as far as I can tell, so why not use it? :-)
[Version 165532]

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Aargl replied on 28 Mar 2014
Oh, good to know! Thanks for the tip! :-)

Aargl reviewed on 16 Mar 2014
I had variable results depending on the provider:
- gmail.com: no way! I've tried even with my own address and after the regular ten trials it gives up
- wanadoo.fr: ditto
- free.fr: some address gives instant positive results, others seem to block the app (the button seems not being clicked, but then after a while, you've got the result; sometimes, while having had a positive result I had a "ding" warning from the app in the background and an error message while I wasn't using it...)
- hotmail.com: immediate positive result even with any address I could imagine such as ghftrei159qsdfqsdfqsdfqsdfqsdf@hotmail.com (I can't be sure it doesn't really exist, though... ;-)

Well, that's enough for me to think it's not reliable, if it's not reliable with every mail address and every provider.
[Version 3.6.4]

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Aargl replied on 16 Mar 2014
sending a regular mail to the above tested ghftrei159qsdfqsdfqsdfqsdfqsdf@hotmail.com, I received, as one can easily verify a "mailbox unavailable" answer from Hotmail... :-)
Just test it on both eMail Verifier and your mail client.

Aargl reviewed on 12 Mar 2014
I think I've never reviewed this though I've been using it for years now... :-)
I use it for any raw text file, and more specifically to check and compare prefs, html or xml files of any kind.
When you've changed a .css file with your favorite web creation app and want to sum up all the changes you've made from the original file, it's quite perfect — just an example.
I've also been able to recover data from a well known Todo app that messed up things between versions... ;-)
Nice app!
[Version 4.5.7]

Aargl commented on 27 Feb 2014
v1.4.9 is available on the dev's site.
All is ok for me. :-)
[Version 1.4.8]

Aargl commented on 08 Jan 2014
Looks like there is no proper "Developer's Site" any more, just the app store...
[Version 1.3.3]

Aargl commented on 07 Jan 2014
I've been a long time Mail user but I recently discovered that it loses sent mails from time to time...
The Console shows: "Error (null) occurred while trying to append messages to outgoing store. Ignoring and proceeding with delivery"
Searching for the error on the web, it seems this is a bug going on since OS 10.5 and that it's still alive in 10.9!
The sent mail containing an attachment is sent properly but is not stored on the server (if you chose this option).
According to this thread https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3065096?start=30&tstart=0 (see post 3 on that page), it's a reaction from the mail server to the "non-standard or erroneous commands" sent by the OS or Mail app.
As many of us don't check our sent folder after each mail, and that it happens only "once in a while", it's easy that you had this error too, since years, without noticing it...
So, if you want to keep your sent mails, check your Sent folder after sending an attachment, you might be surprised. ;-)
To be sure it's not some other problem, first look in the Console if you see the error, otherwise try some workaround you'll find on the web, such as rebuilding mailboxes.
I don't know if it afflicts Gmail too, but just in case... ;-)
[Version 1.0]


Aargl reviewed on 26 Dec 2013
MU> current version is 1.4.9!

I don't use it often but instead of launching an heavy audio/midi editor just to check a few things, once in a while, it's perfect.
[Version 1.4.6]

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Aargl replied on 26 Dec 2013
As for the release date of v1.4.9, it's 2013-10-27.

Aargl reviewed on 24 Dec 2013
I second Mikael B: MU update the link with the one given by Endymion, here below!
[Version 0.8]

Aargl commented on 07 Dec 2013
WARNING!!! Actually, it seems that Deep IT is not the actual dev of this app??? As far as I can tell, this seems to be the real dev: http://www.dsd.net/prod/mac/shadeit.php
So it's not even a Freeware and it's still in version 1.1...
(but I can't be sure of anything as DSD.NET also sells Amadeus as if it was their product and not Hairersoft's...
I count on MU to clear up this double dev thing, if possible. ;-)
N.B.: the fact that this pseudo-version 1.2 is just an image of a middle finger pointed at the user made me wonder, that's how I found that.
[Version 1.2]

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Aargl replied on 08 Dec 2013
Strange case indeed: I wrote DSD.NET and they answered it's not the same app!
I've just checked: Something must have been changed at DeepIT site or at Macupdate, I'm sure I've downloaded DSD.NET's app from one of those places, months ago, for free and that it's running since then on my mac...
I suppose there was some confusion at Macupdate due to the same name and it has been fixed in the meantime...
Aargl had trouble on 25 Feb 2014
Trying it on 10.6.8, I notice that it kinda hijack MindManager!
Yes it opens MM maps and that's great, but having both apps installed prohibits me from saving files in MindManager!
I've lost hours trying to fix permissions, erasing prefs and the like, and in the end, when I erased Xmind, all was working again!
I don't know how it does this trick, but this doesn't allow you to compare both apps, you soon have to choose which one you'll use... :-/
Otherwise, If you start from scratch, it's a real bargain compared to MindManager. ;-)
[Version 3.4.1]

Aargl had trouble on 20 Jan 2014
I've noticed (on Intel) that if you come from an earlier version (say 2.4.9), you have to ditch the iKey folder and com.plumamazing.ikey.plist in the account's prefs then reinstall current version to have it working.
Of course, backup your shortcuts before. ;-)
[Version 2.5.2]

Aargl had trouble on 02 Dec 2013
For anyone having issues such as the interface not displaying on launch (the problem occurred to me with version 1.4.8): trash the old prefs! (after exporting your preset streams ;-)
[Version 1.4.7]

Aargl had trouble on 30 Nov 2013
I use it everyday, but I'd like to say this to the dev:
It's very likely that people having a second mac to pilot with this utility have not two recent macs, one can easily be a PPC... ;-)
So creating a PPC version able no communicate with the latest Intel version would be very useful.
Thanks anyway for this nice app!
[Version 1.1.3]

Aargl had trouble on 25 Nov 2013
version 1.0.42 doesn't show anymore in Safari 5.1.10 on 10.6.8.
I've tried to revert to 1.0.41, no way, still invisible!
(but Glims agent is running in the background)
[Version 1.0.42]

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Aargl replied on 25 Nov 2013
Had to repair permissions and reboot to get it right! ;-)
Now it's ok.
Aargl had trouble on 25 Nov 2013
- 1.0.39 is the last version for PPC.
- 1b20 is the last version for Tiger.
It's a pity that they don't give that information directly in their site and moreover that they don't give links for those versions!!!
A few years ago, I had requests from MU users wanting the Tiger version, I was happy to give them a hand but asked MHO to offer a link for that version... I suppose just they throw away old versions as soon as they have a new one and they don't care about PPC users anymore. :-(
[Version 1.0.42]

Aargl had trouble on 17 Nov 2013
A little bug if you run v1.4.7 on 10.6.8: it won't load the last radio station if the app is launched through a shortcut (with Keyboard Maestro or iKey, for example — but it works with an AppleScript).
I've checked in 10.9, it works.
Except for this small inconvenience (I'll have to change my shortcuts...), it still a must-have! :-)
[Version 1.4.7]

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Aargl replied on 17 Nov 2013
Actually, the problem happens if I use a shortcut using the combination CTRL-ALT-COMMAND.
So if this happens to you, try a different combination such as CTRL-ALT F. ;-)

Aargl replied on 02 Dec 2013
To be even more precise, the problem exists also if you press COMMAND when launching the app, be it with a shortcut, double-click or else.
It's still there in 1.4.8
Aargl had trouble on 14 Nov 2013
- "Freebox TV" has yet to come back in the Internet section
- subtitles for tv streams remain visible until the next subtitle comes (I've checked immediately v2.0.8 where they behave like they should, disappearing after a while — for example during a long silent scene)
=> apart from that it's a good move they created a subtitles menu! I really like. ;-)
(just in case: those tests were made under 10.6.8)
[Version 2.1.1]

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Aargl replied on 10 Dec 2013
not fixed in 2.1.2
Aargl had trouble on 18 Sep 2013
I'm having another trial with 1.18 and same behaviour, but I've noticed it depends on which export menu you use:
- Bookmarkshelf/Export(Safari) or File/One-Time Export/Safari (as well as Auto Export) always give me +320/-320 as mentioned earlier in this page
- File/Export Bookmarklet to/Safari instead gives the correct result (if no bookmark have changed) of +0/-0
I've searched a bit in the manual as I think there's a difference of scope between those functions but haven't found out...
Unfortunately, there's no shortcut for the command that works as planned.
It would be nice if the dev would explain clearly in the manual what are those two export commands for...
The least I can say is that it's not clear to me. ;-)
[Version 1.18]

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Aargl replied on 18 Sep 2013
Alas! I still don't get it... my +0/0 result was not a "correct result", it just did... nothing! :-/
I hope I understand someday how this "powerful" tool works!
For now, I give up.

Aargl replied on 20 Sep 2013
Thanks a lot for your help, Jerry! I'm not keen on sending my bookmarks, which contains private data, but I'll try to reproduce the problem with a limited selection of them, on a blank profile, and will send you the result.
One thing I've noticed is that once BM has exported once to Safari, it behaves as expected in the subsequent syncs.
Also, checking the content of my source bookmarks (Camino) against synced Safari bookmarks from Bookit, BookDog and BM shows differences in headings (ex. : 'title' instead of 'Title') or UUIDs.
So it's very likely that the bookmarks URLs are ok (I've seen no difference for one that was reported deleted/re-added) and only some other thing is changed.
I'm quite sure that it's more of a difference between how Bookit works (I don't use the sync but the 'migrate' function which indeed deletes all Safari bookmarks before writing the new ones!) and how BM is writing them.
Thanks again! :-)

Aargl replied on 20 Sep 2013
Ah! Ah! :-D Ok, you're right, I'm using prehistoric softwares! ;-)
I was on PPC until recently and have used Camino as a repository of my bookmarks for years, hence Bookit, that was doing the job of syncing it to Safari once in a while.
Now I have to find an alternative.
It's quite a problem to me that I still have to sync my bookmarks with my PPC machine once in a while (I know there's a legacy version of BM but my trials have not been convincing).
I'll let you know. ;-)
Thanks again.
Aargl had trouble on 06 Aug 2013
When converting a file with the "save as" feature and then see the stats, you'll see no clippings, but re-opening the converted file they may be thousands!
I suppose the stats are still using the original file though the converted file being displayed...
I wonder if its the same for any other graphic feature, is it referred to the original file, in such case?
[Version 2.1.3]

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